Beautiful waterfalls in Thai Nguyen charming scenery, beautiful check-in ‘get addicted’

Summer is here, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the beautiful waterfalls in Thai Nguyen to admire the beautiful scenery of heaven and earth and immerse yourself in the cool water. 

Beautiful waterfalls in Thai Nguyen that you cannot ignore

1. Rainfall Falls

One of the beautiful waterfalls in Thai Nguyen that is loved by many young people is Rainfall waterfall. This waterfall is also known as Nam Rut waterfall in Than Sa commune, Vo Nhai district, about 35km from the center of Thai Nguyen city. With its location on the road from La Hien (km 18, National Highway 1B) to Than Sa archaeological site, the road to Rainfall waterfall is quite easy to find. 

Rainfall Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall in Thai NguyenWhen coming to Thai Nguyen, remember to visit Rainfall waterfall. Photo: @vietnam_travel_media

Rainfall waterfall falls from a high cliff into Than Sa river. In the waterless seasons, the thin stream of water looks like raindrops on the porch. When summer comes, the amount of water is more, the waterfall splashes white foam and rushes. The water hit the stone, splashing extremely beautiful tiny bubbles. 

Rainfall Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall in Thai NguyenThe water flows from the high cliffs into the Than Sa River. Photo: @phuonghi80

The waterfall falls from a height of up to 50 meters, the water flow is fast and powerful, making a rumbling sound. When visiting this beautiful waterfall, you can hear the sound of flowing water from afar. On sunny days, it shines directly on the waterfall, creating the phenomenon of refraction with the image of brilliant, beautiful and poetic rainbow bands. 


Rainfall Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall in Thai NguyenPillars of white spittle poured down from a height of 50 meters. Photo: @tru0ng.thanh.nguyen

Today, Rainfall Waterfall is a famous Thai Nguyen scenic spot, attracting a large number of tourists from far and near. Not only possessing beautiful scenery with white water rushing down the river, the scenery around the waterfall is also dreamy, charming and fanciful like somewhere in Da Lat.

Rainfall Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall in Thai NguyenThe destination is loved and explored by many tourists. Photo: @vufuckintomm_20er

If you have the opportunity to travel to Thai Nguyen , you should take the time to check in this beautiful Rainfall waterfall. The picture of the mountains and the green river is embellished with pure white water, making it more beautiful and lyrical. Whether looking at the panorama from afar or up close, you can feel the beauty of the waterfall.

Rainfall Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall in Thai NguyenRainfall Falls is beautiful in every season. Photo: @vietnam_travel_media

One of the most attractive experiences when checking in to this beautiful waterfall in Thai Nguyen is walking along the riverbank right below the waterfall to take pictures or sit back and relax, fishing. Play at the waterfall as much as you like, you can also go to the nearby Nam Rut village to explore the life of the Mong ethnic people and enjoy the delicious specialties of the people here. 

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2. Dat Dang Waterfall

Thai Nguyen has many beautiful waterfalls and Dat Dang waterfall is one of them. This waterfall is located in Phu Xuyen commune, Dai Tu district. To get here, it takes you about 2 hours to follow Highway 37 connecting Thai Nguyen and Tuyen Quang. 

Dat Dang Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall in Thai NguyenThai Nguyen also has beautiful Da Dang waterfall. Photo: @_npt0210

The journey to Dat Dang waterfall is also quite “bitter” when you have to park your motorbike and walk another 2 km to reach this beautiful waterfall. But the road is frustrating, the space and beautiful scenery here will bring you interesting experiences. Compared to Rainfall waterfall, this beautiful waterfall in Thai Nguyen is still wild, few people know.

Dat Dang Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall in Thai NguyenThe scenery at Dat Dang waterfall is still very wild. Photo: @leexuyeen

To reach Dat Dang waterfall, visitors have to conquer hills, streams to rocky beaches. And then the waterfall appeared in front of you with many beautiful layers, surrounded by green patches of jungle, luxuriant trees. The wild space will surely satisfy visitors who love to explore. 

Dat Dang Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall in Thai NguyenThe road to the waterfall is still quite wild. Photo: @donguyetna_

This waterfall is not majestic and falls vertically like a falling rain waterfall. The water flows through each rock layer, weaving through the trees in the primeval forest with gentle terrain, bringing a closer feeling. Around the waterfall, there are many rocky beaches and many green trees for visitors to rest and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Dat Dang Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall in Thai NguyenFresh and cool streams flow from the waterfall. Photo: @pham_cuong_97

Along the waterfall, small clear and cool lakes are formed, ideal for you to play and cool off, dispelling the sweltering feeling of hot summer days. Certainly, the experience of having fun and bathing at Dat Dang waterfall is a memorable memory for all visitors during their trip to Thai Nguyen.

3. Khuon Tat Waterfall

Where to go on a 1-day tour in Thai Nguyen ? Don’t miss Khuon Tat waterfall located in Tin Keo hamlet, Phu Dinh commune, near Tin Keo ruins and many famous tourist attractions in Dinh Hoa. This beautiful waterfall is also known as Seven Floor waterfall, originating from Tin Keo stream and rushing down the stone steps.

Khuon Tat Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall in Thai NguyenComing to Thai Nguyen, you can also explore Khuon Tat waterfall. Photo: @nguyenkhaitrung

With its location in the middle of wild mountains and forests, the waterfall brings with it the beauty of peace and tranquility. Around Khuon Tat waterfall  are ancient forest trees with large, spreading foliage, making the nature here more peaceful and peaceful than ever. From above, the water flowed white, passing through each stone step and then murmuring down. 

Khuon Tat Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall in Thai NguyenThis waterfall is also known as Seven Floors waterfall. Photo: @_hacham.202

The white water flows through 7 floors and forms a small, cool, blue lake right at the foot of the waterfall. In the summer, visitors can freely swim in the waterfall, swim under the cool water or experience camping and picnic activities or take some virtual photos for themselves. 

Khuon Tat Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall in Thai NguyenAt the foot of the waterfall, there is also a cool lake for visitors to enjoy bathing. Photo: @eric_1594

Along the lakes at the foot of the waterfall, there are large and small rocks for visitors to sit and rest, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the feeling of peace and poetry. Whether you come here to bathe in the waterfall or just enjoy the view, this waterfall still offers a lot of wonderful things.  

Khuon Tat Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall in Thai NguyenKhuon Tat Waterfall is a peaceful and beautiful destination in Thai Nguyen. Photo: Ximgo

There are many beautiful waterfalls in Thai Nguyen for visitors to experience and explore, in which Rainfall, Dat Dang and Khuon Tat waterfalls are waterfalls with natural beauty, fresh and bring you many memorable experiences. .

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