Catching fish in the middle of the flood water

HANOI – When fish from the ponds follow the flood water overflowing into fields and canals, many people in Chuong My district take advantage of using nets and electric jacks to catch fish.

On the night of September 9, water overflowed over Bui 2 dyke between Nam Phuong Tien and Hoang Van Thu communes, Chuong My district, causing tens of hectares of aquaculture farming to be lost.

Fish follow the flood to the fields, canals. People bring nets to the field to catch fish.

More than 160 hectares of crops were deeply flooded, some places were more than 10 meters deep. Many people go fishing with their nets stretched along the riverbank.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngat from Yen Trinh village, Hoang Van Thu commune, walks along the side of the dyke which is also the side of the fish pond to re-tension the net to prevent fish from escaping. “Save a bit or a bit, more than 7 tons of fingerlings and fish that are about to be harvested, I don’t know how much is left after this flood,” Ms. Ngat said.

A group of young people use electric jacks to catch fish.

In just a few hours this afternoon, a group of young people caught more than 10 kg of fish, mainly carp and carp, some weighing more than 3 kg.

Some people catch more, then sell to traders who come to buy at a cheap price of half the market price.

Most of the people caught fish brought home to share with relatives and neighbors.

The Commanding Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control of Chuong My District said that by noon this afternoon, 8 villages of 5 communes and about 2,400 m of rural roads had been flooded. The government has evacuated more than 200 households to a higher position, and most of the households have raised their furniture on their own.

According to the National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting, at 18:00 yesterday, the flood of the Bui River at Lam Son station, Hoa Binh, peaked at 24.2 m, exceeding alarm 3 by 0.7 m. This morning, the water receded below alarm 1 and poured into the downstream area.

Chuong My is located in the lower part of the Bui River, the terrain is low, it is the flood drainage area of ​​Hanoi, so it is deeply flooded.

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