Check in the beautiful rapids in Vietnam, take home a series of beautiful virtual life photos

The beautiful rapids in Vietnam are all wonderful works created by mother nature, possessing majestic and magnificent beauty, attracting many tourists to visit and explore.

Take a look at the beautiful rapids in Vietnam that are famous on the tourist map 

1. Da Dia Rapids

Ghenh Da Dia is one of the most checked-in beautiful cliffs in Vietnam , famous throughout social networks, especially in the summer. This is a famous landscape located in An Ninh Dong commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province. In 1998, this place was recognized as a national natural landscape and promoted tourism.

Da Dia Rapids is a beautiful rapids in Vietnam located in Phu YenGhenh Da Dia is a famous landscape in Vietnam. Photo: @hai_anh_hoang

Visiting Da Dia Ghenh, visitors can admire a complex of stone blocks formed 200 million years ago. At that time when the volcano erupted on the Van Hoa plateau, the lava spewed out when it met sea water created the phenomenon of “force allergy” and turned into a gray, large, unique rapids like today.

This beautiful cliff in Vietnam has a very nice check-in viewJust sit in and you will have beautiful photos at Ghenh Da Dia. Photo: @naomi.nhuho

Perhaps the name Ghenh Da Dia comes from the very composition of the polygonal stone blocks stacked on top of each other that look exactly like a stack of dishes that have just been neatly and neatly arranged. Looking down from above, this rocky rapids looks like a giant, glossy black honeycomb standing next to the beautiful and majestic coast. 

This beautiful cliff in Vietnam attracts many tourists to visitCome to Phu Yen, remember to visit Da Dia Ghenh. Photo: @little.hao_

If you have a trip to Phu Yen in the summer, you should come here once to directly walk on the rough, dark gray rocks and watch the blue ocean. The white waves rushing to the shore, the white foam on the edge of the cliffs contribute to adorn this landscape more impressive. And make sure that this place when it comes to photos is only beautiful and beautiful.  

2. Thach Ky Dieu Tau

Among the beautiful rapids in Vietnam, Thach Ky Dieu Tau is also the name most mentioned by tourists. This is a rocky rapids located in An Vinh village, Tinh Ky commune, Son Tinh district, Quang Ngai province. Indigenous people also call this rapids “giant feet” because the shape looks down from above like someone’s foot. 

Thach Ky Dieu Tau is a beautiful rapids in Vietnam that you should visitThach Ky Dieu Tau is a rocky rapids located in Quang Ngai province. Photo: @duc_chau_

Visiting this famous Quang Ngai rapids, visitors can explore a landscape with a topographical structure consisting of two rocky mountains located on the Sa Ky sea estuary. Mother Nature is so skillful to arrange a stone art work with stacked stone blocks, caressed by the waves, hidden all year round under the beautiful clear blue water. 

This is a beautiful rapids in Vietnam with majestic and magnificent sceneryIndigenous people call this place “giant foot”. Photo: @phong_nguyen_huy

Thach Ky Dieu Tau cliff is associated with the story of a giant building a winery. Because there is a stone block shaped like an old man fishing, located 15-20 meters from the shore. Next to it was a giant footprint-printed rock and a cave with two open ends, splashing water at one end of the sea.

This is a beautiful rapids in Vietnam that you cannot ignore when coming to Quang NgaiComing here, visitors can take pictures and watch the sunset. Photo: @jethuynh

According to the reviews of many visitors, sunrise and sunset are the best times to enjoy the scenery at this rapids. Thanks to the sunlight, the scene here becomes more fanciful and magical. In addition, visitors here can also experience swimming, catching urchin or fishing as they like. 

3. Ban Than Rocks

Perhaps the beautiful rapids in Vietnam are concentrated in the central region. In addition to Da Dia Ghenh and Thach Ky Dieu Tau, Ban Than Da Ghenh is also the coordinates that many tourists check in. This cliff is located in Tam Hai commune, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province and about 40 km southeast of Tam Ky city center. 

Ban Than Rock Rapids is a beautiful rapids in VietnamQuang Nam province has the famous Ban Than Rock Rapids. Photo: @duykhanh66

The name Ban Than rapids probably comes from the beauty of black rocks like coal. Surrounding the rapids are rivers and seas, both of which are water waves that make the beauty of this place even more impressive. Here, the large blocks and impromptu arrangement, stacked on top of each other are very unique and interesting. 

This is also a beautiful rapids in Vietnam that are extremely virtualThe rocks here stacked on top of each other are very unique. Photo: @tuanwalks

If Ghenh Da Dia has the shape of stacks of dishes, then it depends on the creativity of each person. You can see rocks like water monsters, giant mushrooms, whales, etc., very funny. The stone floors below are covered with green moss, even more beautiful and mysterious.

This is also a beautiful rapids in Vietnam that many tourists come to visitBack to Quang Nam, you remember to visit this rapids. Photo: @kaliador18

Exploring this rapids, visitors can take all kinds of photos to check in, watch the romantic sunrise and sunset. Summer is the ideal time to explore this coordinate because it does not rain, the sea is clear blue, the climate is pleasant and the scenery is also more beautiful so that you can comfortably enjoy the scenery and take pictures. 

4. Lo Dieu rock rapids

Referring to the beautiful rapids in Vietnam but forgetting about Lo Dieu rock rapids is a big omission. This is a rocky rapids located in Lo Dieu village, Hoai My commune, Hoai Nhon district, Binh Dinh province. About 80 km from Quy Nhon city center. Although you have to travel a bit far, you will certainly not be disappointed in the beauty of this rapids when you arrive. 

Lo Dieu rock rapids are beautiful rapids in VietnamBinh Dinh has Lo Dieu rock rapids with beautiful scenery. Photo: @than_199x

Lo Dieu rock rapids is a complex of rocky beaches, stone slabs created a long time ago, experiencing many ups and downs of time. Now the stones are eroded in a very natural way, creating a strange shape. Those who love unspoiled beauty should come here once when traveling to Binh Dinh. 

This beautiful cliff in Vietnam has something very wildLo Dieu rock rapids are wild, peaceful and also full of majesty. Photo: @btt_ag 

Lo Dieu rapids are most beautiful at low tide, revealing rocky beaches of all shapes. In the lunar January, the rocks in this place covered with green moss look very beautiful and interesting. Thanks to that, more and more tourists come to this rapids to enjoy the scenery and take pictures. Couples also choose this coordinate to take wedding photos.

This beautiful cliff in Vietnam is romantic on a sunset afternoonThe sunset is beautiful at Lo Dieu rock rapids. Photo: @phamtrongcan 

Surrounding this cliff is a long stretch of golden sand, a clear and beautiful blue sea. Because it is located far from the center of Quy Nhon city, this place is more peaceful and quiet. Visitors here can walk around, watch the sunrise on the sea and enjoy breathing in the air, finding for themselves moments of balance in their minds.

This beautiful cliff in Vietnam is really worth checking inTraveling to Binh Dinh, you remember to visit Lo Dieu rock once. Photo: @trauvangqn

Each beautiful rapids in Vietnam has a long history of formation and its own beauty. But all of them exude the beauty of grandeur, magnificence and strangeness. These are all famous landscapes that if you have the opportunity, you should visit once to see that Vietnam is really so beautiful, no less than any other country in the world. 

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