Check in immediately the islands in Quang Ninh possessing the impressive beauty of ‘thousands of people’

Not only Ha Long Bay is famous for its unspoiled beauty, but the islands in Quang Ninh also have a beauty that captivates people. This isolated space and fresh air are exactly the places that you need to go to for your peaceful vacation.

The famous islands in Quang Ninh

1. Tuan Chau Island

Located 8km from Ha Long is the famous beautiful Tuan Chau island. At this place, there is not only a wild beauty with an attractive stretch of beach, but also a lot of interesting experiences for tourists. It May be mentioned as:

– Admire the water music performance with impressive sound and light images at Tuan Chau Palace of Culture.

– Modern outdoor play area up to 5ha. Adults can participate in challenges with adventure games, soak in cool water, sunbathe on the beach, play canoe, and windsurf on high-speed water. Children can meet famous Disney cartoon characters.

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island in Quang Ninh - Tuan Chau islandPhoto: @betay_94

2. Quan Lan Island

Visiting Quan Lan Island is one of the experiences in Quang Ninh that you can hardly miss when coming to Van Don. This is one of the rare places that still retains the wild and peaceful beauty. The white sandy beaches of Quan Lan, Minh Chau or Son Hao with a poetic atmosphere are places where people can come to swim, participate in teambuilding activities, … fully enjoy the fresh air.

island in Quang Ninh - Quan Lan islandPhoto: @loki12_

Located on the beautiful Bai Tu Long Bay, in addition to swimming and having fun by the sea, do not forget to take the time to visit the ancient Tran Khanh Du shrine, check in the beautiful Eo Gio Quan Lan. Early in the morning, go to the fish market to buy fresh specialties to enjoy but the price is extremely cheap.

island in Quang Ninh - Quan Lan islandPhoto: @whereizhanhan

3. Pearl Island

Located not far from Quan Lan Island is Ngoc Vung Island, it is said that in the past, people here at night would see rare pearls together emitting bright light in the whole sky, so it was named like that. This island in Quang Ninh possesses many types of terrain, very suitable for tourism development. An impressive destination for those who love to explore nature and want to have a peaceful vacation by the sunny and windy beach.

island in Quang Ninh - Ngoc Vung islandPhoto: @hai.h.ha

4. Dragon’s Eye Island

If you want to find yourself a wild, quiet land. Where there are only sea, earth and sky without familiar hotels or restaurants, this is the ideal choice for you. On the island, the most impressive thing is the clear lake surrounded by rocky mountains, which people liken to “Dragon’s Eye” bringing mysterious beauty. Although not known to many people, the charming beauty of this island is always an ideal destination for those who love to explore.

Island in Quang Ninh - Dragon Eye IslandPhoto: @thuy.bui10

5. Cai Chien Island

Besides a busy Ha Long or Co To , the small and peaceful Cai Chien island always has its own attraction for tourists. The whispering green casuarina forest next to Dau Rong beach with creamy white sand always invites you to come and explore. On sweltering summer days, hang out in a hammock under a tree to relax after playing.

island in Quang Ninh - Cai Chien islandPhoto: @vi_mup_

In addition to Dau Rong beach on Cai Chien island, there are also Van Ca beach, Cai Chien beach 1 and 2, Khe Dau lake, and Thoi Xanh island, … are also destinations that bring you many relaxing and immersed experiences. into nature. Check in with the abandoned container house “so deep”, try going on a squid fishing boat at night with the people, light a campfire and organize a cozy BBQ party by the sea.

island in Quang Ninh - Cai Chien islandPhoto: @zellyngo

6. Vinh Thuc Island

Island tourism in Quang Ninh comes to a place with isolated terrain, about 10km from the center of Mong Cai city. Vinh Thuc Island is green with fanciful and enchanting scenes, so it is likened to the “sleeping muse” of the Northeastern sea of ​​our country. This place has not been developed for tourism, so it is ideal for those who love to explore.

island in Quang Ninh - Vinh Thuc islandPhoto: @linh_chi_2k

Many young people coming to Vinh Thuc Island in Quang Ninh  choose to ride motorbikes around the island, flanked by green pine trees. Let’s learn about the simple life of the people, breathing fresh air in a sunny and windy place. Try participating in clam raking, squid fishing, setting up a camp or asking to stay overnight in a homestay,… And especially enjoy fresh seafood at a coastal restaurant that is caught right on the island.

island in Quang Ninh - Vinh Thuc islandPhoto: @vh_kuching

7. Milk Cake Island

Nestled on the quiet Bai Tu Long Bay with unspoiled natural scenery, viewed from above, it looks like a comedian, so it is also called Tu Hai island. Although it has a small area, coming to Banh Sua Island, there will be quite a few interesting activities for you to enjoy and experience together. Under the clear blue water, you are free to swim, kayak and snorkel to see the brilliant coral.

island in Quang Ninh - Banh Sua islandPhoto: @linh.do503

Wake up early in the morning and climb the mountain to watch the sunrise and enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the bay. In the afternoon, move to the oyster farming area near the pier on the island to join the people in the fun challenge of catching oysters. There are no long sandy beaches, busy amusement parks or luxury motels. But the feeling of being immersed in nature, together with fishermen to learn about daily life brings moments of peace that are hard to get in the midst of busy daily life.

island in Quang Ninh - Banh Sua islandPhoto: @linh.do503

8. Cong Do Island

Going southeast of Ha Long Bay, you will reach this impressive island in Quang Ninh . A place less frequented but as beautiful and interesting as other places in Quang Ninh. Natural lakes with extremely attractive shapes, wide and colorful coral reefs and many marine species. The journey to discover the unspoiled beauty of this place will surely be memorable memories.

island in Quang Ninh - Cong Do islandPhoto: @Quang Ninh Newspaper

9. Yellow Card Island

The wild beauty and interesting things are the “magic” charm of this idyllic island in the middle of the ocean. Fresh air and lush flora and fauna bring friendliness and comfort to tourists. A blue color covers everywhere. You can immerse yourself in the cool water or lie down in the sun on the fine white sand. 

Island in Quang Ninh - Yellow Card IslandPhoto: @thuy_na_dtt

In the summer, this is the place to enjoy the gentle sunshine, breathe in the fresh air and organize weekend camping with family. On the island, there is Duyen Phuc Pagoda, a very famous praying pagoda with a location facing the sea. A worship destination for not only Buddhist monks and nuns but also many people when traveling to Quang Ninh .

Island in Quang Ninh - Yellow Card IslandPhoto: @dohuoggtra

The islands in Quang Ninh  , whether crowded or unspoiled, are generally still impressive destinations. Explore and enjoy fun-filled holidays in these famous Mines!

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