Border people have “food and property” thanks to planting million-dollar trees

The life of people in the Quang Truc border commune in Dak Nong has changed more and more since macadamia trees are economically viable, and the poverty rate has decreased significantly.

Escape from poverty thanks to “million-dollar tree”

After many years of hard work, Mr. Dieu Toi’s family economy (M’nong ethnic group, in Bon Bu Prang 1, Quang Truc commune, Tuy Duc district, Dak Nong province) has become much better off.

In 2012, through the border village project, Mr. Dieu Toi’s family was supported with a solid house worth 40 million VND. In the same year, his family was supported with 1 hectare of production land, 350 macadamia seedlings and 2 cows from the sustainable poverty reduction program.

Having land, the whole family focused on doing business and developing the economy. Last season, with 2 tons of green coffee, one ton of fresh macadamia, after deducting expenses, Mr. Dieu Toi’s household earned over 70 million VND.

When the family economy developed in the change of village bon ( indigenous way of calling villages – PV ), Mr. Dieu Toi also enthusiastically supported people in the community.

Border people have food and property to plant billion-dollar trees - 1
Many ethnic minority households escaped poverty by growing macadamia (PT).

Mr. Dieu Toi shared: “Being attached to this land since our grandparents’ time, we feel the change of Quang Truc commune day by day. The State supports the compatriots to do business, step by step out of poverty. Now, my family no longer runs to eat every meal, the children in the family can go to school.”

Like Mr. Dieu Toi’s family, Mr. Dieu P’lao’s family (bon Bu Prang 1) previously had more than 10 on the list of local poor households. The family’s life changed only when he approached the macadamia tree.

Macadamia trees are inherently easygoing, and suitable for the soil and soil here, so they grow fast and healthy. After about 5 years of care, 200 macadamia trees of Mr. P’lao’s family have provided a stable income.

Border people have food and property to plant billion-dollar trees - 2
Fresh macadamia nuts are now bought at a high price, helping many families have “food and property” (Photo: Dang Duong).

Currently, each year, Mr. Dieu P’lao’s family collects nearly 2 tons of macadamia nuts. After expenses, Mr. Dieu P’lao earned about 140 million VND.

Mr. P’lao shared: “The macadamia tree has changed my family’s life. The macadamia tree is effective and easy to care for and sells for a good price. Now, in any house with many macadamia nuts, the house is rich. My family also got out of poverty last year.”

Build a house, buy a car thanks to macadamia

Nearly 10 years ago, the macadamia tree took root in the borderland of Quang Truc commune. After a period of “challenging”, Macadamia broke the monoculture in agricultural production of this locality.

Thanks to the macadamia tree, local workers have more livelihoods, and even many households have a well-off economy thanks to growing the “queen of nuts”.

Border people have food and money to plant billion-dollar trees - 3
Ms. Thu’s family currently has more than 400 macadamia trees for a stable income (Photo: Dang Duong).

Ms. Ngo Thi Hoai Thu (Tay ethnic group, bon Dak Hut, Quang Truc commune, Tuy Duc district) excitedly showed off her 150-square-meter house. This family property was built last year, partly thanks to income from the macadamia tree.

With more than 130 roots, every year Ms. Thu collects more than 2 tons of fresh macadamia nut. Currently, Ms. Thu’s family has expanded the area and has 300 more macadamia trees for divination.

“Fresh-harvested macadamia nuts are purchased by focal points with stable prices. Compared to other crops, macadamia nuts are easier to grow and less labor intensive, and the annual profit is also more stable than coffee or The selling price of fresh macadamia nuts is currently fluctuating around 90,000 VND/kg,” said Ms. Thu.

Border people have food and money to plant billion-dollar trees - 4
The face of Quang Truc border commune has changed a lot thanks to the macadamia tree (Photo: Dang Duong).

Mr. Nguyen Hai Ly, Chairman of Quang Truc Commune People’s Committee, said that after many years of planting and producing macadamia, the per capita income of Quang Truc commune next year is higher than the previous year. of the people improved.

“In order to help people develop the economy, stabilize political security, Quang Truc commune continues to implement approved investment projects and programs in ethnic minority areas, focusing on developing Macadamia trees have become the mainstay of the locality,” emphasized the Chairman of Quang Truc Commune People’s Committee.

On May 27, 2019, Quang Truc commune was recognized by the Prime Minister as a Safe zone commune and received a provincial-level relic ranking certificate. This is a locality with a large number of ethnic minorities residing, in which the local people are the M’nong people who account for the highest percentage.

Quang Truc commune also has a border, bordering Mondulkiri province, Kingdom of Cambodia.