Attractive check-in points on April 30 in Da Lat

Along with the oldest railway station in Indochina, works such as Don Bosco church, Dat bridge fan, or Cafe In the forest are places in Da Lat that are attracting tourists to have fun.

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Don Bosco Church: This is newly put into operation and has attracted many visitors. The church’s architecture has a magnificent European sound with pure white walls, giant pillars, impressive stairs creating a luxurious beauty. For young people who like to take pictures, it is easy to get eye-catching frames. The church is located on Bui Thi Xuan Street (just a few minutes away from Da Lat market and Xuan Huong lake).
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Cau Dat blower: 15 huge fans with impressive turbine wings, located in the green Cau Dat tea hills. The towering wind blades hidden in the mist always bring an indescribable creepy feeling. From a distance, the propellers look like giant pinwheels spinning against the blue sky that you just need to raise the device to get a beautiful picture right away. Address: Cau Dat farm, Highway 20, Xuan Truong commune, Da Lat city.
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Phindeli Cafe Cau Dat : Located on the campus of Cau Dat farm, visitors after watching the fan finish moving here is quite convenient. The impressive red color and unique architecture of the restaurant will conquer visitors at first sight. The open space and open view of the large glass walls help you to admire the panoramic view of the tea hill from prime locations. In the midst of the green space of the romantic tea hill, you will have interesting experiences such as sightseeing, enjoying the taste of Vietnamese coffee, or taking pictures with perfect lighting.
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Da Lat Station: This is the oldest station in Indochina, it is shaped like the majestic Lang Biang mountain. From the station to the carriages with ancient beauty full of nostalgia. Da Lat Station is also the most beautiful train station and home to the only steam locomotive in Vietnam. Currently, the station still operates with a single route from Da Lat to Trai Mat to take visitors to Linh Phuoc Pagoda. This road runs about 7 km long. The station is located on Quang Trung Street, Ward 10, Da Lat City.
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Coffee Shop in the Forest: Located right at the foot of Mimosa Pass (through the F-Valley Flower tourist area 600 m), with an open space design and cool outdoor seating, visitors coming here can’t help but be surprised when they come here. in front of fields of sunflowers, dreamy purple flowers, romantic yellow mustard flowers, giving you a chilling experience. Coffee Shop in the Forest is suitable for those who want to feel the true nature of Dalat.
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The most special miniature here is the giant mirror-like portal through the sky placed on the meadow, reflecting the mountains and hills, making visitors feel like entering another dimension.

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