Boat race to celebrate Independence Day

QUANG BINH – 1,000 athletes participated in the traditional boat race to celebrate Independence Day in Le Thuy district, on the morning of September 2.

Today, the Le Thuy district organizes a traditional boat race on the Kien Giang River, after a two-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Activities to celebrate the 77th anniversary of the August Revolution and the National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Right from the start, the racing boats were fiercely competitive.

The tournament consists of two categories A and B for men with 24 teams and one for women with 9 participating teams. Men’s distance is 24 km and women’s distance is 18 km. The tournament has more than 1,000 athletes.

Kien Giang River is about 58 km long, is a river flowing through the middle of the Le Thuy district, through many communes and towns.

Before the final round took place, from mid-August, many communes organized practice and races between villages to select athletes.

The most anticipated content is the men’s rowing in Group A. Previously, the qualifying round was divided into two groups, with Group A consisting of the strongest teams.

The person who knocks in the middle is the most important person, responsible for controlling the fast and slow rhythm of the swimming boat. The sound of the mule made the boys swing their rowing in rhythm, pushing the boat to glide quickly. The muzzle is made of old bamboo, dried and then chiseled to empty the intestines, with a loud sound when knocked.

The person sitting at the nose at the front and the person at the helm at the back occupy the next important positions in turn. The person sitting at the bow helps the boat turn the fastest to take advantage, while the rower controls when going straight, avoiding collisions with other boats.

Swimmers are selected at the age of 30-40, which is the age with the best stamina and endurance to be able to follow the race lasting up to 24 km on the river.

The racing festival attracts thousands of people to watch and cheer. People wade into the wharf, using buckets and hats to scoop up river water and splash it on racing teams to cheer.

Along the two banks of the Kien Giang River are two roads with many wharves passing through many villages. Every day, Le Thuy people still use Kien Giang river water for bathing and daily life.

People in many communes gathered in Kien Giang town to watch the race, they rode motorbikes along the riverside road to cheer the home team on, carrying pots, aluminum trays, pots, gongs, speakers… to create atmosphere. for the home team.

Nowadays, boat racing festivals are more competitive. However, the boat racing through every commune received enthusiastic support, regardless of whether it was the boat of the home commune or not.

The traditional boat racing festival on the Kien Giang River is held annually, is a traditional cultural beauty that has been ingrained in the subconscious and blood of the people of Le Thuy. In 2019, the festival was included in the list of National Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Photo: Internet