Bun Chia- a delicious dish with the sound of Ban Me mountains and forests

DAK LAK Be compared with Hue beef noodle soup, which has the same characteristics in the way of bone broth and broth, but the bun key still has its own unmistakable character.

In addition to the plantations, high mountains and waterfalls, Buon Ma Thuot also holds a special “treasure” that attracts many tourists, which is vermicelli, a rustic specialty.

As a typical delicacy of the red basalt land, vermicelli is often mistaken for a dish similar to Hue beef noodle soup because both use a sweet-biased broth, which is stewed from the bones of pork and beef. This is completely wrong because despite having the same characteristics in the way the bones are boiled to get the broth, vermicelli still has its own unmistakable features.

The highlight of vermicelli is the giant pork leg.  Photo: Khanh Ly
The highlight of vermicelli is the giant pork leg. Photo: Khanh Ly

Buon Ma Thuot has breathed the soul into the bowl of vermicelli with an abundance, openness and abundance. Diners, whether enjoying it for the first time or getting used to bun key, are a bit surprised when the bowl of vermicelli is placed in front of them. On each bowl was a big pork leg, about the size of an adult’s hand, so hard to see the vermicelli underneath. The bowl of vermicelli is not “full of sticky rice with meat”, but only highlights a single ingredient – that is a stocky, round, fragrant pork leg.

This pork leg is not the same type as the sliced ​​Thai pieces in Hue beef vermicelli , but “spring roll”. “Keys” are not only special in size, but also in small numbers. This is the special meat that is removed from the front corn of the pig, so each pig will have only two keys. Thanks to the meticulous cooking by the cook, and the correct cooking time, the spring rolls become a delicious rustic dish, eaten daily by the people of the mountain town of Buon Me.

If the giant sausage fills the eyes of the diners as soon as they see it, in the next seconds, the attraction is the thick broth of the bone broth, a little bit of cashew oil just enough to make the dish extra. eye-catching and wondrous part. Eaten with vermicelli is a plate of raw vegetables of all kinds, to reduce the feeling of fat.

It’s still meat and bone broth, but if you compare this broth to the broth of Hue beef noodle soup, it’s unfair. If Hue beef vermicelli is added with typical fish sauce, vermicelli with less fish sauce and not as strong as it is sweet and loving. This broth is pure and milder, but the sweetness of bone broth is still lingering in the taste buds of diners.

Bun key is often compared to the taste of Bun Bo Hue but has its own unique feature.  Photo: TuanDao
Bun key is often compared to the taste of Bun Bo Hue but has its own unique feature. Photo: TuanDao

The bowl of vermicelli is just enough to eat without getting bored. The spring rolls must be enjoyed while still hot. The meat has been simmered soft, soaked in the flavor of the broth, each delicious piece of lean meat is not dry or residue, sometimes with a little bit of tough and crispy veins. There are few dishes that can depict the city that gave birth to it as completely and deeply as vermicelli. In a bowl of vermicelli, the traveler finds the prosperous town, also finds the deep green mountains, throbbing in the passionate scent, and also finds the idyllic calm in the sweet aftertaste. The identity of a highland city is evident in this simple yet profound specialty.

When coming to Buon Ma, do not forget that in the mountain town there is a “treasure” waiting for you to discover. A bowl of vermicelli is rustic, but it is sure to enrich the experience and emotions of all travelers from afar.

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