Camping in the middle of Quang Binh forest

Blue Diamond Camp is covered with blue color, there are many experiences that make visitors like exploring Son Doong cave.

Blue Diamond Camp is located in the middle of a rubber forest over 5 hectares wide, next to a clear green stream in Xuan Trach commune, Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province, close to Phong Nha cave and Phong Nha – Ke Bang national park. . The entrance is the vast cassava (cassava) fields.

Ms. Kim Dung and a group of more than 10 people from Hanoi, have just experienced two days here. The campsite is designed quite special, unlike ordinary campsites, taking advantage of the natural landscape, but not building, most of the use of assembled items, using solar energy, is environmentally friendly. school…

“The land of Quang Binh is always great. Kayaking on streams, clear water to see the bottom, peaceful and quiet surroundings, hearing hot birds, blowing wind… reminds me of movies ‘ All rivers flow.’ In the late afternoon sunlight, I felt like I forgot everything, really relaxed. Kayaking out to the Vuc Tro lake area and then jumping in and swimming in the cool water, was a wonderful feeling. It’s really chill”, Ms. Dung said.

Blue Diamond Camp has many activities to keep you busy all day. One of those experiences is riding a wind-powered boat on the stream.

Here, you can also kayak or SUP, swim in the stream, relax in the treehouse area or walk on the overhead suspension bridges connecting the tents together.

What impressed Ms. Dung at this campsite were the experiences that helped her imagine a trip to Son Doong that she did not have the conditions for in terms of health and money to participate.

“I used to camp in Da Lat, but on the right day, the weather was bad and it was raining, so it was a bit miserable. The weather was beautiful, and the photos were beautiful, but after experiencing it, I found it quite inconvenient. I found that here both problems with sunlight can be solved. It’s hot and rainy, no need to worry about finding shelter. The toilet is also quite convenient, clean and modern. The only thing is the water is a bit cold,” shared Ms. Dung.

The whole area has 9 campsites, named after flowers. Each area has a sheltered campground, protected from rain and sun, and a comfortable toilet area.

Guests can camp in a sheltered place or in the open ground, your choice. The climate in Quang Binh is hot and sunny, with Laotian wind, but thanks to the cooling system with insulated pipes connecting underground to the tent locations, cool air is blown from the cellar below to each tent, so at night not get hot.

The cold water cellars have a depth of 2-3 m, clean water is pumped into the cellar, then roofed and insulated to avoid absorbing heat from the outside. When the water is deep underground, the temperature will always remain at the same level as the temperature inside a natural cave, like the Son Doong cave.

In addition, Ms. Dung was also surprised by the underground swimming pool that simulates the underground river system inside the cave such as in Tu Lan, En cave or Son Doong cave… “When I first saw the pool, I was a bit scared because I felt feeling very attractive, but imagining that I am in Son Doong cave, I suddenly feel particularly inspired. The swimming pool also has 3 openings to catch the sunlight, just like from a giant sinkhole inside the cave”, Ms. Dung said. good.

Visitors can choose to experience the day or overnight. If camping overnight, there will be more activities such as BBQ dinner or group activities.

“At night at the campground the atmosphere is great, it’s not as sunny as the day, the wind is cool, sitting outside, enjoying the barbecue, local dishes, drinking the campsite’s own craft beer…really… It’s an unforgettable experience,” added Ms. Dung.

Food at the campsite in the evening. If you only experience it during the day, you will not be able to enjoy a special dinner like this.

The overhead suspension bridge connects the tents. The bridge has a total length of 770 m, and is designed about 1 m above the ground to avoid stepping on the vegetation in the forest and avoid contact with mud when it rains, the bridge deck is thick wooden panels, firmly connected. together.

Waking up in the morning, fresh air, jogging, and eating breakfast in the middle of the forest is interesting.

What Dung is a bit regretful is that she has little time here. Her schedule goes from Hanoi 2 days and 1 night by sleeper car. She thinks that should combine other leisure activities and rest in Quang Binh, so you will not be tired. If you do not take a sleeper car from Hanoi, you can fly by Bamboo Airways or Vietnam Airlines, with both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City routes to Quang Binh. In addition, Pacific Airlines will also open a route from Hanoi to Quang Binh in the near future.

Photo: Kim Dung, Hang Minh

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