Camping in Chu Nam to see the heaven of clouds at an altitude of 1,472m

Chu Nam Gia Lai Peak is an attractive stopover destination for those who are passionate about trekking, exploring nature, and camping in Chu Nam, which is one of the most popular experiences in recent times. 

In addition to Chu Dang Ya, Chu Nam mountain is also one of the famous mountains in Gia Lai , this is a favorite trekking and picnic destination for many followers because of the beautiful natural scenery and the journey to conquer. Challenging. Temporarily leave the bustling city and camp in Chu Nam and enjoy the wonderful nature, enjoy the sun, the wind, and the beauty of the mountains and hills, the deep green plains like a picture that is both calm and soothing. is a fascinating experience for your trip in Gia Lai highland.

Camping in Chu NamCamping in Chu Nam and enjoying the wonderful nature is a must-try experience when coming to Gia Lai. Photo:@ngocdiepstagram

The ideal time to camp in Chu Nam 

Chu Nam has always been a familiar destination for many backpackers in Gia Lai, each season of the year this mountain has its own look, so except for the rainy season, you can start at any time of the year. journey of discovery and camping in Chu Nam to enjoy the beautiful nature. 

One of the most ideal times to hunt clouds in Chu Nam is from November to March, at this time the weather in Gia Lai is cool, with little rain, so it is convenient to check-in to explore. From November to December, going to the mountain, you will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful scenery of wild sunflowers blooming, January to March is spring in Gia Lai, the time when the trees bloom immense green and The wonderful sea of ​​clouds is also waiting for you to stop and enjoy.

Camping in Chu Nam is the best timeThe best time to camp in Chu Nam is from November to March. Photo: phuotvivu

Travel experience in Chu Nam 

To camp in Chu Nam you will first need to go through a long and relatively challenging trekking journey. Chu Nam peak is one of the highest mountains of the year in the west of Gia Lai, in Chu Dang Ya commune, Chu Pah district, 30 km from Pleiku center. 

From the homestay area under the mountain, you will need to travel another 1km to reach the foot of the mountain and start your discovery journey. This Chu Nam mountain trekking route is very familiar, so the marked path is easy to find. However, the journey to the mountain to camp in Chu Nam will not be so easy. It will take you about 4 to 5 hours to overcome steep slopes, thorns, reeds, precarious cliffs, the higher you go, the more clearly you will feel the cold of the highland and the landscape also begins to change. with beautiful green spaces. 

Trekking and camping route in Chu NamThe road to Chu Nam is relatively difficult but also a lot of experience. Photo: @younglife_rc_

Great experiences not to be missed when camping in Chu Nam 

Enjoy the nature of Chu Nam mountain 

Camping in Chu Nam, you will enjoy a wonderful nature in sight, this is also the reason why many people decide to conquer this mountain even though the journey is not easy. You will see the dark green ancient forests, watch the Ia Ly hydroelectric lake in the distance, Chu Dang Ya in front of you is like a small basin compared to Chu Nam with the green areas of the fields. In the season, the stilt house of the Ia Gri people is nestled on the side of the small roads or the mist rises from the top of the mountain next to it, the dark green Kon Ka Kinh range is hidden in the silver clouds.

Sightseeing while camping in Chu NamThe natural scenery seen from Chu Nam will surprise you. Photo: @anhdao.phan

From the top of the mountain, you can also zoom in to fully admire the deep green plains at the foot of the mountain as beautiful as a picture, the Ngo Son fields are glossy and green, and Pleiku are just dots. small, the lake is far away. The natural scenery makes anyone who has the opportunity to see it will also be sobbing, the clouds and mountains seem to merge into one, making you feel the unique nature of the vast land, the majestic natural scenery is captivating. you won’t want to leave. 

Sightseeing while camping in Chu NamBeautiful mountain sunset. Photo: Phuotvivu

Cloud hunting 

Someone once said, the journey of trekking and camping in Chu Nam is a journey of walking together because from the top of this mountain you can admire the scenery of the clouds eager to roam on the high mountain. 

 Chu Nam is a great hunting ground for clouds, so when camping here, you will not miss the moment when the clouds come down with each drop of lithium water and the characteristic cold brings a feeling of refreshment.

Cloud hunting while camping in Chu NamIn Chu Nam you can touch the clouds. Photo: review Gia Lai

The clouds in Chu Nam are very thick, there are times when you will hardly be able to see each other even at a close distance, from the top of Chu Nam there are moments when you can reach out to touch the clouds or watch the clouds floating right below. foot. The best time to camp in Chu Nam and watch the clouds is at the end of the year, at this time the sky is hot and sunny, there is no rain, white foam clouds hover in the ravine, forming clusters of strolls. playing everywhere will create a scene full of excitement. 

Sightseeing while camping in Chu NamThe sea of ​​clouds is so beautiful.

Campfire & BBQ party 

Camp in Chu Nam and enjoy the quiet highland nights, where only the sounds of the mountains and the wind are heard. Under the starry sky, you can join your bfe, sip hot coffee, enjoy delicious BBQ parties by the flickering fire, listen to stories about the legendary plateau or have moments Focus your eyes on the city where there are tiny dots of light, like starlight in the distance. The quiet plateau night is also the time when you can clearly feel the feeling of freedom, innocence and clarity. 

Cloud hunting while camping in Chu NamCamp nights in the middle of the plateau are always a great time to save anyone. Photo: Gia Lai Home

bbq while camping in Chu NamBBQ party is a favorite thing for many people when camping on Chu Nam mountain. Photo: Review Gia Lai.

Camping experience in Chu Nam you should know 

Camping in Chu Nam will be a great experience with your Gia Lai discovery journey. If you are just joining for the first time, you should also update useful experiences to have the most perfect vi vu. 

When exploring Chu Nam, people will often organize in groups and if you do not have the best experience, choose reputable travel agencies to have a safe trip. Clothing should be lightweight, easy to sweat and exercise, climbing shoes will help you be more comfortable during the move. Should bring drinking water to use when needed, can use a thermos to carry ice for refreshments when needed. 

The road to Chu Nam mountain is winding, many slopes are easy to slip, so you should pay attention to moving in groups, do not arbitrarily separate us because you may lose your way or be in danger. The weather in the Central Highlands is usually relatively hot during the day, but the nights and mornings are very cold, especially in the last season of the year, the temperature can be very low, so prepare warm clothes. 

experience when camping in Chu NamChu Nam has many wonderful things waiting to be discovered, come and experience. Photo: llalalinhh_.

The space on the mountain is still wild and fresh, so when camping in Chu Nam, you should like to preserve the landscape, do not litter indiscriminately or break trees to pick flowers, and just keep the beautiful moments. enough for a meaningful journey. 

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