Bamboo Garden eco-tourism area – ancient virtual paradise in Hau Giang

Bamboo Garden eco-tourism area with a beautiful bamboo road image is a tourist destination in Hau Giang that attracts a lot of visitors to check-in recently, especially young people.

Hau Giang is known for owning famous tourist sites and attractions such as the ancient wonder parkKittyd & Minnied amusement park, Lung Ngoc Hoang conservation area, and recently a biological tourist area. Thai Bamboo Garden. All form a list of extremely hot tourist destinations in Hau Giang with tourists near and far when visiting the West River.Visiting Bamboo Garden eco-tourism area - Crowd of touristsMany tourists come to visit and take pictures. Photo: thamhiemmekong

Especially Bamboo Garden Hau Giang – an interesting picnic area also known by the name Tu Sang bamboo forest. This is the place where many types of bamboo are grown for more than 30 years in an area of ​​​​more than 10,000 m2. Not only bamboo, there are also many kinds of green trees around and an arrangement of miniatures to recreate the Western countryside. This tourist destination is also extremely suitable for those who like to return to nature, live a rustic life, eat with relatives or friends, camp, picnic together or create their own photography concepts. many styles such as antiques, collars, traditional ao dai, .. Today let’s explore the emerging eco-area named Bamboo Garden from AZ with Vnlove!Visit Bamboo Garden eco-tourism area - Cool spaceAiry. Photo: vntrip

Directions to Bamboo Garden Ecological Area Hau Giang

Address: Thanh Hoa, Phung Hiep, Hau Giang.

Bamboo Garden is located in Phu Xuan hamlet, Thanh Hoa commune, Phung Hiep district, Hau Giang province. The eco-tourism area is only about 35km from the center of Vi Thanh city, less than 25km from Can Tho city and if you go from Saigon too, you will experience a 200km long journey.

The detailed way to go from Can Tho city (to the nearest destination) is as follows: First, you follow the Cai Rang bridge, move past Vo Truong Toan University, until you reach Cai Tac junction, turn right. National Highway 61. At the line, keep going and then turn right again to enter the road along the ditch at Tam Vu bridge. Continue to run to the end of the road, then turn right onto provincial road 928.Visit Bamboo Garden eco-tourism area - Romantic sceneryThe landscape is poetic, bold rural. Photo: dulichtoivaban

The road to this ideal eco-tourism area is also known as Tu Sang bamboo garden because it has a lot of bamboo growing, forming a beautiful green path of Mr. Dang Van Sang – a local resident. Anyone who comes to Hau Giang and checks in Bamboo Garden is also extremely impressed with the small concrete road filled with bamboo over 500m long. People also call this place the most beautiful bamboo road in the West today.Visit Bamboo Garden eco-tourism area - Welcome gateWelcome gate. Photo: dulichmientay

Interesting experiences at Bamboo Garden

With fresh air, quiet space and unique cuisine, eco-tourism areas are always favored by many tourists. That is why such names as Tram Chim tourist area , Xeo Quyt tourist area (Dong Thap province), My Luong ecological area, Tra Su Melaleuca forest (An Giang), My Khanh (Can Tho), Lung Ngoc Hoang conservation area, etc. Bamboo Garden (Hau Giang) is always the first choice of those who love nature in the West. These lands all have ecosystems associated with the land of the South, fertile and rich. Let’s explore and enjoy the beautiful scenery, fascinating experiences as well as the unique culinary culture of the southwestern countryside named Bamboo Garden right away.Visiting Bamboo Garden eco-tourism area - Take a photoMulti-style photography. Photo: mientaycogi

1. Peaceful countryside scene

Bamboo Garden eco-tourism area has an area of ​​​​about 13,000m2, including a super-wide bamboo garden with an age of nearly 30 years, a clean vegetable garden interspersed with flower gardens, a vast rice field next to the gentle canal of the branch. Hau Giang River has nurtured the land and fruit trees for generations. All create a picture of a poetic and peaceful nature, typical for the rural landscape of the Southwest region.

