Cha Tam Church in Saigon – a unique architectural work that stands out in the heart of District 5

Cha Tam Church in Saigon, also known as the Church of Saint Francis Xavier. This is one of the ten most beautiful ancient churches in Saigon , with unique and outstanding architecture in the heart of District 5, becoming a tourist attraction today.

Introduction to Cha Tam Church in Saigon

Cha Tam Church is located on Hoc Lac Street, District 5, Saigon. In 1900 Cha Tam church was built and two years later it was completed. This is a temple built for the Chinese. Father Pierre d’Assou, whose Chinese name is Dam A To, transliterated as Tam An Su, is the one who built it. He was also the first father of the church. 

Father Tam Church in Saigon has a very unique architecture. It is a special interference between Chinese architecture and European Gothic architecture. The church is more than 100 years old and becomes a tourist attraction every time they have the opportunity to visit Saigon.
 Father Tam Church in Saigon - where?Admire the beautiful panorama of Cha Tam . Church

How to get to Saint Francis Xavier Church

The place to visit Saint Francis Xavier Church (another name for Cha Tam Church) is quite easy to go and convenient. From the center of Ho Chi Minh City, you travel by private vehicle via D. Au Co and D. Truong Chinh takes 28 minutes. Currently, this is the fastest route. Or visitors can move through Ly Thuong Kiet street, which takes about half an hour to reach this sightseeing spot.

Or visitors who want to go to Cha Tam Church in Saigon can also choose public transport by bus. Buses 05, 103, 150, 25, 56, 68 and 94 all pass through the church.
 Saigon Cha Tam Church - moveHow to get to Saint Francis Xavier Church

Admire the unique architecture of Cha Tam Saigon Church

The first thing that impresses visitors when visiting Cha Tam Church in Saigon is the unique architecture of the church right by the entrance. The gate of the church has a roof of a knife, all of which are engraved with Chinese characters. This is designed in the style of a three-way gate, an architectural style commonly seen in palaces and temples. Especially on the two sides of the cross, there are 2 fish symbolizing the image of a “carp turning into a dragon”.
 Father Tam Church in Saigon - visitThe entrance gate of Cha Tam church has typical Chinese architecture

Right behind the entrance is the shrine of the Virgin Mary, which is extremely beautiful, delicate and meticulous. Around the statue of the Virgin Mary, there are columns painted with gold gilt and attached with couplets. There is a lantern on the top of the blade. This is an architectural style in the style of a small house in the ancient Chinese. Right behind the statue of Our Lady is a bas-relief consisting of two faces. In which, one side honors the martyrs of the Vietnamese people and the other side honors the martyrs of the Chinese people. Father Tam Church in Saigon - architectureEvery detail of the church is detailed and meticulously sculpted

As for the roof of the gate and the altar, all are covered with lapis lazuli tiles. This type of tile is very commonly used in Asian architectural works. This type of tile helps architectural works to be more luxurious, and nostalgic and create a very unique beauty. The entrance to the cathedral is quite large and features Gothic architecture. Visitors can take advantage of check-in here, the space is very beautiful and outstanding with ancient European architecture. Right next to the entrance is Mr. Cha Tam’s grave as a tribute and gratitude to Father – who has contributed to building this church.Father Tam Church in Saigon - architectureThe area inside Cha Tam . church

What does Father Tam Church in Saigon have ? The deeper you go into the interior of the church, the more pronounced the European Gothic style becomes. Inside the cathedral, visitors will clearly see the unique architecture of Cha Tam church. Specifically, inside the cathedral, the columns are painted red. This is a fairly familiar architectural style of Chinese religion. In the middle is the image of Jesus being crucified and next to it is a painted willow painted with gold and gold and engraved with beautiful and meticulous black Chinese characters.Father Tam Church in Saigon - architectureCorridor area inside the campus of Cha Tam . church

Boxes, pillars, and windows are decorated with pointed tips. It uses a lot of curves in the style of classical European architecture. The motifs in the window on the column are decorated with a stylized lotus shape, a typical architectural style of Eastern culture. The stained glass in the windows are very familiar images in the church. With each pane of glass are meaningful stories in the bible. Father Tam Church in Saigon - architectureSophisticated drawings in the area of ​​​​Cha Tam . church

Main activities at Cha Tam church 

On the campus of the parish on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, there is a medical examination and local drug supply. A special feature of the person visiting the clinic will not be charged any fees. All the doctors and support people here are highly skilled and work for the sake of public health.
 Father Tam Church in Saigon - activitiesVisit the interior of Cha Tam . church

In addition, Cha Tam Church also has many other volunteer activities. For example, providing free lunches for the poor, elderly and lonely near the church. On the Tet holidays, thanks also call for all support from benefactors and local Catholics to give gifts and give advice to the poor.

When visiting Cha Tam Church in Saigon , visitors will admire the unique architecture not all works have. The blend of Asian and European architecture creates a unique feature for this ancient church. This is really a place to visit that tourists should not miss when they have the opportunity to come to Saigon.Father Tam Church in Saigon - activitiesThe area to worship Father Tam is inscribed with Chinese and French characters

Notes when visiting Cha Tam Church 

– You should pay attention to dressing politely and discreetly when visiting the church.

– Absolutely do not climb, touch the artifacts inside the church. 

– Avoid talking and laughing loudly in the interior of the church, especially when participating in holy mass. 

– You can combine visiting other famous churches in Saigon such as Notre Dame Cathedral, Tan Dinh Church, Huyen Si Church, Cho Quan Church…

If you have the opportunity to visit the city named after Uncle, you should once visit the Cha Tam church in Saigon to admire the outstanding architecture and the holy mass at this 100-year-old church! In addition, you can also refer to the detailed Saigon travel experience , to have useful information for the upcoming trip. 

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