Beautiful Dak Mai Binh Phuoc Waterfall captivates visitors at first sight

Binh Phuoc is famous for its beautiful and majestic waterfalls, in which Dak Mai Waterfall is likened to a “white silk strip” in the middle of a vast green forest. Let’s discover why Dak Mai Binh Phuoc waterfall has so attractive to tourists.

Where is Dak Mai Waterfall address?

Dak Mai Waterfall  is located in Bu R’Nga village, Bu Gia Map commune, Bu Gia Map district, Binh Phuoc, about 220km from the center of Saigon and 105km from Dong Xoai city. Dak Mai Binh Phuoc Waterfall is 12m high and 50m wide all year round, with beautiful white foam, becoming a tourist attraction. 

It owns a wild and mysterious natural landscape. Visiting Dak Mai waterfall, visitors will be immersed in the green nature, breathe in the fresh air and have the opportunity to learn about the unique culture of the indigenous people here.

You can visit Dak Mai waterfall at any time of the year. However, to have the most complete fun, you should check the weather forecast before going to avoid a very dangerous rainy day.
 Dak Mai Waterfall Binh Phuoc - where?Dak Mai Waterfall is a tourist attraction in Binh Phuoc

How to move to Dak Mai Binh Phuoc waterfall?

Experience going to Dak Mai Binh Phuoc waterfall, to visit this famous waterfall you first need to go to Binh Phuoc. Depending on the departure location, you can choose from a variety of vehicles such as passenger cars or motorbikes. For those who live as far away as Hanoi, you can take a plane to Saigon and then take a bus to Binh Phuoc. 

To reach Dak Mai waterfall, you move to Bu Gia Map commune -> from the intersection of Bu Gia Map market -> turn left about 5km into Bu R’ Nga village -> follow the red earth for about 15 minutes to reach the waterfall. . 

In general, the road to other waterfalls is arduous, especially dangerous bends. So, for those of you who are just going for the first time or do not have much experience in backpacking, you can hire people here to show you the way.
 Dak Mai Binh Phuoc Waterfall- moveHow to move to Dak Mai waterfall 

Admire the beauty of Dak Mai Binh Phuoc waterfall

It is called Dak Mai waterfall because it is located on the stream of the same name. The waterfall has an area of ​​​​over 45 hectares, in the rainy season Dak Mai waterfall has a large amount of water flowing rapidly day and night with white foam. In the dry season, Dak Mai waterfall becomes quiet and peaceful.
 Dak Mai waterfall in Binh Phuoc - beautiful sceneryAdmire the picturesque scenery of Dak Mai waterfall 

Visiting Dak Mai waterfall in Binh Phuoc is always beautiful in every season, with poetic natural scenery. Visitors feel like they are “lost” in the floating world with clear blue water and plants and flowers.Dak Mai Binh Phuoc Waterfall - Sky wellThe skylight area rolls the whirlpool of the waterfall

Moving on the surface of Dak Mai waterfall are large round pebbles worn over thousands of years, creating unique shapes. Exploring Dak Mai waterfall, you will admire the skylight. There are two skylights formed by the vortex force of the water. The area downstream of Dak Mai waterfall are long rocks. On both sides of the waterfall are clumps of bamboo, cork, and giant umbrella growing green. You can bring camping tents here and immerse yourself in the majestic nature.Dak Mai Binh Phuoc waterfall- virtual lifeThe virtual check-in place is loved by many people. Photo: tripzone

The waterfalls of Bu Gia Map National Park are associated with legends and heroic stories about the nation’s history. Dak Mai Waterfall is the same, it is a story about a time of struggle to unify the country. In 1962 Dak Mai stream was the base of the security committee of zone 10. After the victory over Dong Xoai in 1965, Dak Mai waterfall was chosen as the base. Here, our army and people launched a struggle to smash the tricks of the US imperialists and protect the Central Instrument and the Party Committee’s safety. Dak Mai Binh Phuoc waterfall- virtual lifeEnjoy virtual check-in and admire the majestic waterfall. Photo: vietgiaitriDak Mai Waterfall Binh Phuoc - majestic beautyClose-up of a flowing water corner of Dak Mai waterfall 

Currently, Dak Mai Binh Phuoc waterfall has become a tourist attraction not only with its beautiful and majestic nature, but also an opportunity to learn about the heroic history of Binh Phuoc’s army and people. So, if you have the opportunity to visit Binh Phuoc, once come to Dak Mai waterfall to admire the beautiful beauty of this famous waterfall. Dak Mai Waterfall Binh Phuoc- check-inRelax with the cool stream of Dak Mai waterfall. Photo: localduone
Dak Mai Waterfall Binh Phuoc- check-inAn attractive destination for young people to live virtual in Binh Phuoc. Photo: dongxoai,.gov
Dak Mai Waterfall Binh Phuoc - campingOrganize camping at Dak Mai waterfall with many interesting activities

Notes when going to Dak Mai Binh Phuoc

Traveling to Dak Mai Binh Phuoc waterfall , you should also know the following notes:

– Carry light luggage for convenient transportation. You can bring drinking water to rest on the hike to the falls. 

– It is best to wear sandals or shoes, because the road to Dak Mai waterfall requires a lot of walking and the road is very bad. 

– Bring personal belongings, tents, food to organize camping. 

– If you go home during the day, you can move to the center of Dong Xoai town to eat and drink and rent a hotel to rest. 

– The scenery at Dak Mai waterfall is very beautiful, so you should bring a camera to check-in virtual living as a souvenir. 

If you have time, you can combine visiting Bu Gia Map National Park to bathe in streams, camp and learn about the diverse ecosystem here. 

– The period of November and December is the most ideal time to go to Dak Mai waterfall, at this time the rain is not too heavy and the road surface is dry.

Hopefully, the sharing of experiences going to Dak Mai Binh Phuoc waterfall above will help you have a trip to discover many experiences at this famous and beautiful waterfall. In addition, you can refer to more useful Binh Phuoc tourism information . 

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