Bai Bang Ha Tien – a ‘chill’ sea paradise that is a must go this summer!

Bai Bang Ha Tien attracts visitors with its beautiful wild seascape, clear blue sea and fresh natural scenery. If this summer you still don’t know where to go to recharge “vitamin sea”, then Bai Bang is the ideal destination that you should not miss.

Locating the coordinates of Bai Bang Ha Tien

Bai Bang belongs to Thuan Yen Bay, Thuan Yen, Ha Tien, Kien Giang . This is a newly exploited and unspoiled beach in Ha Tien. Bai Bang Ha Tien is located next to the front beach of Mui Nai beach. From Ha Tien town center to Bai Bang about 6km. Currently, Bai Bang is invested in exploiting and expanding tourist services to attract leading tourists to visit and relax in Ha Tien.

Bai Bang Ha Tien - where?Bai Bang owns a wild beauty

How to get to Bai Bang?

Experience going to Bai Bang Ha Tien , to get to this beach paradise, you first need to move to the center of Ha Tien town according to the following instructions:

– From Saigon: You can take a bus, plane to Rach Gia airport and take a bus to Ha Tien. Or to actively travel, you can travel by personal vehicle (self-driving car, motorbike) in the direction of QL1 or QL62. 

– Departing from Phu Quoc: If you go from Phu Quoc, you can take the Ha Tien – Phu Quoc ferry with a travel time of 2h30 – 2h40 minutes. Ticket price is 185,000 VND/adult and children (from 1m – under 1m2) is 130,000 VND. 

Bai Bang Ha Tien - moveHow to get to Bai Bang?

The best time to go to Bai Bang

The weather in Ha Tien is divided into 2 main seasons: dry season (from December to April next year) and rainy season (from May to November). You can travel to Bai Bang at any time of the year. If you want to enjoy swimming and avoid sudden rains that affect your trip, you can go in the dry season. 

Bai Bang Ha Tien - timeYou can go to Bai Bang at any time. (Photo: @_tvtkimyen)

Discover the beach paradise Bai Bang Ha Tien

What does Bang Ha Tien have ? Bai Bang attracts tourists with its beautiful unspoiled sea and not much impact from humans, so the scenery is very beautiful. The sea in Bai Bang is as clear as jade, you can see the bottom, the coastline is long and the white sand is fine.

Around Bai Bang area, there are many green trees shading ideal for visitors to take a walk to enjoy the scenery and relax. Standing on Bai Bang beach, visitors will admire the clear blue sky and the beautiful island of Phu Quoc offshore. 

That’s why Bai Bang is always in the top of the most beautiful beaches in Ha Tien. 

So what is there to play at Bai Bang Ha Tien, do you know yet? 

Go to the beach 

With a long coastline, clear blue water and calm waves, when coming to Bai Bang, visitors will be able to relax and bathe. Immerse yourself in the cool water to dispel all the fatigue of daily life. In particular, the waves of Bai Bang beach are very quiet and safe for children to bathe under the supervision of adults.

Ha Tien Beach - bathingRelaxing swimming at the beautiful Bai Bang

Virtual living paradise 

Bai Bang is considered as beautiful as the second Ho Coc in our country. With a wild, beautiful romantic scene, it promises to help you own a very cool set of photos. Your job is to prepare beautiful clothes and good cameras to check-in. 

Bai Bang Ha Tien - virtual lifeEnjoy the beautiful virtual life in Bai Bang. (Photo: @tgannn)

Watch the romantic sunset 

Bai Bang Ha Tien is also a place to admire the famous sunrise and sunset. You can wake up early in the morning to watch a very romantic sunrise or sunset. Watch the sea from afar, the image of fishing boats offshore.

Bai Bang Ha Tien - sunsetAdmire the romantic sunset

Combine to go to the beautiful Mui Nai beach

Discovering Bai Bang Ha Tien remember to visit Mui Nai beach . This is a beautiful and very famous beach in Ha Tien. From Bai Bang to Mui Nai about 6km. Compared to Bai Bang, tourism services in Mui Nai develop more vibrantly and attract many tourists to swim. You can swim, have fun and organize teambuilding activities here. 

Bai Bang Ha Tien - Mui NaiCombine with the famous Mui Nai beach. Photo: vinpearl

Because Bai Bang does not have restaurant and hotel services, visitors can rest and eat at Mui Nai with many famous delicious coastal seafood restaurants. In addition, you can also buy fresh seafood in Mui Nai as a gift or organize a barbecue party. 

Bai Bang Ha Tien - seafoodEnjoy fresh seafood in Mui Nai

Notes when going to Bai Bang in Ha Tien

To have the most perfect trip to Bai Bang beach in Ha Tien , you should also refer to the following notes: 

– You should check the weather forecast before going to avoid rainstorms. 

– Because there is no motel in Bai Bang area, visitors can rent a room at Mui Nai or Ha Tien center. If you go with your family or friends, you can organize camping and barbecue in Bai Bang. 

– Food service at Bai Bang is not available, so visitors should bring ready food and drinking water. 

– Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, bathing suits, sunglasses, electronic storage tools…

– Do not litter indiscriminately and remember to clean up after leaving. 

Bai Bang Ha Tien is truly a top beach paradise that you should not miss to enjoy a relaxing beach trip with your family and friends this summer. Do not forget to save Ha Tien travel informationfor the most complete upcoming trip!

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