Breakfast dishes in Da Lat are delicious and famous for gourmets

Enjoying a delicious breakfast in Da Lat is an experience that you will certainly hardly miss to get energy for a day of exploring the foggy city and experiencing the local culture. Breakfast dishes in Da Lat are very diverse and attractive and you will not be able to resist the attraction of these delicious dishes once you have had the opportunity to enjoy them.

Traveling to Da Lat, one of the interesting things that many believers spread about is discovering the cuisine of this country, in addition to the famous night dishes such as hot pot, buttercream, grilled rice paper … the dishes Breakfast in Da Lat will surely make you fall in love with the variety and attractive flavors. Coming to Da Lat but don’t know what to eat for breakfast, immediately update the list of super top dishes below. 

Breakfast in Da Lat

Da Lat has countless attractive breakfast dishes that fascinate travel enthusiasts. Photo: CARD

Discover the delicious breakfast dishes in Da Lat so you can eat and be addicted

1. Can cake 

Referring to the most attractive breakfast dishes in Da Lat , Banh can is a very familiar name, this can also be considered one of the specialties of this city. You can eat Banh can at many times of the day, but eating breakfast is the most appropriate. Banh Can Da Lat has many flavors from quail eggs, and chicken eggs to shrimp or meat… Each flavor has its own charm, when eaten with dipping sauce mixed with onion fat, fried onions, green mango, or with meat. Vietnamese meatball.

Can cake for breakfast in Da Lat

Can cake is a familiar breakfast dish of the Da Lat people. Photo: @hoangtram1606_

In the fresh air, enjoying the hot, crispy, fragrant Banh can is more than enough to start a great day. If you want to eat delicious Banh can, you can visit shops such as Banh Can Le at 44 Yersin, Banh Can shop at 14 Tang Bat Ho Street…

Breakfast in Da Lat

The filling of Banh can is quite varied. Photo:@bepahon.banhcandalat_

2. Wet cake with chicken heart 

If in other places, the wet cake will be used with grilled meat, but in Da Lat, people prefer wet cake with chicken heart. This breakfast dish in Da Lat is very familiar to the travel followers and is also a unique feature in the morning cuisine of this country. Da Lat chicken intestine wet cake is very attractive with soft, chewy cake mixed with onion fat, fried onion served with the marinated chicken intestine.

Breakfast in Da Lat

Wet cake with chicken hearts is a famous breakfast dish in Da Lat. Photo:@thanhdifood_

You can order a wet cake with young egg yolk to fully enjoy. The accompanying dipping sauce is often available to increase the spicy and warm taste in the typical cold weather of Da Lat. You can visit many chicken noodle shops in Da Lat to enjoy this breakfast dish such as wet cake with chicken intestines Trang number 15F Tang Bat Ho, the Long restaurant in alley 202, lot 16A Phan Dinh Phung, Hang shop 68 Phan Dinh Phung . 

Breakfast in Da Lat

The dish has a very attractive taste and is loved by many people. Photo:@jessi.foodlover_

3. Shumai bread 

Banh mi shumai is a famous breakfast dish in Da Lat because of its attractive taste. With only an amount of 12,000 VND, you can enjoy the famous delicious Da Lat shumai bread including crispy bread, firm, fragrant pork skin, and delicious rolls. The sauce of this dish is stewed with bones, so it is naturally sweet and fragrant, there is no point to criticize. Starting a new day with a loaf of Da Lat shumai bread, adding a glass of soy milk is the perfect combo. In Da Lat, there are many attractive noodle shops, the most famous one is the one located at 26 Hoang Dieu Street. 

Breakfast in Da Lat

Da Lat noodle soup is very famous. Photo:@anan_vlog98_

Breakfast in Da Lat

The tenderloin is firm, seasoned and seasoned. Photo:@ntuonglan_.

4. Quang Noodles 

Referring to Quang noodles, people will remember Da Nang and Hoi An, but even in Da Lat, this noodle dish has become very famous and has been modified to create a very Da Lat flavor. Breakfast with Quang noodles is also a very attractive option. Turmeric noodles, rich broth and filling, served with raw vegetables and rice paper create a great taste, especially Da Lat’s vegetables are delicious and famous. 

Breakfast in Da Lat

Quang noodles in Da Lat are characterized by golden thread and a very attractive filling. Photo:@imtrang007_

Quang noodle is one of the breakfast dishes in Da Lat that you must try to feel an extremely unique and attractive taste. Noodle shop at 24 Hoang Dieu street, the Quang noodle shop at 14 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai… are suggestions for you if you want to eat Quang noodles in Da Lat. 

Breakfast in Da Lat

This is a favorite dish of many tourists and Da Lat people. Photo:@hn6.fam_

5. Beef noodle soup 

Beef vermicelli is also one of the familiar breakfast dishes in Da Lat and this country also has no shortage of delicious noodle shops in the morning for you to enjoy while traveling. Da Lat beef vermicelli has very attractive ingredients, with large round and white vermicelli, large pork loin, lots of meat, blood, and rich broth. In Da Lat, people also use rice noodles with beef noodles to increase the flavor.

Breakfast in Da Lat

Beef noodle soup is also an attractive breakfast dish in Da Lat that visitors should try. Photo:@whatmaieats101_

The most prominent part is the accompanying vegetables, it is certainly difficult to find a place where the vegetables served with beef noodle soup are as fresh and delicious as Da Lat. You can enjoy this delicious breakfast in Da at Ngoc Anh noodle shop at 5 Phu Dong Thien Vuong, Hue Minh Lam beef noodle soup at 89B Nguyen Luong Bang street, Ward 2 or Thien Trang beef noodle shop in the local area. Index 2, Ho Tung Mau Street, Ward 10… 

Breakfast in Da Lat

Vegetables served with Dalat beef noodle soup are very rich. Photo:@1995thanhthanh_

In addition to the above suggestions, the breakfast dishes in Da Lat are also very diverse with dishes such as dumplings, Banh Chung, vermicelli … so you can feel free to try them according to your preferences. Enjoying Da Lat’s morning cuisine is definitely a wonderful and unforgettable experience on your trip, try all the delicious dishes above.

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