Cheap fruit, dried into a famous specialty of a region, sold as a popular Tet gift

A banana is a wild, cheap fruit. In Ben Tre, people squeeze ripe bananas into dried banana chips that are both delicious and earn extra income.

Banana is a popular fruit and is very cheap

Not only delicious but bananas are also good for health

In the city, bananas are available in supermarkets, clean fruit stores and are very popular with city people.

In provinces like Ben Tre and Ca Mau, people have dried bananas and pressed them into round cakes to sell to the market.

This specialty is called dried banana

They have a sweet, characteristic aroma

To make dried bananas, you must choose really old bananas, the older the fruit, the more honey, the more delicious the finished product.

Dried bananas will be pressed evenly with a circular mold with a diameter of 20 to 30cm, usually a mold must squeeze from 3 to 5 fruits, depending on the size of the banana.

On the market, dried bananas are sold for up to 55,000 VND/kg.

In recent years, the profession of making dried bananas has brought income to the people of Ca Mau and Ben Tre. The occasion near Tet is the time when dried bananas are the most popular

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