Cha Va Vung Tau river raft village – paradise to relax and eat seafood freely

Not only the famous Go Gang rafting village or Long Son rafting village, but Vung Tau tourists can also visit the Cha Va river rafting village. Follow Vinlove to discover the Cha Va Vung Tau rafting villages, which attract tourists so much!

Where is the address of the Cha Va River raft village in Vung Tau? 

Cha Va river raft village is located in Long Son commune, Vung Tau city, Ba Ria Vung Tau province. The raft village has become a tourist attraction, becoming a tourist attraction in Vung Tau to learn about seafaring villages and learn about the process of raising seafood on rafts and restaurants serving cuisine. 

Cha And Vung Tau River Raft Village - where?Beautiful romantic scene at Cha Va river raft village

Cha Va Vung Tau raft village is about 90km from the center of Saigon, so visitors can easily move to the rafting village by various means. From Saigon, visitors go in the direction of National Highway 51 -> go through the center of Phu My town for a few kilometers -> go to Lang Cat commune -> go through the toll station and you will see the Long Son junction on the right -> cross the Ba Nanh bridge to come. At the end of the road, turn left towards Long Son Big House -> continue 2km, you will see Cha Va bridge and look to the right, you will see a signpost to the raft village.

Cha And Vung Tau river raft village - how to get thereHow to move to Cha Va river raft village?

What is there to play in Cha Va Vung Tau river raft villages? 

Traveling to Cha Va Vung Tau river raft villages , visitors will learn about seafood farming, recreational fishing, relax in cool wind rafts and enjoy all kinds of fresh seafood. 

Learn about the aquaculture rafts 

The model of raft houses, also known as cage farming in Cha Va river raft village, is made of wood and thatched with coconut leaves. For floating rafts, fishermen here have tied into empty drums and divided into many areas to raise seafood. The raft takes advantage of the natural flow of water from the river to create a natural environment for raising seafood species such as pompano, cobia, sea bass, oysters… Visitors will learn about the fishing scene of fishermen. here. Especially, you will be directly involved in extremely interesting seafood farming activities.

Cha And Vung Tau River Raft Village - visitLet’s learn the process of raising seafood of fishermen in the raft village

Relaxing fishing 

Exploring the Cha Va Vung Tau rafting villages , visitors can also experience recreational fishing. You can fish at the cage area with many different species of fish. If you are a longtime fisherman, you will surely have a lot of money and have a delicious meal prepared at that raft.

Cha And Vung Tau River Raft Village - fishingRelaxing fishing area at Cha Va river raft village

Enjoy the fresh air 

The rafts at Cha Vang raft village are designed to be close to nature and rivers. Especially on hot days when coming to the raft village, visitors will enjoy memorable moments of relaxation after a stressful working week. Sitting on the fish rafts watching the river, the clouds and feeling the cool sea breeze blowing.

Cha And Vung Tau River Raft Village - enjoy the fresh airLet’s enjoy the cool and fresh atmosphere at the raft village

Enjoy fresh seafood 

Perhaps the most attractive thing for tourists when coming to Cha Va Vung Tau rafting villages is to enjoy all kinds of fresh seafood. You will be able to manually choose the seafood that is being raised in the raft and process it as required. The most famous is the greasy Long Son oyster dish, visitors can enjoy raw oysters with lemon juice or grilled oysters with onion fat. In addition, there are also shrimp, crab, crab, nail snail dishes … which are processed according to many tastes such as: Steamed, grilled, mustard, rare lemon, tamarind sauce… 

Cha and Vung Tau river raft village - seafoodEnjoy a variety of delicious fresh seafood

Tourists places near Cha Va river raft village

Visit Cha river raft village Va visitors can combine visiting other famous places near the raft village such as: 

– Long Son big house (Ong Tran temple ): This is the house built by the people who discovered Long Son island to become a destination to attract tourists every time they come to Long Son, Vung Tau. Visiting Long Son big house, visitors will admire the unique architecture and learn about antiques from many previous generations displayed here. 

– Long Son salt field : The next stop is Long Son salt field with vast white salt fields. Coming to Long Son salt field, visitors will be delighted to check-in a beautiful virtual life and learn about the scene of people making salt.

Cha and Vung Tau river raft village - visit salt fieldsCombined visit to Long Son salt field

Notes when going to Cha Va Vung Tau river rafting village 

To have the most interesting exploration of the Cha Va river raft village , you can also “pocket” some important notes below: 

– For a convenient visit, you should check the weather forecast before going, because if you go on a rainy day, it will not be suitable to visit the seafood rafts. 

– The raft village is often crowded on weekends and holidays, so you should contact in advance to make a reservation. 

– The food service at the raft is quite reasonable and there is no guillotine for tourists, so you can rest assured to eat comfortably. 

– You can also buy seafood at the raft and ask people to pack it in foam boxes to ensure it is not damaged during transportation. 

– After visiting the village, if you want to stay overnight, you can move to the center of Vung Tau city, there are many motels and hotels for you to choose from. 

Hopefully, the above sharing will help you have a fun trip and explore the Cha Va Vung Tau rafting village with the most interesting experiences. Don’t forget to save your Vung Tau travel experience for your upcoming trip!

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