Catch the trend of quality virtual living in Hung Phu urban area, Ben Tre

Not only famous for its orchards, Long Lan Quy Phung quadrangle, Lan Vuong tourist area, … Coconut land also owns many modern works that attract young people to check-in, but especially the urban area. Hung Phu town, Ben Tre.

Ben Tre is a delta province at the end of the Mekong River with a special geographical position: to the east, it borders the East Sea, the west and southwest border Vinh Long, the north borders Tien Giang, and the south borders Tra Vinh.

When it comes to this land, everyone thinks of fruit-laden orchards, famous eco-tourism areas such as Lan Vuong, Phu An Khang, Ha Thao, etc. However, recently Ben Tre has many more areas. urban and modern construction, becoming a favorite destination of locals as well as tourists, especially young people who like to take pictures. Hung Phu Ben Tre urban area is one of the famous check-in addresses recently.

If you are on a trip to the West and are right near this peaceful land, remember to take the time to immediately visit this emerging tourist destination and take many beautiful photos for yourself.Ben Tre, famous hometown - in Hung Phu urban area, Ben TreBen Tre, famous hometown of coconut. Photo: Mekong Smile

Directions to Hung Phu urban area, Ben Tre

The distance from Saigon to Ben Tre is not too far, only about 80km. If you go by car or motorbike, it will take about 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours. To get to this Western city center, you can choose one of the two routes below:

The first route, recommended to go by motorbike

Start from the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City and then go straight to the Binh Chanh section. When you reach the overpass at the Binh Thuan intersection, turn in the direction of National Highway 1. Then go straight for about 16km through My Yen, to the section of Vinh Loc and Ben Luc bridge. At this point, you have come to the territory of Long An province. Continue to move another 14km and go straight through Tan An bridge, you will reach Tan An city.Modern construction - in Hung Phu urban area, Ben TreThe modern building attracts young people to check in. Photo: dulichmientay

The rest of the road is quite easy to go because just goes straight along the National Highway to the territory of Tien Giang province. From this point, move another 16km to reach My Tho city. Continuing to ride a motorbike in the direction of National Highway 60, you will pass Rach Mieu Bridge connecting the two provinces of Tien Giang and Ben Tre. Then run another 13 km and you have reached Ben Tre city, Ben Tre province.Hung Phu New Town - in Hung Phu urban area, Ben TreHung Phu urban area is also known as Hung Phu New Town Photo: vntrip

Second route, suggested to go by car

This route also goes from the inner city of Ho Chi Minh to the Binh Chanh district. But instead of turning into the national highway, you go to the overpass at the Binh Thuan intersection and then turn into the Ho Chi Minh City – Trung Luong highway. From here, you go about 50 km, then remember to turn onto Highway 1A. Coming to this location, it only takes a short walk to reach My Tho city, Tien Giang province. From this point, visitors move similarly to the first route. If you travel to Ben Tre in particular and the western provinces in general, you should take the second route via the highway because this way shortens the travel time and is also closer than the first route.The project owns a golden position - in Hung Phu urban area, Ben TreThe project owns a golden position – frontage in the inner city area. Photo: Viet Fun travel

A note for visitors is that no matter which route you choose, you need to be careful when driving because the road is easy to run, but the volume of traffic is quite crowded, there are some parts with dust and potholes.

When you reach the territory of Ben Tre city, you go to Nguyen Thi Dinh Street, Phu Tan Ward, City. In Ben Tre, you will immediately find Hung Phu urban area – a project with a golden position – frontage in the inner city.

Address: Hung Phu urban area, Ben Tre, Nguyen Thi Dinh, Phu Tan Ward, City. Ben Tre.Epic urban area - in Hung Phu urban area, Ben TreThe majestic urban area of ​​Ben Tre. Photo: check in Ben Tre

What’s attractive about Hung Phu urban area?

Located right on Nguyen Thi Dinh street, Hung Phu Ben Tre modern urban area is a row of comfortable street-front houses adjacent to high-class villas next to a shopping center and a chain of restaurants and luxury hotels… creating a distinct and attractive beauty for this emerging Ben Tre tourist destination. At the same time, this area also has the appearance of two 11-storey Inter-Department Administration buildings creating modern architecture and grandeur for the urban area.Street houses - in Hung Phu urban area, Ben TreA row of comfortable street-side houses next to high-class villas Photo: Western tourism

Most of the apartments here exude luxury, designed in a European style that is both traditional and creative by making full use of open spaces. With a good view and modern decoration, while keeping such an ancient cultural background, it is not difficult to understand when you just stand here and you will have beautiful virtual live photos right away.

Hung Phu urban area is also known as Hung Phu New Town, which not only creates a completely new look for Ben Tre city but also helps to extend tourist attractions, take extremely good check-in photos here, inside and out. next to Garden Rose cafe, Long – Lan – Qui – Phung islet, Cai Mon fruit garden , Cho Lach flower village…Green space - in Hung Phu urban area, Ben TreThe green space is 7,000 square meters wide. Photo: thamhiemmekong

You can travel to Ben Tre and visit Hung Phu Ben Tre’s urban area at any time of the year because this place will be suitable for different types of lighting or photography concepts. Like other modern urban areas in the city. Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Hung Phu have been built a synchronous traffic system with large paved roads with synchronized electricity and water systems, street lights on both sides of the road pavement have been built.Many miniatures - in Hung Phu urban area, Ben TreMany miniatures in urban areas. Photo: vntrip

In addition, the parking lot in the urban area is very large with a scale of up to 3,000m2 in the middle of green space of 7,000m2, so visitors are free to park their cars without worrying about taking pictures and looking after the car.

Moreover, with this large open area and many green trees, remember to take a walk around with your friends to breathe the fresh air here.Virtual live photos - in Hung Phu urban area, Ben TreModern and youthful virtual living photos in the middle of a brand new urban area. Photo: vntrip

Each tourist destination in the West has its own characteristics and beauty, attracting visitors in many different ways. There are places that make you fall in love, ecstatic with dreamlike scenery like poetry in Go Thap lotus fields or My Phuoc Thanh tourist area , there are places that make you want to immerse yourself in nature such as Tra Su Melaleuca forest, Tan Lap floating village, There are sacred places and places you want to go to pray for peace and luck such as Ba Chua Xu Temple, Hang Pagoda, Tay An Ancient Temple or Van Phuoc Pagoda, etc. If you want to have modern and youthful virtual living photos. In the middle of the brand new urban area of ​​Ben Tre, please visit Hung Phu urban area in Ben Tre  . Wish you have a pleasant and impressive trip.

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