Cheap motorbike rental address in Binh Duong, quick procedure

With a list of reputable and cheap motorbike rental addresses in Binh Duong below, it will help you easily choose an “iron horse” to accompany you on your journey to discover the beautiful scenery of Binh Duong.

Cheap and reputable motorbike rental address in Binh Duong

Here are some cheap motorbike rental addresses in Binh Duong that you can refer to: 

1. Luong Van Hieu Store 

– Address: Area 5 Phu Hoa – Thu Dau Mot – Binh Duong

– Contact: 0936345123 

Renting a motorbike in Binh Duong can’t be missed at Luong Van Hieu’s shop, located in area 5, Phu Hoa – Thu Dau Mot. With the operating motto “customer safety first”, Luong Van Hieu motorbike rental shop always focuses on ensuring the quality of vehicles and helmets for customers. Car rental price at Luong Van Hieu is only from 50,000 VND/car and you can already explore Binh Duong. Quality cars you can refer to such as: Wave, Sirius, Jupiter, AirBlack, Lead, SH, ….Address for motorbike rental in Binh Duong - Luong Van Hieu Store Luong Van Hieu store is chosen by many tourists today

2. Nguyen Van Phuoc Store

– Address: 24/3, Quarter 6, Binh Duong

– Contact: 0969 322 246

The next prestigious motorbike rental address in Binh Duong is the Nguyen Van Phuoc shop at 24/3, Street 6. This is one of the leading shops in professional car rental services. 100% of vehicles at Nguyen Van Phuoc are new and regularly maintained. The store offers two main lines of cars, scooters and digital cars. Car rental prices range from 100,000 VND/day depending on the class of the car. Simple procedures, enthusiastic advice are the plus points that many customers love and trust to choose the Nguyen Van Phuoc shop to rent a car when coming to Binh Duong.Address for motorbike rental in Binh Duong - Nguyen Van Phuoc shopNguyen Van Phuoc shop has a variety of new car models

3. Quynh Nhu Store 

– Address: Alley 172 Tran Van On, Binh Duong

– Contact: 0966 456 969

Quynh Nhu shop specializes in providing distribution motorcycles to meet the needs of customers for backpacking or long-distance travel. You can choose from vehicles such as: Scratch, Winner 150cc, Honda Police 125cc, Exciter 135 150, Honda XR 150cc,… The plus points when renting a car at Quynh Nhu store are: Free car delivery, free helmet, petrol and raincoat. Besides, customers when renting a car are also supported with car breakdowns on the way, free advice on dining and entertainment places in Binh Duong.Address for motorbike rental in Binh Duong - Quynh Nhu shop Quynh Nhu shop specializes in scooters and digital cars. Photo:

4. Hoang Phuc 2 Store

– Address: 414/3B, Thanh Binh Quarter, Binh Duong

– Contact: 090 545 8386

Hoang Phuc 2 shop is a cheap and quality motorbike rental address in Binh Duong that you should not ignore. Hoang Phuc 2 invests in a variety of vehicles to meet the travel needs of customers. You can choose from popular cars such as: Jupiter, Blade, Wave, Sirius, Nouvo, Vision, Airblade. Until the clutch cars for long-distance travel or backpacking such as: Winner, XR150, YBR 125, Exciter 150. Choosing Hoang Phuc 2 store, you are completely assured with simple procedures, free delivery to your place. and enthusiastically consulted.Address for motorbike rental in Binh Duong - Hoang Phuc 2 ShopHoang Phuc 2 shop has all kinds of quality cars

5. Bach Diep Store

– Address: 34 Lot F2, NA3 Avenue, My Phuoc 2 Urban Area, Binh Duong

– Contact: 0338 34 33 44

If you still don’t know where to rent a motorbike in Binh Duong , then the Bach Diep shop is the ideal suggestion. With a car rental price of only 80,000 VND/day, you will experience quality cars at the Bach Diep store. With a variety of new models of cars and scooters, regular maintenance will give you peace of mind during the journey. The shop has a simple car rental procedure, the application time is only about 5 minutes. Besides, Bach Dien store is always ready to support customers 24/24 when problems occur during car rental.Address for motorbike rental in Binh Duong - Bach Diep shopBach Diep shop rents motorbikes to explore Binh Duong

6. Bao Long Store

– Address: Hanoi Highway, Binh Duong

– Contact: 0904 274 129

Bao Long shop is a good price motorbike rental address in Binh Duong that many customers trust and choose today. Bao Long specializes in providing quality motorcycles to meet the moving needs of customers. You can choose from new models such as: Honda wave S 100cc, Honda lead Fi, Honda XR 150CC… When renting a car, customers will get free gas for the first time, free raincoat and convenient map when renting a car. visit.Address for motorbike rental in Binh Duong - Bao Long ShopBao Long shop is a reputable motorbike rental address in Binh Duong

Notes when renting a motorbike in Binh Duong 

Renting a cheap motorbike in Binh Duong, you should also know some necessary notes below:

– Do not be greedy: Because many car rental establishments offer cheap rental rates to attract customers. But the quality of the car is not guaranteed and it is usually old and damaged cars that are repainted. Therefore, you should refer to reputable car rental addresses. 

– Bring necessary documents: Prepare all necessary documents such as: ID card, driver’s license, and other documents for deposit. At that time, the car hirer will keep your documents and return them at the end of the rental period.

– Check the car before renting: One of the experiences of renting a motorbike in Binh Duong you need to note is, check the quality of the car before you go. If possible, you should test drive a few laps to easily assess whether the car is safe.

– Keep receipts: During the rental process, you should keep a rental receipt with full information of date, time, license plate and other documents you have kept. 

– Ask carefully the rental time: In addition, you should also ask about how the car rental time is calculated. Because there are addresses that calculate car rental time up to 24 hours a day, but also have a service that calculates rental hours according to the time you sign the contract. 

Above are cheap, reputable motorbike rental addresses in Binh Duong and car delivery . Hope to help you choose the right car for you in the upcoming journey to discover the beautiful scenery of Binh Duong. In addition, you can also refer to the detailed Binh Duong travel experience .

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