The houses and thatched roofs of the homeland always create the river countryside of the Southern region.Visit Bamboo Garden - Peaceful eco-tourism areaPeace and quiet. Photo: thamhiemmekong

It can be said that the first impression of many visitors when coming to the bamboo garden is the feeling of familiarity before the peaceful village scene. When looking at each green bamboo bush leaning down to reflect on the calm lake, next to a simple but nostalgic thatched roof, each person feels like they are slowing down, forgetting about the hustle and bustle of the city. dispel the pressure, tired of everyday life.Visit Bamboo Garden eco-tourism area - Many check-in areasMultiple check-in areas. Photo: mientaycogi

Visitors also do not forget to take the time to take a leisurely walk under the long green bamboo shady path because the landscape is quite cool and taking pictures here is also very beautiful. According to locals, this bamboo road was created by a man named Tu Sang, creating a poetic and airy space.Visit Bamboo Garden eco-tourism area - Bamboo roadGreen bamboo path. Photo: metrip

Possessing such an ideal landscape, the Bamboo Garden eco-tourism area quickly becomes a check-in point that attracts a large number of tourists to visit, especially young people who love the “chill” and living spaces. virtual, not inferior to the attraction of the amusement park Kittyd & Minnied or park ancient wonders Hau Giang live.Visiting Bamboo Garden eco-tourism area - PhotosImpressive photos. Photo: Tran Dung

2. Ancient virtual living corner

For many people, childhood memories always have the shadow of the fairy tale of The Hundred-knot Bamboo Tree with the mantra “etched in, carving out” as well as setting forest bamboo green in every movie martial Hiep Kim Dung. And when you come to the Bamboo Garden ecological area, you will return to those familiar memories. And not only the bamboo forest, the shady bamboo path, but this place is also invested with many miniatures to serve the photography and filming of tourists near and far. Even in the near future, the resort can be built into a movie studio to produce attractive movie scenes or MVs.Visiting Bamboo Garden eco-tourism area - Especially idealEspecially ideal for those who love historical photography. Photo: dulichmientay

Here are the areas that attract many young people to check-in and take photos of the most virtual living in the Bamboo Garden eco-tourism area :

– First and most impressive landscape garden is with the familiar landscape, countryside place reminds her land. Especially attractive is the Balinese-style bird’s nest, the bamboo bridge spanning the gentle ditch.

– Small country scene but with Northern style with looms and fabrics.Visit Bamboo Garden eco-tourism area - Tan Suu New Year's StreetNew Year’s Eve Street 2021. Photo: vntrip

– On Tet holidays, visitors can also check-in at the festive atmosphere with traditional long dress or attractive ancient style.

– Ideal outdoor wedding photography spots for couples.Visiting Bamboo Garden eco-tourism area - Romantic settingRomantic setting for couples. Photo: dulichmientay

3. Ideal camping and picnic spot

Besides the rural scenery and ancient landscapes, the Bamboo Garden eco-tourism area is also a very suitable place to organize picnics, camping or have a cozy BBQ party outdoors. Tourists traveling in groups with friends and family can come here to have fun and relax by fishing or participating in many interesting and unique games in the bamboo garden. After having fun, remember to rent a hammock and have a peaceful afternoon nap under the green foliage in the resort. It will be an unforgettable experience here.Visiting Bamboo Garden eco-tourism area - Tourists take picturesTourists take pictures along the ditch. Photo: mientaycogi

4. Enjoy a variety of delicious country food

If you have come to the Bamboo Garden eco-tourism area , visitors should definitely not miss the opportunity to enjoy the dishes known as Hau Giang specialties , with extremely rich and unique Southern cuisine such as: stuffed bamboo snails, steamed snakehead fish with bamboo tubes, southern islet hot pot, clay grilled chicken, grilled snakehead fish, western pancakes, salad/skin rolls,…Visit Bamboo Garden eco-tourism area - stuffed bamboo snailSpecialty stuffed snails. Photo: dulichtoivaban

You can choose to bring prepared food and then go to the resort to rent a kitchen, spread out to eat at the picnic area, camp, or order food inside Bamboo Garden.

Ticket prices and services at Bamboo Garden Hau Giang tourist area

The ticket price to visit Bamboo Garden includes 1 coconut drink/soft drink.

Price for adults: 30,000 VND/ticket.

Price for adults: 20,000 VND/ticket.

Rental prices for other services:

Rent a grill: 30,000 VND/kitchen.

Fishing rod rental: 15,000 VND / rod.

Small canvas rental: 30,000VND/piece.

Large canvas rental: 50,000VND/piece.

Hammock rental: 20,000VND/piece.Visiting Bamboo Garden eco-tourism area - Picnic experienceBBQ picnic experience. Photo: dulichtoivaban

In addition, at this special picnic area, there is also a rental service for taking photos with all styles from antiques, traditional ao dai to national costumes, and especially on-site dining. tourist area again.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Hau Giang and want to find a place to rest, have a picnic during the day, temporarily away from the bustling city, go to the Bamboo Garden eco-tourism area. Wish you have a happy and impressive trip!

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