Bring your bags to visit Bo Lai Chau village to check in with unique water fountains 

Ban Bo Lai Chau commune is a beautiful destination in the Tam Duong district, famous for its terraced fields and unique water wheels located along the stream.

Where is Ban Bo on the map of Lai Chau?

Bo Lai Chau village is a mountainous commune located in the Southeast, Tam Duong district. In the commune, there are National Highway 32 passes by, convenient for tourists to come here to experience and explore. With an area of ​​7,638.94 hectares, Ban Bo is blessed with beautiful scenery, diverse terrain, suitable for tourism development. 

Where is Bo Lai Chau village?Ban Bo commune is located in Tam Duong district, Lai Chau province. Photo: @khanhvannguyen25

Today, Ban Bo is the residence of the Kinh, Thai, Mong, Giay, Dao… with diverse indigenous culture, attracting many tourists to visit. The journey to Ban Bo is a beautiful and memorable trip, where you can both enjoy the scenery of heaven and earth, and expand your understanding of new indigenous cultural imprints.

Where is Bo Lai Chau village?Ban Bo commune has beautiful natural scenery. Photo: @buiduclong76

This highland commune in Tam Duong district has low mountainous terrain, about 500-800 meters above sea level. The climate is cool all year round, only from 24-26 degrees Celsius. So when traveling to Ban Bo commune, Visitors can fully enjoy the peace and comfort of this land, especially in spring and summer.

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Beautiful scenery in Bo Lai Chau village

Visiting Ban Bo Lai Chau, visitors will be greeted by a picture of green and majestic nature. There seems to be something both new and familiar at the same time. It will be new when you have never traveled to the northern mountainous provinces. And there will be something familiar when you have been to Lao Cai, Ha Giang, Yen Bai, Son La, etc. Because this highland commune bears the imprint of Northwest villages .

What's so beautiful about Bo Lai Chau village?This mountainous commune has fresh nature and peaceful scenery. Photo: @dtv0205

Wandering through the roads throughout the commune, visitors will be able to see more fully the scenery of Lai Chau’s heaven and earth. Those are the mountains in the distance winding, covered with a thin mist. It is the image of terraced fields running along the foothills, the mountainside is peaceful and rustic.

What's so beautiful about Bo Lai Chau village?The road to Ban Bo is winding and winding. Photo: @szymoszymo

Somewhere there are also the rustic stilt houses of the ethnic minorities here. People’s houses often gather at the foot of the hill, mixed with green gardens, surrounded by rice fields, and a fresh stream flowing across. In Ban Bo, it seems that peace is a small gift for all tourists who stop to visit. 

What's so beautiful about Bo Lai Chau village?The picture of Ban Bo is green and one color. Photo: @buiduclong76

About Bo Lai Chau, in addition to breathing in the fresh air, admiring the beautiful scenery of terraced fields or wandering around the villages, visitors must definitely visit Con Nuoc Na Khuong minced by the gentle and beautiful Nam Mu stream. pretty. There are up to 35 water fountains (water wheels) built by Thai people to get water from the stream, serving irrigation and daily life. 

What's so beautiful about Bo Lai Chau village?Miss Khanh Van checked in with local Thai people. Photo: @khanhvannguyen25

Initially, these Ban Bo waterwheels were simply a model for carrying water to the fields or home. But thanks to the large number and unique shape next to the stream, the water fountains in Na Khuong village quickly become the check-in coordinates that tourists fall in love with when they have the opportunity to return to Ban Bo commune.

What's so beautiful about Bo Lai Chau village?In Ban Bo commune, there are many unique fountains. Photo: @mimi_oliver88

These water reels are shaped like a “super-giant giant” wheel, when spinning, they will emit a very beautiful and impressive sound of the flute. Thanks to being made of natural materials such as wood, rattan, bamboo, etc., these waterwheels have a very simple, rustic beauty, bold in the Northwest mountains and forests. 

What's so beautiful about Bo Lai Chau village?Ban Bo terraced fields in the pouring season. Photo: @dailabili

For the people in the commune, the Na Khuong fountains are not only an irrigation project but also a unique cultural symbol, a part of the mountainous wet rice civilization, expressing the creativity of the people. farmers. Coming here, just being able to stand in and take a picture with these water fountains will give you a beautiful memory when traveling to Lai Chau . 

What's so beautiful about Bo Lai Chau village?Ban Bo is as beautiful as other Northwest villages. Photo: @nuwatphoto

In addition to the great experiences mentioned above, visitors to Ban Bo, if they stay 1-2 days, are also treated by local people with delicious dishes of Tam Duong district. Here, there are grilled stream fish, grilled rock moss, coriander salad, purple sticky rice, suckling pig, … delicious and attractive, satisfying the culinary discovery needs of visitors. 

Experience exploring Ban Bo Lai Chau

Ban Bo commune is one of the beautiful destinations in Lai Chau with many interesting tourist activities. Today, the commune government also supports the villagers to develop community-based tourism. Coming to the village, you can choose to stay at homestays in the village, and experience an interesting life with the locals. 

Experience going to Ban Bo Lai ChauRomantic sunset in Ban Bo. Photo: @mr.actorluc

In Na Khuong village, visitors can rent Thai costumes to take virtual pictures with the waterwheels, and feel a different beauty when wearing traditional costumes of indigenous people. Of course, do not forget to bring a lot of beautiful clothes to check in with the impressive natural scenery of Tam Duong and Lai Chau. 

Experience going to Ban Bo Lai ChauToday, Ban Bo has many homestays for tourism. Photo: @coffeefoodhaven

Today, Ban Bo commune is no stranger to many tourists, becoming a key destination of Tam Duong district. This mountainous commune is beautiful in all four seasons, in which autumn is the most poetic. Therefore, you should plan carefully to be able to visit this place on the most beautiful days. 

Experience going to Ban Bo Lai ChauTraveling to Lai Chau, you should not miss the beautiful Ban Bo. Photo: @khanhvannguyen25

Ban Bo Lai Chau is one of the beautiful lands that you should visit if you have the opportunity. Coming here, visitors not only can enjoy the scenery or take pictures, here, you can learn more about the culture of the local people, eat delicious dishes and expand the worldview about the lives of the locals. Northwest people.

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