Check in the beautiful Co Tien mountains in Vietnam associated with many interesting legends

All the beautiful Co Tien mountains in Vietnam have their own beauty, worthy of quality tourist coordinates for visitors to conquer and explore.

Discover the beautiful Co Tien mountains in Vietnam

1. Co Tien Mountain Ha Giang

Co Tien Mountain or Quan Ba ​​Twin Mountain is one of the beautiful Co Tien mountains in Vietnam, which is checked in a lot by Vietnamese and international tourists. In addition to the natural beauty, this mountain is also associated with a beautiful story about motherhood. So if you have the opportunity to come to Ha Giang, you should remember to explore Co Tien mountain. 

Co Tien Mountain or Quan Ba ​​Twin Mountain is a famous destination in Ha Giang. Photo:

Double Mountain is a relic with 2 mountains located next to each other in Quan Ba ​​valley, about 50 km from Ha Giang city centerWith the shape of a woman’s island, the two mountains are called Twin Mountain, double means a pair, symbolizing women’s breasts.

The mountain is shaped like a woman’s island. Photo: @trinh_x

Legend has it that in the past, there was a fairy named Hoa Dao because she loved the sound of the mouth trumpet of a Mong boy who came to the world and married him, giving birth to a handsome baby boy. However, because of the violation of the fairy world, the fairy was sent to heaven to be punished. Loving her young child, she left her breasts to nurture her growth. Later, her breasts turned into two beautiful mountains. 

Around Co Tien mountain are green and large fields. Photo: @thailand__vietnam

Today, Co Tien Mountain lies in the middle of a beautiful flat valley. Around Quan Ba ​​Twin Mountain are the green fields of people in the district. In the fall, the ripe golden rice makes the scenery around the foot of the mountain more beautiful and romantic. In the distance, looking at the whole land of this land, there are many other high and low mountains intertwined, but all are shy, giving way to the Twin Mountain which radiates a unique and impressive beauty.

2. Co Tien Mountain Bac Ha

Among the beautiful Co Tien mountains in Vietnam , the mountain located 2 km from Bac Ha town is a place that many tourists choose to explore. Instead of climbing Fansipan too high, Co Tien mountain with an altitude of 1600 meters is suitable for those who have little time and moderate fitness. 

In Bac Ha, Lao Cai also has a beautiful Co Tien mountain. Photo: Muong Khuong Television

This Co Tien mountain stands alone on the road from Si Ma Cai to Bac Ha, covered by the typical green forests of the Northwest. Same name as Co Tien, but this mountain is not as famous as Quan Ba ​​Twin Mountain . However, that does not mean that this place is less beautiful or less majestic. 

This mountain is 1600 meters high, at the foot of the mountain are the villages of the Bac Ha people. Photo: Muong Khuong Television

Legend has it that this mountain used to be the place where fairies used to come down to roam and enjoy the scenery on the full moon day and the first day. Every time the fairies visit, all kinds of birds and animals dance together for the fairies to see, creating a very joyful and bustling scene. 

Beautiful and peaceful scenery around Co Tien mountain. Photo: Muong Khuong Television

Today, coming to Co Tien mountain in Bac Ha, visitors have the opportunity to admire a mountain lying majestically in the sky. At the foot of the mountain are peaceful villages, a slow pace of life that still takes place every day. On winter days, there are clouds on the top of the mountain, creating a very poetic scene.

3. Co Tien Mountain Nha Trang

One of the most beautiful Co Tien mountains in Vietnam that is most loved by tourists is Co Tien mountain in Nha Trang. This mountain is located in Vinh Hoa ward, northwest of Nha Trang city. With the structure of 3 mountain peaks leaning against each other in the direction from high to low, the whole mountain looks like a fairy looking at the sea. 

In Nha Trang city, there is also a famous Co Tien mountain. Photo: @wander_ralph

Co Tien mountain is only 400 meters high, so it is very convenient for tourists to climb the mountain to admire the scenery. It only takes 40 minutes – 1 hour, you can conquer this mountain, and admire the beautiful scenery of the coastal city of Nha Trang from above. From the top of the mountain, you can have a panoramic view of the houses spread along the coast, and in the distance is a beautiful blue ocean like a picture. 

Co Tien mountain is only about 400 meters high. Photo: @ha_nhi_tran_ngoc

In addition to climbing to enjoy the scenery, many young people also choose this place as a camping place.6. Setting up a tent on the mountain and making a campfire, watching the city sparkle at night is definitely an interesting activity for young people who are passionate about traveling and exploring. The feeling of being in a wild place looking at a busy place is really something worth trying when you come to Nha Trang. 

This is the place for you to enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful city of Nha Trang. Photo: @n__thuy

Compared to Co Tien mountain in Ha Giang and Lao Cai, Co Tien mountain in Nha Trang is somewhat easier to conquer. However, that does not mean that the mountain scenery is less attractive. On the contrary, when you have reached the highest peak of this mountain, you will enjoy the panoramic view of Nha Trang city of Khanh Hoa province, breathe the smell of the fresh sea breeze with a little salt of the ocean. 

International visitors conquer Co Tien mountain in Nha Trang. Photo: @ir.chibi

All the beautiful Co Tien mountains in Vietnam are as beautiful as the name Co Tien and are associated with interesting and interesting legends. Not to mention, these are also famous landmarks of Vietnam, which are places that tourists should visit once if they have the opportunity. 

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