Beef dipped in fish sauce 30 years famous Binh Duong

Beef dipped in fish sauce is a dish often suggested to visitors to Binh Duong, with a rich and sweet taste.

Beef dipped in fish sauce is quite a famous dish in Binh Duong. Beef hot pot with rich broth, smells of fish sauce but not too strong, has the softness, sweetness, and fatness of the fat and ingredients from lemongrass, garlic, and the mild spicy of minced chili.

Each hot pot is priced at 180,000 - 250,000 VND.  Photo: Vinh Bear
Each hot pot is priced at 180,000 – 250,000 VND. Photo: Vinh Bear

Mr. Ho Minh Thien, 31 years old, son of the owner of the restaurant. 8 In Thu Dau Mot city, he shared that at first, his grandfather opened the shop, now his mother is the main chef while he manages, almost 30 years. The shop sells beef dishes, in which beef hotpot is the most attractive dish. Every day, the shop sells several tens of kilograms of meat.

“In Binh Duong, there are many people selling this dish, each restaurant has a different taste. Before, the fish sauce in my shop was placed separately in the Western barn, so the taste was different. In addition, the way of seasoning was an heirloom. It also makes the dish more special,” Thien shared. Beef is taken at 7 o’clock every day, every time it sells out, the barn will bring the meat down, not take much and store it cold.

When the customer called, the new owner began to cut the beef, put it on a plate and marinate it, the piece of meat brought to the table was soft and not dry. Each hot pot portion has a small pot of broth, a plate of thinly sliced ​​beef that is still pink, a large basket of vegetables of all kinds including morning glory, bitter greens, raspberry and dandelion, a plate of small vermicelli noodles and a thick sauce mixed with fish sauce and dipping meat. cow.

When the hot pot boils, diners put thinly sliced ​​beef into the pot, wait for the meat to be cooked, then take it out to use hot, the meat is sweet and full of spices. Where to eat, diners dip beef and vegetables there so that the meat is soft, served with green, crispy and sweet vegetables.

The cooked beef is tender and has a strong fish sauce flavor.  Photo: Vinh Bear
Ripe beef is soft and rich in fish sauce. Photo: Vinh Bear

Mr. Phong, 40 years old, in Thuan An city is a regular customer at the restaurant, he eats a few times a month. “I’ve eaten at many restaurants but I like to eat beef dipped in the fish sauce here the most, I like the hot pot the most, it’s very fragrant and sweet, not too salty,” he shared.

Nguyen Anh, 28 years old, a diner in Ho Chi Minh City, said that when he was introduced by a friend, it was the first time he traveled a long distance to enjoy beef dipped in fish sauce and found the effort well worth it. “Hearing the name of the dish with fish sauce, I thought it would be quite salty, but the broth was seasoned to taste, the meat in the hot pot was fragrant with fish sauce and soft, delicious to eat hot and rare. The dish just brought to the table the smell of fish sauce has risen. attractive,” he shared.

Guests who come to eat beef dipped in fish sauce often order grilled beef, grilled beef with salt and pepper, or grilled beef with raw vegetables. The restaurant serves fast, the seasoning is quite good, the guests cook the food at the table and eat it hot, but it can be smokey and smelly. Some guests commented that the grilled beef was a bit tough, not as soft as expected.

The shop serves from 9am to 20h30 daily, crowded at noon and evening, sometimes full of tables on weekends, have to arrange tables to the driveway. The road to the shop is easy to find, spacious, with parking for cars and motorbikes.