Be amazed by the beautiful scenery at Keo Lom Dien Bien Pass

Keo Lom Dien Bien Pass is one of the beautiful passes in the northern mountains of our country, possessing majestic scenery and especially being an ideal place to hunt clouds.

Where is Keo Lom Pass?

For many tourists, perhaps Keo Lom Dien Bien Pass is still a fairly new destination. When mentioning the northern mountain passes, people often think of O Quy Ho, Khau Pha, Pha Din or Ma Pi Leng. But did you know, that Keo Lom is also a pass with impressive beauty, located in Keo Lom commune, Dien Bien Dong district, Dien Bien province. 

Where is Keo Lom Dien Bien Pass?Keo Lom Pass is located in Dien Bien Dong district, Dien Bien province. Photo: @mi_tom_2020

To get to this pass, visitors can depart from Hanoi, move to Dien Bien city, follow Highway 279 for about 12km, then turn towards Dien Bien Dong. From here, you will go through difficult roads before reaching the beautiful Keo Lom pass, standing proudly between heaven and earth. 

Keo Lom Dien Bien Pass is a beautiful and wild passKeo Lom Dien Bien Pass has a wild and peaceful beauty. Photo: @mi_tom_2020

Keo Lom Pass is beautiful to experience and explore in any season, but this season the pass is considered the most beautiful and romantic of the year because there are rows of wild sunflowers blooming bright yellow on the side of the road. If you are planning to travel to Dien Bien , try riding a motorbike to explore the pass once to see what the scenery is like. 

The beauty of Keo Lom Dien Bien Pass

Keo Lom Dien Bien Pass has a length of about 20 km, is a typical pass of the North. The entire pass is a winding road, winding and depending on the terrain here. The higher you go, the more you will feel the cool mountain air and the desolate, desolate beauty of the Northwest. 

Keo Lom Dien Bien Pass is a 20 km long passKeo Lom Pass brings a wild and impressive beauty. Photo: @nguyenxuandinh88

Tourists who have conquered Keo Lom Pass share that the pass has a quite high slope and is not easy to conquer, especially for those who have little experience on mountain roads or weak steering. Of course, if you have been traveling around the provinces of Ha Giang, Cao Bang, Lao Cai, etc., this is not too big of a challenge. 

From the foot of the pass to the top is a beautiful journey as you pass through many impressive landscapes here. It is a majestic and magnificent picture of mountains and hills in the distance, the scene is endless, dim and poetic, so poetic and beautiful. At any part of the pass you can stop to admire the scenery and take some souvenir photos.

Keo Lom Dien Bien Pass is one of the beautiful destinations in the NorthwestThis is one of the beautiful passes in the Northwest. Photo: @nguyenxuandinh88

If you go to Keo Lom Dien Bien Pass in October – December every year, you can also go on a beautiful road with the bright yellow color of wild sunflowers blooming on both sides of the road. No need to take careful care, yet the flowers bloom brightly, beautifying the Keo Lom pass road more sweetly and attractively.

Keo Lom Dien Bien Pass is a pass that you should once exploreGoing along this pass, you will see extremely impressive scenery. Photo: @ nguyen_thi_nhu_ngoc_

Reaching the top of the pass, you are even more captivated by the beauty of this place. In the distance is the green color of the mountains and forests, and white clouds are floating, adding to the poetic beauty of the picture. Compared to passes like O Quy Ho, Thung Khe,…, Keo Lom Pass is somewhat more wild and deserted. There are no noisy trading activities here, only strangely peaceful silence. 

Keo Lom Dien Bien Pass is a pass with a peaceful and quiet sceneThis pass is also an ideal place to hunt clouds. Photo: @nguyenxuandinh88

Keo Lom Pass is also famous as a great cloud hunting spot in Dien Bien  that you should stop at once. Right at the top of Chop Ly of this pass is where young people and backpackers often stop to watch the sea of ​​white, floating and magical clouds. Many tourists share that from April to September every year is the most ideal time to hunt clouds on Keo Lom Pass. 

Keo Lom Dien Bien Pass has a beautiful Chop Ly peak for cloud huntingYou can go to Chop Ly peak on Keo Lom pass to hunt clouds. Photo: @hangdubai17

And if you don’t have time to travel to Dien Bien during this time, you can still explore the pass and see other beautiful scenes of this place. Mountains, clouds and peaceful villages at the foot of the pass also contribute to creating an extremely impressive and attractive Keo Lom. So don’t miss these valuable experiences when you return to Dien Bien.

Keo Lom Dien Bien Pass is a beautiful cloud hunting place that you cannot missWhen traveling to Dien Bien, remember to go to Keo Lom Pass to experience many impressive scenery. Photo: @cubangque

From the top of the pass, you continue to return to Dien Bien Dong town, continuing your journey to discover newer, more impressive lands of Dien Bien province. Then, you will come to the place where three streams come together to form the origin of the famous Ma River. The trip of youth therefore becomes more memorable than ever. 

Small tip to explore Keo Lom Dien Bien Pass 

Keo Lom Dien Bien Pass is one of the beautiful coordinates that you cannot miss if you want to see the majestic and magnificent picture of this province. Exploring the pass is a journey for you to experience the beautiful scenery, an opportunity to hunt clouds or enjoy the beautiful picture of the sunset.

Note when exploring Keo Lom Dien Bien PassTo fully explore the pass, you should be careful when driving. Photo: @cubangque

Although it is not a challenging pass like the Me Pia or Ma Pi Leng pass, to ensure safety, you need to drive carefully and comply with speed when traveling on the pass, especially when it is foggy or dark. . If you do not have much driving experience, you need to go with a good driver so that the journey to explore the pass goes smoothly. 

Note when exploring Keo Lom Dien Bien PassCheck in on this pass, you will have many beautiful photos to take home. Photo: @huyen.trang16

Hopefully the information about Keo Lom Dien Bien Pass introduced in this article will help you have more motivation to explore Keo Lom when traveling to Dien Bien, enjoying a wonderful and memorable youth journey. 

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