Beautiful photo spots on Phu Quy island

BINH THUAN – Doan Sang shared his experience of taking beautiful pictures and finding check-in locations during his 3 days 2 nights trip to Phu Quy.

Dang Doan Sang, from Quang Ninh, had a trip to Phu Quy island at the end of April. For 3 days and 2 nights, he took advantage of every time to check in the famous spots on the island. “The island is small, so I think 3 days is enough to visit,” Sang said. At the same time, he shared some experiences with beautiful photos when visiting the island. Sang also advises people to go to Phu Quy early before the rainy season from September to November.

In the photo is the embankment of Tam Thanh fishing village . The area has a specially shaped tree stump, which reclines like an umbrella for guests.

Sang checked in at most of the famous and beautiful places on the island such as Phu Long fishing village, Tam Thanh fishing village, Ganh Hang, Doc Phot, Cao Cat mountain, Bai Nho, and Bai Can  a famous check-in point on the island due to its beautiful picture, with the outstanding background of a giant blower against the blue sky.

To take a good photo in Phu Quy, Sang chose to wear blue and white clothes to be consistent because the island also has these two colors as the main colors. Wearing the right clothes will make the subject blend in with the surrounding scenery, making the photo lighter and cooler.

The road from wind power to Phu Long fishing village . Sang said, Phu Quy island is very sunny, so visitors should always apply cream and wear long-sleeved clothes, only when taking photos should they take off to avoid sunburn.

Before coming to Phu Quy, Sang heard about a small, peaceful, clear and friendly island. He found that all the praises for Phu Quy were true when he went to the place to experience and admire the scenery like in movies. “One thing that is a little different from my imagination is shopping. Goods on the island are easy to find, affordable and completely the same price as on the mainland”, Sang shared.

Sang’s favorite check-in point on Phu Quy island is Ganh Hang . Coming to Ganh Hang, you will witness the majestic scenery of the turquoise sea, embracing the mountains and the grass growing on the rocks. “Just hold up the camera to get a good photo.”

What makes Sang impressed when coming to Phu Quy is the color of the sea surrounding the island. “The color of the water is so clear that it reflects the color of the sky, what color is the sky? The water is clear and you can see the deep bottom and even the coral”, Sang admired.

A rather symbolic check-in point of Phu Quy and considered by Sang to be the most beautiful on the island is the abandoned aquarium behind the Tomb of Thay temple, which is likened to a miniature Roman arena. The way here. easy, find it on Google Maps and follow it.

If you come here at sunset, you have just captured the tidal waves crashing into the aquarium creating a unique effect. There is also a high grass lawn for you to sit and take pictures of the sea, and there are beautifully stacked stones.

The wheel lake is below Ganh Hang. Sang said that the wheel lake and the infinity lake should be empty at noon, avoiding having to wait in line to swim. “Everyone should bring a pair of jacuzzis or a pair of hole-in-the-wall shoes to go diving to see the coral or when swimming in the infinity lake, the wheel lake will not be cut by the rock,” Sang shared experience.

The points in the east of the island should go to check-in in the morning to see the sunrise and get the best light to take pictures such as: Cao Cat Mountain, wind power, Phu Quy lighthouse.

In the photo are the rocks with strange shapes due to weathering at the top of Cao Cat mountain , also known as the Grand Canyon of Vietnam .

The most difficult place to find and give Sang’s group the most headache is the Hometown Cha Cha Cha house with a unique sea view, which many people liken to a fishing village in Korean dramas. This is a place that many people check in and shared on tour groups recently.

“This place is quite famous, but there are few specific instructions because it is located in an alley at the top of a high slope in Tam Thanh village. We went back and forth more than 20 times, and asked enough locals and tour guides. But we still couldn’t find it. We had to give up and go back, finally thanks to luck and not being discouraged, the next day we found the alley and took beautiful photos here”, Sang recalled a memory. Memorable.

The island is quite small, so finding the way to the check-in locations is quite simple. If you have difficulty, you can ask the local people who will be enthusiastic to guide you. In the photo, Sang was taken at the Phu Quy embankment .

The point that makes Sang impressed with the island is the peace. The island is still wild, there are not many resorts and tourist areas, so most of the check-in points are free. The food on the island includes a variety of fresh, fresh seafood, sold right at the pier, and at the market at an affordable price, which is also what makes the guy come back here again and again.

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