Check-in Tri Ton Ruong cafe – ‘chill’ your best in the green field

Tri Ton Farm cafe with a view of green fields just a few hundred meters from Soai Chék lake is an attractive destination in An Giang.

Recently, cafes with eye-catching field scenes are much more popular with tourists, especially young people. Many newly established cafes have become popular check-in points on social networks. Even these tourist destinations can welcome hundreds or thousands of visitors every day. Farm cafe in Tri Ton is inspired by the trend of rice fields in the Southwest of Vietnam, located right near the famous An Giang tourism , quite popular with tourists.

Directions to Tri Ton Farm Cafe

Ruong Cafe is located right on the way to Soai Chék Lake. If you go from Tri Ton, you will see the shop first. Then go another 300m to Soai Chek lake.

Check in coffee shop Ruong Tri Ton - cafe near the lakeFarm Coffee on the road to Soai Chek Lake (Tri Ton, An Giang). Photo: angiangquetoi

Here is the way to Soai Chek lake and Tri Ton Ruong cafe, An Giang:

Soai Chek Lake is a reservoir in Tri Ton, Nui To commune, Tri Ton district, An Giang province. This is a very beautiful photo spot, especially in the afternoon. In terms of location, Soai Chek lake is located quite close to O Thum lake but separated by To mountain. Visitors can enter the lake and the cafe next door by a new road at the foot of Ta Pa hill. As follows:

When you just come out of the gate of Ta Pa pagoda, you run through the roadside cafes and you will see a small sandy dirt road on the right. Then go a little further, you will see a small asphalt road on the right. Continue running all the way to this asphalt road to reach Soai Chek Lake. Tri Ton Farm cafe is located about 300m from the lake with a very chill view, one side is Ta Pa hillside, the other is green rice fields stretching right at the foot of Co To mountain.

Check in cafe Tri Ton Farm - Soai Chék . LakeSoai Chek Lake An Giang. Photo: Duy An – FB Lang Thang An Giang

One point to note is that the shop is quite crowded in the afternoon around 4pm to 5pm. This is the time when the weather is cool, avoiding the intense midday heat. At noon and in the morning, the shop is quite empty, even if there is no one, so depending on your preferences and schedule, you can choose the time to go to the shop.

Check in Tri Ton Farm Cafe - Romantic settingRomantic scene in the afternoon. Photo: Khoachaudoc

The unique beauty of Tri Ton Farm cafe

If the Northwestern people are proud of the beautiful terraced fields, the people of An Giang also show off the poetic beauty of the immense Tri Ton rice fields. Those are also the very good views that make up the attraction of Ruong cafe.

Check in cafe Ruong Tri Ton - Front of the restaurantFront of the farm. Western Travel Photos

Stopping at the cafe in any season, rain or shine, you will admire the peaceful and poetic beauty right in front of your eyes with two rows of trees running in front of the shop, alternating with blooming flowers and flowers. purple fluttering in the light breeze. Next to the cafe is a field spread out, each row of rice is a girl, the whole area is ripe. In the distance is a cluster of palm trees standing upright in the blazing sun.

Check in Tri Ton Farm Cafe - View of fields mixed with mountains and hillsView of fields mixed with mountains and hills. Photo: Khoachaudoc

But if possible, come check in Tri Ton Ruong cafe in the afternoon, to enjoy the sunset. In the distance, there is smoke from someone’s kitchen on the mountainside, creating an enchanting afternoon blue smoke rising from the field, creating a magical beauty that is difficult to describe in words.

If you come to the shop in the morning, the scenery of this place will welcome you with the beauty of the misty clouds and clouds, the white image of the mountain top, and the fog covering the lake next to it. Especially the open space of the restaurant creates a feeling of closeness to nature. But note that you should not visit the shop at noon when the sun is hot because this place prefers the view of the fields, mountainside and lake, so the roof is limited. So at noon, you will be easily exposed to the hot sun, with less choice of seats.

Check in Tri Ton Farm Cafe - Seat facing the fieldSeats facing the green fields. Photo: Wandering An Giang

In the past, the An Giang people only grew season rice once a year. Nowadays, people have cultivated two or three crops with specialty rice such as Nang Nhe, Sticky Than… Especially from around the 4th lunar month onwards, the field scene is also more colorful. If you come to Tri Ton field view cafe at this time, you will admire more new colors next to the vast rice field here.

This unique cafe in Tri Ton also has a variety of drinks from coffee, soft drinks, soda, milk tea, … for you to choose from at an affordable price, so you can rest assured to choose a small corner and chill. with the fields of the West, dear.

Check in Tri Ton Farm Cafe - Many optionsLots of seating options. Photo: Wandering An Giang

Attractions next to Tri Ton Farm cafe

Leaving the cafe, riding a motorbike for a while, you can visit the Khmer Ta Pa pagoda (Co To commune), also known as Ta Pa pagoda or Chuan Num pagoda for short, built according to Theravada Buddhism. (Theravada). This is an ancient temple that has been restored according to Khmer temple architecture with unique architecture, the highlight of which is the Shakyamuni Buddha tower – about 50 meters high. Visiting the temple, you can also admire the scenery of the Tri Ton district lying in the green trees in front of your eyes.

Next, you remember to visit the Ta Pa field, and admire the unique field scene in the Mekong Delta. Then don’t forget to visit Chuan Num pagoda, and mountain lake and then spend a day enjoying An Giang specialties with Nang Nhe rice, squirrel rice, breakfast with unique Tri Ton beef porridge scented with wild fruit. Especially, if you come to An Giang in the middle of August – September of the lunar calendar, you can come and see the Bay Nui bull racing festival, it will be very interesting!

Check in Tri Ton Farm Cafe - Tri Ton Beef PorridgeThe famous Tri Ton beef porridge in An Giang. Photo: Culinary world

An Giang not only has beautiful lakes such as O Thum lake, Ta Pa lake, Soai So lake, the fields stretching as far as the eyes in Tri Ton, Ta Pa but is also famous for the legendary jaggery next to Reachatuasnaram Sdach Toth pagoda. belongs to Vinh Ha commune, Tinh Bien district, An Giang province. This site is located about 15 km from Tri Ton town. If you have the opportunity to come here, don’t forget to check in at dawn to see the full beauty of the jaggery stalls standing still between heaven and earth in the Seven Mountains region. It will be a scene that is both poetic and majestic, making many hearts flutter and do not want to return there.

Check in Tri Ton Farm Cafe - Palm treesBeautiful palm trees. Photo: Travel to the West

Come to  Tri Ton Farm cafe, order a glass of water and then chill with the vast fields in front of you, welcome the cool breezes, and let your worries and fatigue drift with the wind. Wish you have an impressive and unforgettable trip to the West of the Seven Mountains region of An Giang .

Photo: Internet