Cape Tau Be Con Dao – coordinates to watch the beautiful sunrise and sunset fascinate people

Tau Be Cape is considered the place to admire the most beautiful sunrise and sunset in Con Dao . If you are planning to explore Mui Tau Be Con Dao, but still do not know how to travel and have fun with the most interesting things, then let’s “pocket” the following article.

Locating the coordinates of Cape Tau Be Con Dao

Tau Be Cape is located on Co Ong Street, the part extending from the center of Con Dao town to Co Ong airport. It is about 7km east of Con Dao town center. Cape Tau Be Con Dao has long size, creating vertical rocks arranged in an arc and embracing the beautiful beach. Discovering Tau Be Cape, visitors will be able to admire the road cut between the mountains and the beautiful blue beach. 

You can travel to Mui Tau Be at any time of the year. Ideally, from March to September, although it is the rainy season, it usually does not last long enough for fun activities. Especially, if you travel to Con Dao at this time, you can also see turtles laying eggs. In addition, you can also go to Mui Tau Be from October to February next year, but you should avoid Con Son waters because of storms.

Cape Tau Be Con Dao - where?Tau Be Cape is an attractive destination for tourists in Con Dao

How to get to Cape Tau Be Con Dao?

Experience going to Mui Tau Be Con Dao , to get to this place you first need to take a boat or plane to get to Con Dao. If you take a plane, you can depart from Hanoi/Can Tho/Saigon to Con Dao. Or take a ship from Vung Tau or Tran De port (Soc Trang) to Con Dao. Depending on your preferences and starting point, you should choose for yourself the appropriate type of vehicle. 

Tau Be Cape is about 6.8km from the center of Con Dao town. Therefore, you can easily move to this place by motorbike taxi or motorbike via Co Ong Street, about 12 minutes. If you take a plane to Co Ong airport, the most convenient way is to travel by taxi with the price fluctuating around 70,000 VND/time. 

Cape Tau Be Con Dao - how to get thereHow to get to Tau Be Cape?

Tau Be Cape – coordinates for the most beautiful sunrise in Con Dao 

The reason it is called Mui Tau Be is that it is surrounded by long and upright stones that create an arc like the bow of a ship. So , what is there in Con Dao Be Island Cape? The first thing that impresses visitors when discovering this place is the steep cliffs embracing the clear blue sea. Mui Tau Be is characterized by topography of craggy cliffs and wild trees that create a beautiful picture for virtual living.

Cape Tau Be Con Dao - beautiful sceneryBeautiful natural scenery at Mui Tau Be

The highlight of Tau Be Cape is the “open-air” swimming pool, nestled between majestic mountains, you feel like you are lost in the middle of Europe. The water here is very clear, blue and cool, ideal for relaxing on hot days. The surrounding cliffs form a small swimming pool that attracts visitors to cool off and check in. 

Cape Tau Be Con Dao - virtual lifeBeautiful virtual living paradise in Mui Tau Be. Photo: taucaotoc

Mui Be Con Dao - check-inEnjoy the beautiful virtual life at Mui Tau Be. Photo: 24h

Mui Tau Be Con Dao is also known as the place to watch the most beautiful sunrise and sunset in Con Dao. To catch the most romantic sunrise moments, you should arrive at Cape Tau Be before 4:45pm. Choose for yourself a suitable location to admire the sunrise and do not forget to keep pictures as a souvenir. 

Cape Tau Be Con Dao - swimming poolThe “open-air” swimming pool in Mui Tau Be is a great place to cool off, check-in is super nice

In particular, from Tau Be Cape, visitors will admire the sunrise behind the beautiful Bay Canh island. It is an image of pink streaks that stand out against the blue sky and reflect on the water like a giant mirror. Immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery here and enjoy the fresh air dispelling all the fatigue of daily life.

Cape Tau Be Con Dao - sunsetTau Be Cape – coordinates for the most beautiful sunrise in Con Dao 

Cape Tau Be Con Dao - famous destination in Con DaoRelax and enjoy the scenery at Mui Tau Be. Photo: 24h

Popular places to visit near Cape Tau Be Con Dao

You can also combine visiting some famous places near Tau Be Cape such as: 

– Chim Chim Cape: Known as the most scenic place in Con Dao, attracting tourists with its bird-like shape. Chim Chim is a super hot virtual check-in place in Con Dao, with stacked rocks. Along with the clear blue lake at the bottom of the Chim Chim cape, it creates beautiful scenery.

Cape Con Dao Be - Cape Chim ChimCombine to go to Chim Chim Cape near Tau Be Cape. Photo: taucaotoc

Dam Trau Beach: Dubbed as a green oasis in the beautiful sea and sky of Con Dao. Discovering Dam Trau beach , visitors will be immersed in the cool water here to relax. You can go along Dam Trau beach to admire the scenery and choose for yourself super quality virtual living corners. 

– Bai Dat Doc: Is one of the four most beautiful beaches in Con Dao, with fine white sand, and crystal clear blue water. Discovering Dat Doc beach, you can organize fun activities, camp on the beach, watch the romantic sunset and cool off.

Cape Tau Be Con Dao - Bai Dat DocCheck-in Dat Doc beach. Photo: dulichvietnam

Notes when going to Mui Tau Be Con Dao

Visiting Con Dao Cape, you should also know some necessary notes below:

– Should arrange time to be able to admire the most beautiful sunrise at Cape Tau Be at 4:45pm. 

– The terrain in Mui Tau Be is quite dangerous, so you should be careful when moving to take pictures. 

– Bring bathing suits, and swimwear to relax in the “open-air” swimming pool at Mui Tau Be. 

– About the place to rest, you can move to the center of Con Dao town, there are many motels and hotels with different prices. You can refer to some quality hotels near Tau Be Cape such as: Anh Dao Hotel, Thien Tan Hotel, Thanh Xuan Guesthouse

– Eating when coming to Mui Tau Be, there are many delicious dishes of Con Dao specialties you can enjoy such as: snail breast, red grouper, fire lobster, lobster with ni hat,… About the address of the restaurant You can move to the center of Con Dao town. 

Hopefully, the above experiences of discovering Cape Tau Be Con Dao will help you have the most complete fun. In addition, you can “pocket” a super detailed Con Dao travel experience to get more useful information.

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