Check-in to Xuan Binh Lake, Phu Yen to enjoy the peaceful scenery

With a lyrical and poetic scene, Xuan Binh Lake in Phu Yen appears like a peaceful picture in the middle of the mountainous region of Song Cau district, a place that makes travelers fascinated and come to enjoy moments of light relaxation. gently, letting go of all the troubles of life.

Traveling to the land of yellow flowers and green grass in Phu Yen, you will always find breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and Xuan Binh Lake is one such places. If you have ever admired the beautiful nature at Vuc Hom waterfall or Ghenh Da Dia, then surely when you come to Xuan Binh Lake, Phu Yen , you will not be surprised and excited by the peaceful and simple beauty. of a landscape imbued with the flavor of the mountains and forests. This is an attractive tourist destination that is becoming more and more familiar to travelers traveling to the charming land of Phu Yen.

Xuan Binh Lake, Phu YenXuan Binh Lake is a beautiful landscape in the north of Phu Yen. Photo: Dan Phu Yen FB

Locating Xuan Binh Lake, Phu Yen – moving instructions 

Xuan Binh Lake Phu Yen is located in the west of Xuan Binh commune, north of Song Cau district, about 40km from Quy Nhon city center. This is the largest freshwater lake in Phu Yen province, built with the purpose of preventing and storing water to serve agricultural production activities as well as irrigation works for local people. The entire area of ​​Xuan Binh Lake is 106 hectares. The lake is characterized by a relatively short flow, so the water level will depend greatly on rainfall. Accordingly, in the rainy season, lake water will be more abundant and in the dry season, the water level of Xuan Binh Lake will be relatively low.

Location of Xuan Binh Lake, Phu YenThe lake is located 40km from the center of Quy Nhon city, and is the most beautiful freshwater lake in Phu Yen. Photo: Phu Yen Tour

Not only is it important in terms of irrigation and livelihood for local people, Xuan Binh Lake in Phu Yen is also an attractive stop for tourists. With both lyrical and peaceful beauty, Xuan Binh Lake is gradually becoming an attractive check-in mecca that fascinates tourists who are passionate about exploring.

The beauty of Xuan Binh Lake, Phu YenThe lyrical and peaceful beauty is the reason why this place attracts tourists. Photo: FB TX Song Cau

To get to Xuan Binh Lake, Phu Yen, from Song Cau town, visitors follow National Highway 1A to Xuan Loc market area, then turn right at the intersection and go another 3km to reach the lake. The road to Xuan Binh Lake is very convenient, completely concreted, so whether traveling by motorbike or car, visitors can get to the place. 

Road to Xuan Binh Lake, Phu YenVisitors can get to the lake very easily because the road has been concreted. Photo: Ngo Dinh Tuong Vy

Which season is best to travel to Xuan Binh Lake? 

Any season of the year, tourists can visit Xuan Binh Lake, Phu Yen . However, to facilitate exploration activities, the end of the rainy season and beginning of the dry season will be the most ideal time because this is the time when the lake is supplied with abundant water, clear blue water color, and breathtakingly beautiful scenery. . If you like challenges and experiences, December, the high water season, will be the right time for you to check-in to Xuan Binh lake and challenge yourself with Sup rowing activities.

Which season to travel to Xuan Binh Lake, Phu Yen?

The end of the rainy season and the beginning of the dry season is the best time to check-in to Xuan Binh lake. Photo: Phu Yen Tour

Explore Xuan Binh lake with interesting experiences 

Enjoy nature 

Xuan Binh Lake, Phu Yen is famous for its clear and peaceful beauty. The lake is located near the old forest and far from residential areas, so the space is extremely spacious and quiet. If viewed from above, the lake is shaped like a giant fish with a very eye-catching jade green color.

Xuan Binh Lake, Phu Yen, viewed from aboveLooking from above, Xuan Binh Lake looks like a big blue fish. Photo: Nguyen Minh Tung

Xuan Binh Lake, Phu YenThe lonely tree in the middle of Xuan Binh lake is popular with many tourists. Photo: Celolove

Here, visitors can admire the vast, vast space of the lake, on the dike are lush green lawns, and in the distance are green mountains and acacia hills. Standing in front of the lyrical and poetic landscape painting at Xuan Binh Lake, Phu Yen, you will feel like you are letting your soul fly with nature, forgetting all your troubles and enjoying peaceful and relaxing moments.

