Check-in the porcelain flower road in Vung Tau is as beautiful as paradise

The road of porcelain flowers in Vung Tau not only fascinates young people with beautiful scenery but also possesses super quality virtual check-in corners. Follow Vinlove to discover what is so attractive about this porcelain flower path!

Locate the coordinates of the flower path in Vung Tau 

The road of porcelain flowers in Vung Tau is located at the historical and cultural site of Bach Dinh, at 6 Tran Phu Street, Ward 1 of Vung Tau City . This place attracts young people with beautiful hundreds of years old porcelain flowers with many winding designs. Coming to this famous porcelain flower street of the coastal city, you can not only admire the beautiful scenery, but also enjoy the beautiful virtual check-in. 

The most ideal time to visit Vung Tau porcelain flower road is from early October to November. This is the season when porcelain flowers bloom with beautiful flower paths as in pictures.

The famous porcelain flower street in the coastal city of Vung Tau

How to move to the road of porcelain flowers in Vung Tau 

To get to the road of porcelain flowers in Vung Tau , you first need to move to the center of Vung Tau city. Then, ride a motorbike along the Thirty April route about 11.4km, about 21 minutes to reach the flower road. 

The most ideal means of transport that you can choose is a motorbike. Then you can take the initiative in travel time and can combine visiting other famous tourist attractions in nearby Vung Tau.

How to move to the road of porcelain flowers in Vung Tau 

Check-in beautiful Vung Tau porcelain flower path

What is there on the porcelain flower road in Vung Tau? In Bach Dinh, there are two paths of porcelain flowers, but the most famous and attractive is the road at gate 4, Tran Phu street. The area along to the terrace of Bach Dinh and the road from the terrace to the beer house of Thai Thuong Hoang Thanh Thai.

Porcelain flowers bloom white and stand out against the blue sky

Red porcelain flowers dyed the sky in Bach Dinh area

At the end of the year, the road of porcelain flowers blooms with all kinds of red and white porcelain flowers standing out against the beautiful sky like being in faraway Korea. The highlight of the road of porcelain flowers is that it is located right next to the beach, so it becomes more and more romantic. The road of Vung Tau porcelain flower is a place sought by young people to check-in virtual life. 

Beautiful virtual check-in paradise in Vung Tau. Photo: thphg_

If you go to the right flower blooming range, you will admire the beautiful scenery with white flowers blooming throughout a very romantic area. This place has become an attractive destination for young people to visit and check-in virtual life. The best time to take pictures with porcelain flowers in Bach Dinh is dawn or dusk. At this time, the sun is beautiful and the flowers are in full bloom, giving off a very pleasant fragrance. You can take a walk under the porcelain flower path and delight in creating all kinds of different designs. 

Beautiful angles on the road of porcelain flowers. Photo: lywitty

Visiting the porcelain flower road in Vung Tau , tourists can also combine visiting Bach Dinh . This is an impressive villa with unique French architecture. The area in front of Bach Dinh is overlooking the sea, from here visitors can admire the beautiful Front Beach, Small Mountain and Big Mountain. Below is Hai Ngu Island and above Bach Dinh is the beautiful Front Beach. 

Take a look at other beautiful shooting angles. Photo: librocubicularist_12

Pure white porcelain flowers stand out in the clear blue sky. Photo: ivivu

Take a walk to see the porcelain flowers bloom and take pictures. Photo: ivivu

Close-up of a beautiful angle on the road of porcelain flowers. Photo: dulichvietnam

Beautiful virtual check-in paradise in Vung Tau. Photo: ivivu

Famous places near Vung Tau porcelain flower street 

After visiting and checking-in the porcelain flower road in Vung Tau , you can combine to visit other famous places nearby such as:

Front Beach : This is a famous beach in Vung Tau that attracts tourists to swim. Front Beach has a long coastline, white sand and clear blue sea suitable for bathing, relaxing and participating in attractive entertainment games. Visiting Vung Tau Front Beach, tourists can also enjoy a variety of fresh seafood. 

– Vung Tau Marina : Marina Marina is a famous beautiful virtual living paradise in the coastal city of Vung Tau. With its location right next to the Dinh River, the marina has a fresh atmosphere that attracts tourists to take a cruise or take a canoe to enjoy the beautiful scenery. In particular, at this famous marina, you will be delighted to check-in a beautiful virtual life. 

Combined visit to Vung Tau Marina. Photo: bazantravel

Notes on walking the porcelain flower path in Vung Tau

To have a tour and take beautiful photos at the porcelain flower road, you should also understand the following notes:

– It is recommended to check the weather forecast in advance to avoid a rainy day that will affect your trip. 

– Bring a camera, clothes, skirts and beautiful accessories to take pictures as a souvenir. 

– About eating, you can move to the downtown area of ​​​​Vung Tau city, there are many delicious restaurants for you to choose from. 

– If you want to stay overnight in Vung Tau, you can refer to motels or hotels in the city center. Depending on your needs and costs, you can choose from many different types of rooms. 

The road of porcelain flowers in Vung Tau is an ideal destination that you should not miss when you have the opportunity to visit the beautiful coastal city. Traveling to Vung Tau, coming to this famous porcelain flower road, you will not only enjoy the virtual check-in, but also admire one of the most beautiful roads in Vietnam. 

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