Check-in stream, waterfall near Ho Chi Minh City

Suoi Truc, Mai waterfall, and Giang Dien waterfall are only a few hours away from Ho Chi Minh City, suitable for weekend fun.

A short trip to a place with green trees, immersed in fresh spring water is a suitable suggestion for the hot weather of June.

Mai Waterfall

Mai Waterfall is located on La Nga River, located at Tan Phu Forest Enterprise, Dinh Quan District, Dong Nai Province, bordering Binh Thuan Province, about 130 km from Ho Chi Minh City. For a long time, this place has been a destination for tourists who love nature because of its cool space and unspoiled landscape.

Mai waterfall is not high but stretches along the forest. From the center of the waterfall, if you go downstream, you will see many precious and great trees; Going upstream, you will experience precarious rope bridges, below are rapids. There is Voi Phuc island, a large elephant-shaped rock in the middle of the waterfall.

There are many fun activities at Mai Waterfall such as camping, picnicking, fishing, bathing in waterfalls, swinging in the forest, learning about plants and animals, and enjoying rustic dishes from La Nga river fish, and wild vegetables, etc. free-range chickens, wild boars… In addition, about 5 km from Mai Waterfall is the area of ​​Bau Nuoc Hot naturally rising underground, the temperature is about 50-60 degrees Celsius. Visitors can bathe and soak their feet. relax, restore health.

Tourists take pictures in the middle of Thac Mai stream.  Photo: Instagram tranthuhuog
Tourists take pictures in the middle of Thac Mai stream. Photo: Instagram tranthuhuog

Giang Dien Waterfall

The destination is located in Giang Dien Waterfall Ecotourism Area in Hoa Binh Hamlet, Giang Dien Commune, Trang Bom District, Dong Nai Province, about 45 km from Ho Chi Minh City. Previously, Giang Dien waterfall was located in the quarrying area, the natural flow has majestic terrain and charming scenery. After this place becomes a tourist area, there are more landscapes of valleys, lakes, forests, restaurants, amusement parks…

The 67-hectare tourist area is located along the Buong River with a large, cool, and green space. This place also has an overnight stay service, guests can choose to stay in eco tents, tree houses, and hotels in the middle of the oil tree forest.

Visitors’ favorite activities are immersing themselves in the green space, bathing in waterfalls, swimming in lakes and enjoying Dong Nai country cuisine. From June to August, the resort has a free admission program for good students.

Giang Dien Waterfall still retains its rustic features.  Photo: Prenn
Giang Dien Waterfall still retains its rustic features. Photo: Prenn

Truc Stream

Truc Stream is located in Dinh Thanh commune, Dau Tieng district, Binh Duong province, located near the famous spiritual tourist destination of Thai Son Pagoda – Cau Mountain and the scenic Dau Tieng lake, about 80 km from Ho Chi Minh City.

A clear stream flows between the wild bamboo bushes that give shade. On the stream, there are many large and small lakes for children and adults to bathe. Visitors often bring food, choose flat rocky beaches to picnic and have fun during the day.

There are many directions to Suoi Truc, convenient for both motorbikes and cars, cool roads. However, this place does not have a variety of food services, only a small beverage shop. Visitors should prepare food, water, and blankets if they want to stay for a long time. Some areas in the stream currently have a lot of waste from styrofoam boxes, nylon, plastic cups, leftovers… Therefore, visitors should clean up after eating and take it home.

Suoi Truc is not too big but has clear water and flows all year round.  Photo: Huynh Nhi
Suoi Truc is not too big but has clear water and flows all year round. Photo: Huynh Nhi

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