Bai Sao – the sleeping ‘muse’ of the pearl island

In 2015, Bai Sao was voted by CN Travel in the top 10 most pristine beaches in the world. Up to now, when other places have continuously been promoted, where is Bai Sao on the international tourist map?

Located in the south of the pearl island, Bai Sao has long been a familiar place for many tourists when it comes to Phu Quoc.

The name Bai Sao originates from a long-standing folk legend. When sunset falls, swarms of starfish come up to cover the sand and below the water surface to bathe in the moon. Since then, the people here named this sea Bai Sao.

Forgotten gem in the middle of Phu Quoc

Bai Sao is as beautiful as a picture, has long been a familiar destination for many tourists when coming to Phu Quoc.

More than 7 km long, Bai Sao possesses a strange and peaceful beauty. The sparkling blue turquoise ocean, the fine white sand beaches, the gentle waves lapping the shore, the magnificent rocky cape protruding into the sea, or the soaring coconut groves reaching out to the sea… All create a wild character, the clarity and purity of this sea.

At the end of 2021, when international tourism reopens, Le Figaro newspaper has suggested to French tourists 7 valuable experiences when coming to Vietnam. One of them is to visit Bai Sao – the place that contributes to Phu Quoc’s name with its fine sand and clear seawater.

Coming to Bai Sao, visitors will experience many interesting activities.

Previously, in 2015, Bai Sao was also voted by CN Traveler readers in the list of 10 most pristine and quiet beaches in the world, next to the famous names of Maldives, Fiji, Mexico or Australia.

Search results on the social network Instagram with keywords related to Bai Sao have more than 40,000 mentions and more than 3,000 check-ins of tourists from all over the world. This shows that Bai Sao’s attraction is not inferior to world-famous beaches such as Paradise (Phuket, Thailand), South Beach (Miami, USA) or Kelingking (Bali, Indonesia)…

Favored with precious natural conditions, Bai Sao is considered by many experts and tourists to have a favorable starting point, and can register on the map of a world tourist paradise if there are more ecosystems. service, tourism and resort methodically here.

Sao Beach needs to be shown off to the right level

Currently, coming to Bai Sao, besides experiencing swimming or checking-in by the beach, visitors can participate in recreational activities on the sea such as kayaking, water canoeing, scuba diving, fishing. … or enjoy local cuisine at restaurants along the beach.

Visitors are attracted to Bai Sao by its natural beauty. However, the types of tourism services here are still spontaneous and private, there is no form of nature conservation, easily affecting the marine environment.

The types of tourism services at Bai Sao are small and spontaneous. Photo: Sun Property.

Not far from Bai Sao, in Thailand, before being listed by US News as one of the 15 most beautiful beaches in the world and becoming an international standard destination, gathering a series of resorts and a chain of shopping centers, bars, High-class restaurant, Rai Leh beach (Krabi) is a quiet fishing village with blue coast and fine white sand.

Or for example, just 3 km from Bai Sao, from a poor fishing village more than half a decade ago, Bai Kem has now transformed into a destination for many billionaires and famous stars in the world thanks to the investment in the vacation tourism ecosystem. resort – entertainment – luxury real estate created by Sun Group. The future of Bai Kem is turning to a new page with names registered on the world tourism map such as the JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay resort, the paradise garden on the cape of Ong Doi Sun Premier Village The Eden Bay, or the urban area. The tropical resort town of Sun Tropical Village…

After more than half a decade, Bai Kem seems to have changed with the works of Sun Group Photo: Sun Property.

With the advantage of the landscape, Bai Sao is not inferior to other famous places such as Maldives, Thailand or Bai Kem. However, in order to exploit all potentials and display strengths, Bai Sao needs professional, professional planning hands, both in terms of infrastructure and services, and at the same time, focusing on nature conservation and preservation. inherent wildness.

According to recent statistics, Phu Quoc has about 28,000 hotel rooms with nearly half being 5-star standard rooms, but a beautiful beach like Bai Sao lacks the presence of high-class tourist complexes. Therefore, with the investment of Sun Group with the experience of making Bai Kem a favorite destination for tourists, or creating a super complex of entertainment and resorts on Hon Thom Paradise Island, Bai Sao has enough potential to shine on the village. international tourism map, contributing to the roadmap to turn Phu Quoc into a global destination.

Bai Sao can shine on the international tourist map if it is properly developed. Photo: Sun Property.

When properly invested and exploited, Bai Sao will not only enhance the destination’s value, and reach the elite more, but also increase benefits from service, accommodation, and commercial activities. and real estate associated with tourism and resorts for local residents and investors.

Efforts to elevate Bai Sao tourism from investors like Sun Group are receiving great attention so that in the next 5 or 10 years, the road leading to Bai Sao is no longer rough but instead is wide open avenues. , along with many international standard services and facilities, attracting domestic and foreign tourists.