Check in famous and beautiful tourist attractions in Kien Luong

Forget about the beautiful land of Ha Tien or the charming and romantic Nam Du island, let’s “change the wind” with the famous and popular places to play in Kien Luong – Kien Giang below!

The most famous tourist attractions in Kien Luong

Are you looking for tourist attractions in Kien Luong to discover when you have the opportunity to visit this place? So, check out the suggestions below!

1. Ba Lua Islands

Ba Lua archipelago is known as “Ha Long Bay of Phuong Nam”, located in Binh An commune, Kien Luong district, Kien Giang province . From the mainland to the Ba Lua archipelago about 45 minutes by boat, coming here you will admire the turquoise blue water and wild beauty. Coming to the Ba Lua archipelago, visitors will enjoy peaceful moments and temporarily forget the noisy daily life.

Tourist places in Kien Luong - Ba Lua archipelagoBa Lua Archipelago is a famous tourist destination in Kien Giang with beautiful scenery like paradise. Photo: vinpearl

The most ideal time to explore this tourist destination in Kien Luong is from September to March of the lunar calendar every year. Especially from November to January of the lunar calendar, the weather is less rainy and the sea is calm, suitable for sightseeing and fun activities. 

Exploring the Ba Lua archipelago, visitors will be able to visit Hon Heo, the largest archipelago on the island. Hon Heo attracts visitors with its beautiful unspoiled primeval forest, beaches and peaceful fishing villages. The next stop is Ba Hon Dam including Dam Duong island, Duoc island and Gieng island, these are all beautiful islands that are loved by many tourists. In addition, when exploring Ba Lua archipelago, visitors can also enjoy virtual check-in and enjoy all kinds of fresh seafood dishes such as: Sea cucumber, squid, shrimp, fish… 

Tourist places in Kien Luong - Ba Lua archipelagoCheck-in beautiful virtual living in the Ba Lua archipelago. Photo: thamhiemmekong

2. Phu Tu Island  

Referring to famous tourist destinations in Kien Luong, it is impossible to ignore Phu Tu Island. located in Binh An commune, Kien Luong district, Kien Giang province. Phu Tu island is about 70km from Rach Gia city center and about 38km from Ha Tien center. From Saigon, visitors can easily move to Hon Phu Tu by motorbike or car to Rach Gia or Ha Tien and then to Hon Phu Tu.

Tourist places in Kien Luong - Hon Phu TuBeautiful scenery of Phu Tu island in Kien Luong, Kien Giang

Visiting Phu Tu Island, visitors will be able to visit three famous landscapes: Hon Phu Tu, Hang Pagoda and Bai Duong. Phu Tu Island consists of two blocks of rock stuck together located on a stone pedestal 5m high above sea level. One of them is Phu, 33.6m high and one is Tu, 30m high. Hon Phu Tu landscape is not only meaningful about father and son, but also a symbol of Kien Luong land.   

When discovering the beautiful scenery of Hon Phu Tu in Kien Luong, visitors can also combine visiting Bai Duong. This beautiful beach is about 2km long, famous for its calm waves and gentle sandy shore where boats often anchor. Coming to Bai Duong, visitors will be able to take a walk to admire the sea, take a relaxing bath and check-in virtual living.

Tourist places in Kien Luong - Hon Phu TuCheck-in beautiful virtual living at Phu Tu island Kien Luong. Photo: @ntny020419

3. Hang Pagoda 

Where should Kien Luong tourism go? The next stop in the journey to discover the beautiful scenery of Kien Luong Kien Giang is the cave pagoda also known as Hai Son Tu. The pagoda was built on a high murky rocky cliff, the area in front of the temple yard has a 22-ton statue of Maitreya Buddha made of Non Nuoc stone transported from Da Nang. The cliffs in the temple are old trees that grow steeply, making the scene even more tranquil.

Tourist places in Kien Luong - Hang PagodaHang Pagoda is a famous spiritual place in Kien Luong

Visiting this tourist attraction in Kien Luong , you will admire the cave connecting to the sea at the back of the pagoda due to the invasion of rocks thousands of years ago. Therefore, when coming here, visitors will be able to see the strange shapes and touch the stalactites that emit bell-like sounds.

Tourist places in Kien Luong - Hang PagodaVisiting the inside of Kien Luong Cave Temple

4. Hon Chong  

Hon Chong is also known as Hon Chong Mountain in Binh An commune of Kien Luong district. This place attracts tourists with beautiful scenery like Ha Tien crosses. It is called Hon Chong, because it consists of many mountain ranges with sharp rocks like the shape of a table. Hon Chong mountain is 221m high, from here visitors will be able to admire the natural beauty.

Tourist places in Kien Luong - Hon ChongAdmire the beautiful scenery of Chong island in Kien Luong

Visiting this attraction in Kien Luong , visitors will be able to see the sharp stone pillars pointing up to the sky like the undulating islands when rushing to battle. Although Hon Chong is not too big, it is enough to make visitors excited to admire the masterpiece that nature has bestowed.

Tourist places in Kien Luong - Hon ChongCheck-in beautiful virtual living at Hon Chong in Kien Luong. Photo: vietfuntravel

5. Moso . Cave

Moso Cave is the next suggestion if you have not yet chosen a suitable tourist destination in Kien Luong . Moso is about 27km from the center of Ha Tien town, in Binh An commune, Kien Luong district. Moso cave has rugged terrain and used to be a command and revolutionary base during the resistance war against the US. Moso is a hidden cave system between the mountains and the caves connecting with each other.

Tourist attractions in Kien Luong - Moso . caveMoso Cave stands out with its unique shape

Inside the cave, there is a 700m2 wide valley and spacious space for visitors to admire the beautiful scenery. Especially when coming to Moso cave, visitors will feel the steam flowing from the cool underground water and increase the mystery to attract visitors. 

Moso Cave is considered a combination point between many famous tourist attractions in Kien Giang such as Hon Phu, Hon Chong and Ha Tien. Many tourists praise Moso cave for its beautiful scenery like “miniature Ha Long Bay”. When visiting Moso cave, visitors will enjoy the beautiful scenery like an angelic place and mysterious nature.

Tourist attractions in Kien Luong - Moso . caveLet’s admire the beautiful scenery that the Creator has bestowed on the land of Kien Luong

Hopefully, the suggestions of famous tourist destinations in Kien Luong and attracting tourists above will help you have a trip with many interesting experiences. In addition, you can “pocket” more useful Kien Giang tourism information for your upcoming trip. 

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