Beautiful places in Nam Dinh are not to be missed

Nam Dinh not only owns delicious food but also has many beautiful places that not everyone knows about. These super pretty ‘virtual living’ coordinates are very suitable for a Nam Dinh food tour.

Nam Dinh is a relatively new tourist destination in the Northern region, although there are not many scenic spots, or majestic mountains, the land of Thanh Nam does not lack interesting surprises that make the association passionate about living. Virtual can’t miss.

With unique and magnificent architectural works, ancient with bold Western architecture, Nam Dinh quickly becomes an attractive tourist destination attracting a large number of tourists. Just spend a day exploring Nam Dinh and you will bring back a lot of “quality” photos in this land.

Hung Nghia Holy Temple

One of the most famous churches today that young people come here to check-in with super quality photos like getting lost in the Western sky is Hung Nghia holy temple. The church is located in Hai Hung – Hai Hau – Nam Dinh commune, about 30km from the city center.

This is one of the parishes with a magnificent dome architecture that makes anyone who comes here admire its magnificence. The domed roofs combined with the rising spire easily make you think of the Hogwarts school in the Harry Potter movie.

Beautiful places in Nam Dinh not to be missed - Photo 1.

This church is attracting more and more tourists to come more and more to discover the mystery and take unique pictures here.

Address: Hai Hung Commune, Hai Hau District, Nam Dinh Province

Kien Lao Temple

It is also one of the beautiful churches in Nam Dinh that is visited by many people. Kien Lao holy temple attracts with its magnificent and magnificent architecture with bold Western style, 75m long, 26m wide, 28m high, with street lights and lakes on both sides. Featured with light, bright gray-white colors, airy space with dignified street lights that are equally poetic, this is a destination that the virtual life association can hardly ignore when coming to Nam Dinh.

Beautiful places in Nam Dinh not to be missed - Photo 2.

Photo: @intertourvietnam, @bigcomle

This place is also likened to a fairy castle, so it is loved by many young people to visit, couples also come here to take wedding photos to have a set of photos like in the western corner.

Beautiful places in Nam Dinh not to be missed - Photo 3.

Photo: @Hanh Chien, @quynhnawn_

Address: Xuan Tien Commune, Xuan Truong District, Nam Dinh

Hai Ly Church

As the most special church in Nam Dinh, Hai Ly church, although partially destroyed, is still a tourist destination visited by many tourists. Coming here you will find extremely curious about an old church located right next to the sea.

Beautiful places in Nam Dinh not to be missed - Photo 4.
Beautiful places in Nam Dinh not to be missed - Photo 5.

Hai Ly poured church was built by a French architect in 1943. In the past, because of the encroachment of the sea into the mainland, the Hai Ly church was knocked down by the waves. But a strange thing is that the wave can only partially knock down the church but cannot disappear. And that status quo has been preserved to this day.

This church is located on the Xuong Dien beach in Hai Hau district and about 40 km from the center of Nam Dinh city. The abandoned ancient Church of God lying precariously on the beach has created an extremely poetic scene, especially in the dawn or dusk.

The desolation combined with the light of the sun, the coolness of the wind, the air of heaven and earth and the beauty of the sea makes the church always a destination that attracts many tourists to Nam Dinh, especially young people. check-in ‘tumbling’.

Address: Hamlet 3, Hai Hau, Nam Dinh

Tiled bridge at Luong pagoda

Nam Dinh tile bridge looks strange but familiar, with the shape very similar to the familiar tile bridge in Hoi An. Hai Hau tile bridge in Nam Dinh is also a famous historical relic of Thanh Nam land, with more than 500 years old. The two sides of the bridge façade are designed and decorated in the same way with striking yellow tones. Under the background is a green rock that has faded and worn down over time.

Although, having gone through more than 5 centuries with many ups and downs, the timeless beauty of that bridge is still intact, rustic and ancient. Currently, Hai Hau Nam Dinh tile bridge has attracted many tourists to visit and record the ancient imprint of the tile bridge through commemorative photos. More specifically, many young people also enthusiastically come here to visit and check in the beautiful pictures on the old ancient tiled bridge.

Address: Hai Anh Commune, Hai Hau, Nam Dinh

Long Beach

For the people of the North in general and the people of the capital in particular, Long Thinh beach is no longer strange to every summer.

Thinh Long Beach stretches for more than 3km, owns 3 beaches with smooth sand, with crystal clear blue water like jade, surrounded by lush pineapple groves and casuarina forest. thousands, making the air always fresh and cool. This place has a simple and quiet beauty that makes many visitors come back to enjoy the fresh air of the sea.

Beautiful places in Nam Dinh not to be missed - Photo 6.
Beautiful places in Nam Dinh not to be missed - Photo 7.

Photo: @ratlarong

At Thinh Long Beach, it is not only outstanding with the fishing boats and fishing boats on the beach, which are very suitable for you to take pictures and create impressive photos. In particular, Thinh Long beach also has the highlight of stone and concrete embankments of all different shapes, just that point alone can buy 1001 real virtual live pictures. .

Address: Thinh Long town, Hai Hau district, Nam Dinh province.