Check in the road across the sea on Diep Son island

During my trip to Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa) at the end of April, I had the opportunity to visit and check in the impressive road across the sea here.

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Last holiday, I booked a plane ticket to Khanh Hoa from Hanoi for 2.6 million VND/person/round trip. The trip lasted 4 days, I spent 2 days exploring the coastal city of Nha Trang, then took a bus to Da Lat to enjoy the cold air.

Above all, I am impressed with the beauty of Diep Son island, where there is a road across the sea.

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Spend a full day exploring Diep Son Island

Before the trip, I happened to see the tourist information of Diep Son island on Diep Son – Doc Let island. When I arrived here, the road was smaller compared to the first time discovered it, but still had an impressive beauty.

Briefly, Diep Son Island belongs to Van Phong Bay, about 60 km from Nha Trang. The most famous point of Diep Son is the nearly one-kilometer-long sandy road in the middle of the sea, connecting the islands.

After consulting the prestige and schedule, I chose to buy the Diep Son – Doc Let tour for 680,000 VND/person, going back on the same day.

Specifically, from 8 to 12, we were picked up at the hotel, then moved by canoe to Diep Son island. You should consult the weather forecast to avoid rainy days, rough seas, and dangerous roads. Rain and high tide also make the road on the sea unclear, making it difficult for visitors to check in.

12-13h, after check-in, and swimming, we are served eating right on the island.

13h, the group continues to move to a resort to swim. Due to the holiday, this area is quite crowded, taking pictures is a bit difficult. At 4pm, we return to the hotel.

After the trip, I think that if you go in a large group, actively booking a car and canoe to the island is the most reasonable option, you are not limited in time. However, if you go with few people, you have to pair canoes with other groups, which is a bit inconvenient.

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If you stay in Nha Trang for only one day, you should spend a little time exploring Hon Chong, the entrance fee is only 10,000 VND. This location is located near the central area so it is easy to move.

We were only at Hon Chong for about an hour but took a lot of pictures. If you visit here on weekends or holidays, you should go early (about 7-7:30) or late afternoon to watch the sunset and avoid crowds.

In terms of food, I choose destinations that are highly recommended by members of tour groups. The eateries are delicious, and tasty and the prices are cheaper than in the big cities.

  • Can cake on Tran Kim Hung street
  • Nha Trang grilled spring rolls on Le Loi street
  • Tram Anh Chicken Rice
  • Van Don snail alley
  • Dried beef salad, and iced tofu on Han Thuyen street
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Costs and Notes

During the whole journey in Nha Trang, I spent about 4.3 million VND/person.

  • Air ticket: 2.6 million VND/round-trip ticket
  • Hotel: 500,000 VND/room for 2 guests
  • Diep Son – Doc Let tour 680,000 VND/person
  • Motorbike rental: 200,000 VND/2 days

Since this is a sea cruise, you need to pay special attention to the weather. Before the trip, I also encountered some problems because of stormy information in the Central region. After listening to everyone’s advice, I decided to cancel the tour the day before.

However, on the morning of April 30, the sky was clear and sunny, making everyone surprised. We also agreed to go to the island because we missed Nha Trang. Fortunately, the weather was in our favor throughout the journey, raining for 1-2 hours and sunny soon after.

As for the outfit, I chose a long, flowing dress with elegant color. Since most fun activities take place outdoors, visitors should prepare sunscreen and comfortable clothes.

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