Catch the earliest dawn in Vietnam at Khanh Hoa Doi Cape

Khanh Hoa Doi Cape is one of the two easternmost points on the mainland in Vietnam. Coming here, visitors will have many interesting sunny and windy picnic experiences. Let’s explore this camping spot with Vinlove to see if there is anything attractive!

Where is Khanh Hoa Doi Cape?

Khanh Hoa Doi Cape , also known as Ba Dau Cape, is located on Hon Gom Peninsula, in Van Phong Bay, Van Thanh Commune, Van Ninh District, Khanh Hoa Town. Here, there are 2 large rocks reaching out to the sea, facing the East, so the local people give it the name Mui Doi. For those who are passionate about backpacking and trekking, Mui Doi is a certain point to conquer once in a lifetime. Where is Khanh Hoa Double Cape?Khanh Hoa Doi Cape (Photo: laduyen.1001)Where is Khanh Hoa Double Cape?(Photo: rosieeeeele)

The ideal time to visit Khanh Hoa Doi Cape 

Khanh Hoa Doi Cape every season has its own beauty, but according to Khanh Hoa travel experience , the most beautiful time is probably between January and June every year. At that time, the weather here was very pleasant, there was little rain, so it was very suitable for backpacking, camping or trekking. The ideal time to visit Khanh Hoa Double Cape You should go to Mui Doi between January and June (Photo: muy.muy.xiii)

Moving to Khanh Hoa Doi Cape

First, to get to Khanh Hoa Doi Cape , you need to move to Dam Mon. If starting from Nha Trang station, the distance to Dam Mon is about 135km.

From Dam Mon, you continue to move to Khanh Hoa Doi Cape by boat or on foot. However, visitors should walk because there are many sections with sharp reefs that can crack the boat. Therefore, few people accept passengers by boat. Moreover, the cost of sailing is also very expensive, about 1 million – 2 million / trip. Moving to Khanh Hoa Double Cape(Photo: anhle.official)

Unique experiences in Khanh Hoa Doi Cape 

As the easternmost point on the mainland, as well as the earliest sunrise point in Vietnam, Khanh Hoa Doi Cape will entertain visitors with many fascinating experiences. 

Trekking from Dam Mon to Mui Doi

The trekking distance from Dam Mon to Mui Doi is about 8km long. You will have to go through many challenges such as crossing the forest, wading streams, crossing immense sand slopes and wriggling through narrow roads. Although the journey is relatively hard and difficult, it is an opportunity for you to exercise and discover your limits. Along the way, there is a harbor for visitors to rest and drink water. It is famous for its very sweet coconut water. Don’t hesitate to order some fruit to enjoy!Unique experiences in Khanh Hoa Double Cape Crossing the sand slopes (Photo: tienngo.fairy)

Welcome dawn

Coming to Khanh Hoa’s Doi Cape without catching the sunrise is a pity. There is nothing happier than sitting on a cliff, listening to the melodious melody of the sea and waiting to catch the first warm rays of the day. Unique experiences in Khanh Hoa Double Cape Welcoming the earliest dawn in Vietnam (Photo: thaithao25192)

Camping on the sea 

In Khanh Hoa’s Doi Cape , there are almost no shops or restaurants. So if you travel here, find a coordinate near a certain cave to camp overnight. You should prepare campfire equipment, food, … to organize a BBQ party right by the sea. Surely this is a very interesting experience that brings a peaceful and relaxing aftertaste that visitors can hardly find in daily life. Unique experiences in Khanh Hoa Double Cape Camping on the sea

Go to the beach

Coming to Khanh Hoa Doi Cape , you can stop and bathe at Bai Na. There’s nothing better than soaking in the cool water after a hard trekking journey. Remember to bring your swimsuit and some essentials!Unique experiences in Khanh Hoa Double Cape (Photo:

What to eat in Khanh Hoa Doi Cape? 

Khanh Hoa Doi Cape is still making a pretty wild tourist spot, so it is difficult to find restaurants and eateries. Therefore, on the way here, you should stop at Dam Mon, stop at roadside restaurants and temporarily eat some dishes as well as prepare food in advance to recharge when you arrive at Mui Doi. 

In Dam Mon, you can choose dishes made from seafood or you can order rice at the guide’s house. The prices here are quite reasonable, so don’t worry too much about filling your stomach!What to eat in Khanh Hoa Double Cape? You should recharge from Dam Mon

Note when coming to Khanh Hoa Doi Cape 

  • It’s a bit of a tough, physically exhausting journey, so you need to prepare well. This will help the journey to encounter less obstacles on the way to conquer the East Pole. Some items that you should bring are as follows: 
  • Tent, knife, sleeping bag, lighter, flashlight (if you’re camping overnight)
  • Food (if going back during the day, not staying camping, just bring enough food for lunch, eat on the road. If camping overnight, you have to prepare more)
  • Drinking water is an item you cannot forget when coming to Khanh Hoa Doi Cape . Trekking in hot weather will cause the body to quickly lose water.
  • Sports shoes, sunscreen, mask, long pants, wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen. 
  • Basic medical equipment and drugs. Remember to bring more mosquito spray, insect repellent. 
  • Swimwear, swimming goggles,… 

Note when coming to Khanh Hoa Double Cape (Photo: tienngo.fairy)

When you reach Khanh Hoa Doi Cape , you will receive the fruits of your trip with wonderful natural scenery. In front of the eyes is the sea and sky, behind are the mountains and forests, and the freshness of the atmosphere makes everyone feel very refreshed. If you are ready, be fully equipped and come to this attractive Khanh Hoa tourist destination right away!

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