An impromptu trip to Hoa Binh with $25

Nguyen Huong visited Mu waterfall, bathed in streams, wore traditional Muong clothes, danced at stalls, etc. during her trip to Hoa Binh.

Nguyen Mai Huong, 25 years old, a travel blogger, living in Hanoi had a two-day and one-night trip to Hoa Binh this summer. Huong has been to Hoa Binh many times and loves the natural scenery, people, and fresh air here. Every time she comes, she visits a different attraction. This time, Huong went to Mu waterfall located in Tu Do commune, Lac Son district. “It’s a very beautiful waterfall, suitable for experiencing spring bathing on hot summer days.”

Cool space, and being immersed in nature are what Huong feels excited about when visiting this area. However, there is one inconvenience no bus has come here yet. So the group had to drive on their own.


This trip was not planned, but completely improvised by Huong and two friends. “That’s why we just started departing from Hanoi at 13 o’clock,” she said.

Huong followed the directions of Google Maps, Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh trail – Provincial road 237 – Poor Ngoc Lau slope – Ngo Luong – Mu waterfall, total distance 125 km. Around 4 p.m., the group arrived.

Suoi Mu is near where Huong rents a homestay.
Suoi Mu is near where Huong rents a homestay.

What play?

Bai Bui: This is a large and beautiful lawn, located in Ngoc Lau commune. Tourists often call this place “European lawn in the heart of Peace”. However, Huong’s group missed the above location, because they lost their way. “I’m sorry to miss my appointment with Bai Bui. This place is very suitable for taking pictures, and can also camp,” Huong said.

Mu Waterfall : The waterfall is located in Mu hamlet, originating from the Mu stream of the Buoi river basin. The waterfall has a height of more than 100 m, 6 floors, below is a natural swimming pool, clear and blue water.

The entrance fee is 10,000 VND per person. Huong wears Muong clothes to come here to take pictures to suit the landscape. “Those clothes were lent to me by the homestay owner. She was very enthusiastic. So were everyone I met here,” Huong said.

Huong took a photo at Mu waterfall.
Huong took a photo at Mu waterfall.

The natural scenery here is appreciated by Huong as beautiful, but when she arrived, many guests also came to bathe, quite crowded.

Eat what?

Huong rents a homestay, sleeps in a community house for 100,000 VND per person. Upon arrival, the group rested, roamed nearby, took pictures and then had dinner. In the evening, the female tourist is led by the host to see the stall dancing with other people and tourists.

“Coming to Mu waterfall, the accommodation services here are 100% homestay on stilts. Everyone should find out and book the service in advance because the weekend is crowded. We also order food at the property for convenience. convenient”.

In terms of dining, this area has specialties such as stream fish, hill chicken, stream snails, rice lam… Huong and her friends all take advantage of all the delicious dishes introduced in this place.

Dinner for three Hanoi guests.
Dinner for three Hanoi guests.

Trip cost:

Gasonline cars700,000 VND
Lunch and dinner (two meals)970,000 VND
Homestay300,000 VND
Tickets to Mu30,000 VND
Total2 million for 3 people, equivalent to more than 650,000 VND per person for a two-day and one-night trip.

Note before going

The best time to come here is from May to September.

The road is bad, so visitors need to avoid rainy days, “because if you go on those days, it’s easy to flood and it’s hard to move,” Huong said. In addition, guests should bring insect spray and anti-mosquito bite.

Accommodation service at Mu waterfall is sketchy. “Here, the whole village works as a homestay. The service may not be as thorough as the hotels, but everything is still acceptable,” Huong said. She appreciated the food service, the host’s enthusiasm for serving guests, and the beautiful scenery.

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