Xuan Binh Lake, Phu Yen is beautifulStanding in front of the nature of Xuan Binh Lake makes people feel peaceful. Photo: FB TX Song Cau

Check-in for virtual living 

At Xuan Binh Lake, Phu Yen, no matter where you are, you can easily take beautiful pictures. The photography angle chosen by many tourists is the upstream area of ​​the lake, where there is a large dam blocking the water, locals still call it Ba Heo dam. The area at the end of the lake has a path leading to Thung stream, which is also an ideal place to live virtually among the beautiful wild nature.

Live virtual life at Xuan Binh Lake, Phu YenThere are countless beautiful photography angles at Xuan Binh Lake. Photo: Phu Yen tour

Live virtual life at Xuan Binh Lake, Phu Yen

Many couples choose Xuan Binh Lake to take wedding photos. Photo: wikipedia

Camping/paddling sup 

The peaceful scenery of Xuan Binh Lake, Phu Yen is also an ideal place for travelers who love camping and picnicking. Here there are lush green grass banks or the intersection area between the stream and the drain with a very dreamy beauty that travel enthusiasts often choose to camp. In addition to enjoying the beauty of nature, camping at Xuan Binh Lake you can relax with attractive activities such as trekking into Thung stream and kayaking. In particular, Xuan Binh Phu Yen Lake has a very large water surface area and has many types of large fish such as tilapia, tilapia, and giant freshwater prawns, so you can fish or cast a net then enjoy the results by fishing. Quality BBQ meals. 

Picnic camping at Xuan Binh Lake, Phu YenThe lake space is ideal for camping and picnic activities. Photo:@hangg__ne

Suggestions for attractive tourist destinations near Xuan Binh Lake 

Xuan Binh Lake, Phu Yen is located near many attractive tourist attractions of Song Cau district, so in addition to checking in here, you can combine exploring the beautiful landscapes located nearby for a real trip. entirety. 

Cu Mong lagoon 

Cu Mong Lagoon is a long and narrow bay with an area of ​​25.55 km2 where local people raise commercial lobsters. Cu Mong Lagoon has a very lyrical scene. Looking from Cu Mong Pass, the scene here is like a strip of blue silk, winding and weaving under the green coconut shadows. Visiting Cu Mong lagoon, in addition to admiring the scenery, you will definitely not miss the opportunity to enjoy specialty lobsters and fresh seafood. 

Lobsters tickle their buttocks near Xuan Binh Lake, Phu YenVisit Cu Mong lagoon, don’t forget to enjoy lobster. Photo: dulichphuyen

Tuyet Diem salt field 

Tuyet Diem salt field is an attractive stop near Xuan Binh lake, Phu Yen , the salt making profession here is nearly 150 years old. Coming here, you can clearly feel the beauty of the local people’s labor, the scenery of giant salt mounds under the bright sun, the endless stretches of salt, and in the distance are lush green mountains creating a beautiful landscape. extremely impressive color. 

Diem snow salt near Xuan Binh Lake, Phu YenTuyet Diem salt field is 150 years old. Photo: FB Tuyet Diem Salt

Thach Khe Stream 

Thach Khe Stream is located in Thach Khe village, Xuan Loc commune, this place is famous for its beautiful natural picture created by craggy rocks, green mountains and forests and a clear, rushing stream. Visiting Thach Khe stream, in addition to cooling off, visitors can picnic, camp or trek to explore wild nature.

Diem snow salt near Xuan Binh Lake, Phu YenThach Khe Stream is enchantingly beautiful and majestic. Photo: Nhat Minh

Traveling to Xuan Binh Lake, Phu Yen to enjoy the vast nature of the mountainous region, admiring the vast, beautiful and charming lake will be an attractive experience for anyone besides the familiar sea tourist destinations. familiar, so don’t forget to add this attractive place to your travel and exploration map when returning to Nau Phu Yen. 

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