Check in now to the strawberry gardens in Hanoi that attract visitors

Previously, Hanoi residents had to go as far as Moc Chau or Da Lat to visit strawberry gardens. But now, they do not need to travel that far because in the Capital there are equally attractive strawberry gardens to experience. Below is information about strawberry gardens in Hanoi to help you choose the right place and know in advance the experience when visiting.

Strawberry gardens in Hanoi – interesting experience

1. Chimi Farm 3 strawberry garden

  • Address: Red River Stone Beach, Lane 264 Au Co, Nhat Tan, Tay Ho District, Hanoi.
  • Opening hours: 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
  • Ticket price: 50,000 VND/adult and 30,000 VND/child.

In the area of ​​Song Hong Stone Beach , in addition to beautiful landscapes or flower gardens, Chimi Farm 3 is also an ideal place to check in. Song Hong Stone Beach is famous for its wonderful natural scenery, known as a familiar location for outdoor wedding photography with countless beautiful landscapes. In addition, when you come to Chimi Farm 3 in Hanoi, you will also have the opportunity to experience strawberry picking activities in winter and spring, from December to April.

Strawberry garden in Hanoi - Chimi Farm 3Photo: @dulichlive

At Chimi Farm, you can visit and pick strawberries as you like, then they will be weighed and charged for about 350,000 VND/kg. However, strawberries in Hanoi may not be as large as those in Moc Chau due to climate and soil. Not only strawberries, you can also experience picking grapes for 220,000 VND/kg or picking tomatoes, melons or watermelons right at the garden is very interesting.

Strawberry garden in Hanoi - Chimi Farm 3Photo: @naoko.frau

Hanoi travel experience : Due to the large number of tourists on weekends, there are few strawberries to pick. If you don’t come early, there may not be many strawberries left. On the contrary, in the middle of the week there will be more strawberries and fewer people picking them, allowing you to take photos without worrying about strangers getting in your way. To make sure there are still strawberries to pick at the time you want to come, you can call Chimi Farm to ask for more information in advance!

Strawberry garden in Hanoi - Chimi Farm 3Photo: @ms_siyena

2. Chimi Farm Dong Anh

  • Address: Song Hong dike, Vinh Ngoc, Dong Anh district, City. Hanoi.
  • Opening hours: 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
  • Ticket price: free.

If the strawberry garden in Hanoi Chimi Farm 3 has an area of ​​about 1 hectare, then the Chimi Farm strawberry garden in Dong Anh is much larger with about nearly 4 hectares. Due to the large area, the amount of strawberries you can pick here is also larger, and there will also be more interesting experiences for you to explore. Specifically:

– Feed rabbits, sheep and goats.

– Play on the swing and paint statues together.

– Camping, organizing outdoor barbecue parties.

– Check in with a super beautiful field of sunflowers and yellow mustard flowers.

Strawberry garden in Hanoi - Chimi Farm Dong AnhPhoto: @linhchimm

Chimi Farm Nhat Tan opened in February 2020 and stands out for growing strawberries and grapes. This Chimi Farm facility currently has two main grape varieties: black nail grapes and black summer grapes . Coming here, you can visit completely for free and enjoy the space close to nature to forget the worries of life. Chimi Farm does not charge an entrance fee, all sightseeing activities are free.

Strawberry garden in Hanoi - Chimi Farm Dong AnhPhoto: @vungoclam_mh

At the Nhat Tan facility, in addition to the strawberry garden and vineyard, there are also buckwheat flower gardens, sunflower gardens and even a rabbit farm. This picnic area near Hanoi for children  is an ideal place to take pictures and experience the green – clean – beautiful space with your family. Chimi Farm Nhat Tan has grape harvest time from June – early July and you can visit and check-in completely free during this time.

Strawberry garden in Hanoi - Chimi Farm Dong AnhPhoto: @phibrows.maithi

When participating in the experience of picking fresh strawberries at Chimi Farm Nhat Tan, you will only pay for the number of strawberries you pick at a price of 350,000 VND/kg. In addition, there is also a counter selling a variety of drinks and products made from strawberries such as smoothies, yogurt, juices and strawberry milk tea. On weekends, Chimi Nhat Tan also opens a grill counter serving grilled chicken, grilled meat skewers, and grilled corn to meet customers’ lunch needs.

Strawberry garden in Hanoi - Chimi Farm Dong AnhPhoto: @linhchimm

3. Viet Han smart farm

  • Address: Vinh Quynh commune, Thanh Tri district, City. Hanoi.

One of the strawberry gardens in Hanoi belongs to the Viet-Korean smart farm model, the result of cooperation between the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs of Korea. . The farm has begun operations by carrying out the first trial planting with Korean strawberry plants. 

strawberry garden in Hanoi - Viet Han smart farmPhoto: @vaasvn

Although the summer climate in Hanoi is quite hot, taking care of strawberry plants in high-tech greenhouses has helped them develop and grow better thanks to proactive management of water, nutrients, and heat. temperature, humidity and even light. After 6 months, the strawberry tree produced the first fruits with an attractive shape and sweet taste, highly appreciated for its quality. 

strawberry garden in Hanoi - Viet Han smart farmPhoto: @thaothao_blog

Therefore, the farm has attracted the attention of many people and become a destination to admire and enjoy strawberries grown right in the middle of the Capital. Besides growing high-value crops, Viet Han smart farm is also developing an agricultural tourism model, following advanced and sustainable trends in the world.

strawberry garden in Hanoi - Viet Han smart farmPhoto: @bonongnghiep

Strawberry gardens in Hanoi are an ideal place to visit, learn how to grow and care for strawberries, as well as enjoy extremely attractive fresh strawberry products. If you want to have a “change of scenery” trip with your family without having to go far, refer to the above suggestions to enjoy a day at the strawberry garden.

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