Check in Da Lat’s wild sunflowers with simple yellow color 

Traveling to Da Lat in the fall, wherever you wander, you will easily see the brilliant yellow of wild sunflowers blooming, a simple yellow that makes many travelers fall in love. The wild sunflower roads located on the outskirts of Da Lat suddenly became crowded with tourists who were fascinated by these wild flowers.

There are many beautiful roads to hunt wild sunflowers in the misty land every autumn, each road of Da Lat wildflowers has its own charm that is both attractive and poetic. Traveling to Da Lat this season, if you are looking for beautiful flower roads to enjoy watching and check-in, then surely the information below will be a useful guide that you should pocket. 

Coming to an appointment again, the wildflowers in Da Lat bloomed, making the followers fall in love. Photo: Addicted to Da Lat

Explore the beautiful Da Lat wild sunflowers 

1. The road of wild sunflowers in Tu Tra, Da Ron commune 

Da Ron Commune, Don Duong District is one of the familiar destinations for backpackers in Da Lat because of its many attractive destinations. By appointment again, at the end of October and the beginning of November, Da Ron becomes more and more attractive because of the appearance of the road of Da Lat wild sunflowers blooming brilliantly. 

The flower road in Da Ron is considered one of the most beautiful wild sunflowers in Da Lat. Photo: Nguyen Khac Tung

This road is located 25km from the city center with a length of only about 500m, but it is an extremely hot stop every return. Local people said that at the beginning of autumn, Da Lat had little rain and the weather started to turn cold, so the road to the road of wild sunflowers was very easy. From the center of Da Lat city, you move in the direction of Prenn pass to National Highway 20 then continue to move to Phi Nom market and then turn left to Highway 27 move about 2km more, when you see the sign Da Lat hasfarm, just run Just one more straight line to get there. 

This road is located 25km from the city center. Photo: Can Van Phu

This road each season of wild sunflowers possesses an extremely attractive beauty with large flower petals that exceed the head of a person. At the time when the flowers are in full bloom, the yellow color spreads everywhere, forming impressive shimmering green gold bands. The whole road is 500m long without the appearance of any trees other than wild sunflowers, which are breathtakingly beautiful, making anyone who has the opportunity to look at them must be in awe. 

The whole road is only wild sunflowers. Photo: Minh Sang

2. Wild sunflowers road Dinh 3 – Tuyen Lam Lake – Clay tunnel

This route is one of the familiar choices of many traveling followers because following this route, you can not only fully see the colorful flowers of wild sunflowers in season, but also can combine sightseeing. There are many tourist attractions in the city. 

Palace 3 to the clay tunnel is also a road with many wild sunflowers. Photo: @kino.doan.j

Starting from Palace 3, you move in the direction of Tuyen Lam Lake, you will definitely go through a very long road full of wild sunflowers, the flowers here bloom very beautifully and thickly, so you can enjoy watching and enjoying the scenery. virtual life. Moving on to the crossroads into the clay tunnel tourist area, you will continue to encounter a long road full of wild sunflowers blooming with shimmering yellow spots for a long way. You should note that wild sunflowers on the road from Palace 3 to the Clay tunnel have a relatively late bloom time, around early November is the most beautiful.

Blooming flowers create a beautiful scene. Photo: @ocmedi_

On this route you will be able to combine visiting many famous tourist attractions such as Truc Lam Zen Monastery in Dalat, Tuyen Lam Lake, Palace 3, Clay Tunnel, if you go deeper you can visit Dataland waterfall. 

This palace, in addition to wild sunflowers, you can combine to visit attractive tourist attractions. Photo: @vta15994

In addition to the two Da Quy flower roads above, visitors to this city can check-in at many other places to see flowers such as the rear area of ​​Da Lat University, Dran Pass, Cau Dat area. … 

There are many check-in points in Da Lat wild sunflowers for you to stop. Photo: @_kyubichann

The most ideal time to hunt wild sunflowers in Da Lat is from 8 am to 10 am when the sun is high and the morning dew has also begun to dissipate. In addition, the time in the afternoon around 4pm – 5pm is also an ideal time to admire the flowers in the sunset. 

The most ideal check-in time with wild sunflowers is morning and sunset. Photo:@Da.miu

Until the next appointment, Da Lat wildflowers with rustic beauty always make people miss and wait so that every flower season comes back to “catch” all the most splendid moments of the day. This beautiful wildflower. The yellow color of Da Lat wild sunflowers has begun to bloom, please schedule a check-in right away in this beautiful city to see the whole flower season. 

Photo: Internet