Aquarium in the tunnel through the mountain

KHANH HOA – Institute of Oceanography Nha Trang City renovated the tunnel through Canh Long mountain into a tank to display resources and raise marine life in the Hoang Sa and Truong Sa archipelagoes.

Aquarium system of the Oceanographic Museum is managed and operated by the Institute of Oceanography. The system has an area of ​​5,000 m2, including a complex of marine aquariums with more than 300 species (sea turtles, sharks, stingrays, eels, groupers, live corals with marine ornamental fish, shrimps, etc.) Hum, …).

To serve research, sightseeing as well as public education, the Institute of Oceanography has arranged an area named “Paracel and Spratly sea and island resources”.

3D photo of area 4 – Hoang Sa – Truong Sa sea and island resources. This area was renovated from the tunnel through the mountain built by the French in 1930, with a length of 120 m, a width of 8-10 m and a height of 5 m. The tunnel was once used to transport goods from Nha Trang seaport to Canh Long mountain. Photo: Space Travel (Space 3D).

Acrylic cylinder tank has a height of 4.3 m, a diameter of 3 m, and a culture volume of 30 m3. Inside, large schools of giant Platax fish swim in schools in a transitional circular current.

The soft coral aquarium is in the process of being completed. There are four culture tanks installed with imported tempered glass. In which, 2 wall tanks of 98 m3 and 55 m3, 1 semicircular tank of 15 m3 and 1 arched tank of 165 m3.

The aquarium arch lake has a length of 25 m, this is the area located at the end of the tunnel, attracting many tourists.

Visitors to the Institute of Oceanography have the opportunity to experience the scene of divers going under the glass tanks performing with fish species. These people are mostly technicians at the institute, in charge of researching and monitoring the creatures at the tank.

With a family of 7 people, Lan Anh (Nha Trang City) is taking pictures of fish swimming in the arched lake. “Come here not only for entertainment but also to help my children know more strange sea creatures,” she said.

Flock of 9 sharks at the aquarium dome lake.

Children watch a school of striped starfish swimming in a reef tank.

Grouper specimens were brought back by scientists from Truong Sa waters.

The top of the tunnel is used to renovate to serve the operation and technical supervision. This area includes protein skimmer filtration systems, sand filtration systems, biological filters, alternate aerators, ozone generators, and UV sterilization systems.

Location of the Museum of the Institute of Oceanography on Google Maps

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