Boat racing on the Perfume River attracts thousands of people

THUA THIEN – HUE Traditional boat race in Trieu Son Dong village, Huong Vinh ward, was held on the Huong River, attracting thousands of people and tourists to watch, on February 20.

From early morning, thousands of people and tourists flocked to the Huong River, passing through Trieu Son Dong village, Huong Vinh ward, Hue city, to watch the traditional boat race. The race aims to preserve and develop local cultural and sports values, as a premise for tourism development.

10 boat teams from communes and wards of Hue city, Huong Tra town, Huong Thuy town, Phu Loc district, Phu Vang district, Phong Dien district and Quang Dien district participated in the competition. The race creates a joyful and exciting atmosphere on the first day of the new year as well as celebrates the 577th anniversary of the taboo when he opened the village of Trieu Son Dong.

Competition boats are woven from bamboo, each boat has no more than 12 people. Each athlete can only compete for one team during the tournament.

Elders of Trieu Son Dong village and neighboring villages dressed in traditional ao dai watched the rowers compete.

After the village chief’s opening drum, 10 racing teams entered the competition. According to the rules, racing teams compete in 12 degrees (turns) of racing including one degree of Cuong men, 10 degrees of Tien men and one degree of Thai Binh. Cung and Thai Binh swam three laps, each lap about 800 m to reach the finish line. The money runs from 1 to 10 swim two laps, each lap is about 800 m long to the finish line.

Racing teams compete fiercely on the track to compete amid the cheers and cheers of residents and tourists.

People crowded on the shore to watch the racing teams compete.

The race took place in beautiful weather, attracting many people and tourists to watch the rowers compete.

The Perfume River area passing through Trieu Son Dong village is filled with dragon boats of people and tourists.

The traditional boat racing tournament in Trieu Son Dong village creates an exciting festival on the Perfume River.

At the end of the race, the Organizing Committee awarded the first prize to the Thanh Ha boat of Quang Thanh commune, the second prize to the Giap Trung boat of Huong Toan ward, and the third prize to the Tu Ha boat.

Photo,Video: Internet