Check-in ‘unique’ zoos in Lam Dong

This Christmas, many people will definitely choose Da Lat as a resort and tourist destination. Besides the familiar traditional attractions, many new check-in points are waiting for visitors around this highland city. 

“Virtual Living” in Mongo Land

Check-in the 'unique' zoos in Lam Dong - photo 1
Mongo Land stands out with colorful Mongolian tents

From the center of Da Lat city, going southwest to Ta Nung commune, passing familiar tourist attractions such as the Flower Plateau or Hoa Son Estate, visitors will come to a new check-in cluster including Ta Nung Flower Valley. and Mongoland.

Mongo Land, meaning the land of Mongolia, although “late birth” but this place attracts quite a lot of tourists on weekends. True to its name, visitors entering Mongo Land will encounter the grazing activities of typical Mongolian animals such as camels, goats, sheep, rabbits… The main attraction is the tents. Colorful Mongolia, miniature farmlands, create a picture of nature full of life.

This place is suitable for young people who like to take pictures of “virtual living” with miniatures arranged everywhere, spoiled for “unwind” with windmills, cactus gardens, Mongolian tents or artificial rivers. winding.

Check-in the 'unique' zoos in Lam Dong - photo 2
Herds of friendly goats and sheep follow tourists. The pets here are quite clean, so people can naturally feed and stroke them for vivid pictures.

However, for the elderly and a bit difficult, Mongo Land has many inappropriate points. The first is that the rest spots are quite a few and lack shade. With a ticket price of 120,000 VND/adult, visitors have a feeling of disappointment because just “taking a picture” is over because this farm is relatively small. To get a more vivid and realistic photo set, guests can rent costumes to dress up, but the price of renting costumes is twice as expensive as the ticket price, causing many “gods” to timidly turn around.

Check-in the 'unique' zoos in Lam Dong - photo 3
Many children enjoy entering the rabbit and furry beetle areas

ZooDoo – Australian Zoo

ZooDoo friendly zoo – a place to visit quite far from Da Lat city. Located about 40 km from the center of Da Lat on the way to Nha Trang, ZooDoo is located in the middle of a high hillside below is a vast valley of whispering pine forests. At this time, Da Lat is colder and often drizzles, visitors need to bring cold clothes and umbrellas when visiting.

Check-in the 'unique' zoos in Lam Dong - photo 4
True to the name “friendly zoo”, visitors can feed, touch and pet the pets here.

Although located quite far from the city center, this place attracts many tourists to visit.

After buying tickets, guests will be divided into groups according to the time frame 15 minutes apart for convenient sightseeing. ZooDoo Zoo owns many strange and rare animals. Most of the exotic animals here are imported from Australia and trained to be friendly and sociable with humans.

Check-in the 'unique' zoos in Lam Dong - photo 5
Pony stallions, also known as ponies, are short and small horses. Especially at ZooDoo, each child is designed by the staff here

This place is a type of cafe business combined with an Australian-style zoo. Includes many cute and funny animals such as camels, sheep, otters and Wallaby kangaroos.

Unlike zoos with aggressive carnivores, ZooDoo is full of gentle herbivores. Visitors can come close to feed the animals, take pictures of them or even play with them in the most comfortable way.

Check-in the 'unique' zoos in Lam Dong - photo 6
South American camels are not humped camels that live much in Asia or Africa
Check-in the 'unique' zoos in Lam Dong - photo 7
Rare white peacocks were bred with common peacocks to give birth to funny F1 lines

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