Check-in Da Lat second-hand market: a place to shop ‘without seeing the price’

Da Lat’s second-hand market is a very unique cultural feature typical for the land of fog, this is a favorite check-in place for many visitors, especially those who love antiques.

Referring to the market in Da Lat , people will immediately think of the night market, a famous shopping and dining paradise, also a familiar check-in place for tourists when coming to the land of fog. But few people know that there is also a very special market called Da Lat second-hand market,  a unique destination with its own imprint that makes many shopaholics fall in love with super cheap prices and extremely expensive items. diverse. 

Check-in Dalat second-hand market attractive destinationThe second-hand market is a very unique cultural feature of Da Lat. Photo: Halotravel

Introducing Da Lat’s second-hand market – its own unique culture in the land of fog 

Da Lat’s second-hand market is also known by another name, the Si market, this name is associated with the characteristics of the items sold here, all of which are used items, also known as second-hand goods. si. This market is located right on the campus of Da Lat market, in the middle of the bustling city center with famous destinations, modern buildings are bustling and bustling. However, this market has a very old look, full of nostalgia.

Check-in Dalat second-hand marketThe second-hand market is a very interesting check-in corner in Da Lat. Photo: Giang Ha

Although selling old items, over the years, this place has become a special and unique culture of the foggy country, this market is so famous that when people want to hunt for crazy things, people will immediately remember. This market and many visitors to Da Lat will also look to the second-hand market to hunt for cheap things. Da Lat second-hand market meets all day and night, but in the evening the market only sells clothes and will close at 10 pm. 

Da Lat tourists want to go to the second-hand market, from the center just go to Ho Tung Mau street, follow the roundabout, turn through Tran Quoc Toan, then go straight to Le Dai Hanh street, go to Hoa Binh area, you will go a little further and you will start encountered a large signboard stating errors in the second-hand market located near Hotel Colline Dalat. 

Check-in Dalat second-hand marketThe market is located right in the city center so it is easy to find. Photo: @ti.coi.

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What’s so attractive about the second-hand market in Da Lat? 

As the name suggests, Da Lat second-hand market is a place that specializes in selling all kinds of second-hand goods in a variety of categories, mostly fashion items such as clothes, shoes, hats or bags, accessories. Stepping into the market space, you will be overwhelmed by the world of second-hand goods here, which is very rich and displayed all over the stalls, on the shelves, and under the stretched tarps. 

Check-in Da Lat second-hand market spaceThe market sells a lot of items, mostly clothes. Photo: Giang Ha

The items sold at the Da Lat second-hand market have diverse origins, from domestic to foreign, all of which have one common feature: unique, strange and especially very cheap, so it attracts many people to come. 

Check-in Da Lat second hand market priceThe origin of the products is also very diverse. Photo: Uyen Trinh

The stalls are very well decorated with countless options and concepts for you to shop freely, from lovely home sets, shirts, jeans, skirts, bibs, lovely woolen items for to closed counters, pretty belts. The prices of items at the second-hand market in Da Lat are very cheap, only from 20,000 VND to 200,000 VND, so you can shop freely without worrying too much about the price. If you research patiently, you can bring back beautiful items that are extremely cheap. 

Check-in Da Lat second hand market priceThe prices of items in the second-hand market are very cheap. Photo: Uyen Trinh

The time when Da Lat’s second-hand market is fun and has the most typical atmosphere is in the evening, when people flock to the market to shop or simply enjoy a very typical life of the foggy city. At night, the second-hand shops will be filled with tarpaulins filled with clothes, the shopping atmosphere is very lively and urgent, the shouts, the voices of the bids, the lively and fun buying and selling create a lively scene. bold rhythm of Da Lat. 

Experience shopping ‘super bargain’ at Da Lat second-hand market 

Da Lat second-hand market is one of the largest and most beautiful paradise in the country, therefore, among thousands of items here, you will feel overwhelmed. Especially, if you’re just visiting for the first time, you probably won’t know how to shop, so pocketing a few shopping experiences will make your shopping trip easier. 

Check-in Da Lat second-hand market shopping experienceShould pocket a few shopping experiences before visiting this market. Photo: Uyen Trinh

Make a list of items you want to buy 

What is the necessary experience to help you be less confused about where to go, which stall to visit at the Da Lat second-hand market. You just need to make a list of what you want to buy and find the right stalls with the items you need to choose and try. 

Check the item carefully 

The old map is a used item, so when you buy it, please carefully check the needle line, the fabric or the stains that often appear on the clothes to promptly detect and avoid buying and then discovering. show error.

Check-in Da Lat second-hand market shopping experienceDon’t forget to try and double check the item before you buy it. Photo: Nguyen Thuy

Don’t forget to pay 

Although the prices of the items at the Da Lat night market are very cheap, here the shopkeepers will still ask for a higher price from ½ to ⅓ of the original price when asked. Therefore, when buying, you should also bargain and can definitely reduce the price from ⅓ to ½ of the quoted price to buy good prices. With beautiful and new items, bargaining will be more difficult, so consider offering an appropriate price. 

Experiences other than shopping when going to Dalat second-hand market 

In addition to shopping, there are many beautiful virtual living corners at Da Lat’s second-hand market , so even if you don’t need to shop, you can still visit this place to enjoy a very Da Lat atmosphere as well as check -in with magical background corners. Near the second-hand market in Da Lat, there are also many delicious and attractive restaurants, so you can combine sightseeing and eating to make your trip more attractive. 

Check-in Da Lat second-hand market check-in experienceThe market has many beautiful check-in corners. Photo: Halotravel

Although it is not a very famous check-in place with a beautiful and magical space, Da Lat’s second-hand market is still a very unique and unique culture for you to truly experience the daily life of the locals. It’s foggy, so if you have a chance, come here to check-in and feel it. 

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