Bank staff spend 5 million to raise colorful fish, and 5 years to become a billionaire

Realizing that raising 7-color fish is both leisure and good income, Huyen quit his job at the bank to return to his hometown to start a business, suddenly succeeding beyond expectations.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Huyen (30 years old, living in An Thanh commune, Mo Cay Nam, Ben Tre) is known as the pioneer in opening a 7-color fish farm in the province. Currently, Huyen’s main facility has more than 300 aquariums, and the annual sales of ornamental fish are worth over 1 billion VND.($1=24,000 VND)

Huyen shared that he was previously an employee at a bank with a good income. The chance to come to fish farming was just an accident, in 2015, Huyen bought an aquarium to set the table for decoration and gradually became interested in taking care of fish.

Realizing that the 7-color fish is of high value, easy to raise, easy to breed, does not require large capital or complicated techniques, so in 2017, Huyen decided to invest 5 million VND to renovate the abandoned pigsty to raise ornamental fish. .

Bank employees spend 5 million to raise colorful fish, become a billionaire in 5 years - 1
The 7-color fish is only about 4cm long, but its appearance is extremely eye-catching (Photo: Nguyen Cuong).

“Renovating the pigsty cost more than 3 million VND, more than one million I bought 5 pairs of fingerlings to try. The fish grew very well, after only 3 months I had a school of fry.

When I posted ornamental fish for sale on social networks, someone immediately asked to buy the whole flock for more than 30 million VND. Realizing the effect, I used all the money from selling fish to expand the scale,” Huyen shared.

After 2 years of raising fish, from just one initial tank, Huyen’s farm has increased in size 100 times, generating a steady net profit of over 50 million VND per month. Huyen also decided to quit his job at the bank to focus on fish farming.

Bank employees spend 5 million to raise colorful fish, 5 years to become a billionaire - 2
The fish breeds Huyen chooses to raise are all recruited from abroad (Photo: Nguyen Cuong).

2 years of the pandemic has affected almost every industry, but Huyen’s business is still growing steadily. From the original facility, Mr. Huyen opened 2 more facilities, increasing the scale to more than 300 farming tanks. Anh Huyen also cooperated to open many satellite farms inside and outside the province.

Huyen said that 7-color fish is easy to raise and has a high profit. The most important requirement is to choose the preferred fish species in the market and to keep up to date with new varieties. Different breeds must also be kept in separate tanks to avoid crossbreeding.

“Every day I feed the fish 3 times, the food cost is almost negligible, change the water once a month. Currently, I earn about 90 million VND per month from selling fish.

Capital, labor, depreciation of everything account for nearly 20% of revenue. Many aquariums sell as much as they can make a profit. From the initial capital of 5 million dong, up to now, my farm facilities are worth over one billion dong,” Huyen shared.

Bank employees spend 5 million to raise colorful fish, become a billionaire in 5 years - 3
Not only enriching his family, Huyen is sharing his success with many neighbors (Photo: Nguyen Cuong).

With a scale of over 300 tanks, Huyen’s farm regularly maintains about one million commercial 7-color fish. The main fish lines on the farm are all outstanding fish breeds bred by Japanese, Thai or Chinese experts such as green dragon, red dragon, yellow dragon, mini koi, elephant ear dumbo…

Ornamental fish are sold by Mr. Huyen in pairs with prices ranging from 10,000 VND to 70,000 VND. The main consumption market is in two cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces.($1=24,000 VND)

Huyen’s aquarium model has won many awards in startup competitions. A representative of An Thanh Commune Farmers’ Association said that from Mr. Huyen’s effective model, there are many households in the commune who are studying and farming on a small scale, but they also bring in much higher income than coconut or coconut farming. raising pigs.

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