Check-in vast wild sunflowers, a unique paragliding experience in Gia Lai

In mid-November, Chu Dang Ya mountain is dyed yellow with wild sunflowers. On this occasion, visitors to the famous tourist destination of Gia Lai mountain town also enjoy special paragliding performances.

Chu Dang Ya volcano (Chu Pah district, Gia Lai) is dyed yellow by wild sunflowers (Photo: Pham Hoang).
This place is taking place Wild sunflower week – Chu Dang Ya volcano, the festival is held annually in mid-November every year (Photo: Pham Hoang).
The concrete road to the volcano is dyed yellow by flowers of the highland country (Photo: Pham Hoang).
Wild sunflower week has attracted thousands of visitors (Photo: Pham Hoang).
Coming to Chu Dang Ya these days, visitors can not only enjoy the beautiful natural scenery but also immerse themselves in and experience the unique activities with bold characteristics of ethnic minorities such as: Performances gongs, performing arts of knitting, weaving, and brocade through the festival of wild sunflowers – Chu Dang Ya volcano (Photo: Pham Hoang).
The volcano is surrounded by a fertile red basalt soil layer, crystallized from lava accumulated millions of years ago. Thanks to that, crops, weeds and especially wild sunflowers are green all year round (Photo: Pham Hoang).
Ms. Nguyen Thi Lan Huong (a tourist from Hanoi) said: “I have heard of Chu Dang Ya volcanic place, but this is the first time coming. I feel like this place is like a paradise covered with flowers. Really The natural scenery here is very wonderful, suitable for those who travel and experience”. (Photo: Pham Hoang).
As a mountain slope up to 70 degrees and 100m high, Chu Dang Ya is considered an ideal paragliding destination because of its wind power and steep altitude, which helps pilots not take much time to take off (Photo: Pham Hoang).
According to the Son Tra paragliding club, for this year’s festival, there are 15-20 pilots flying to perform. In which, pilots fly to serve tourists about 7-8 people. This is a well-trained and licensed team, qualified to serve tourists flying experience (Photo: Pham Hoang).
With paragliding, visitors can admire the panoramic beauty of the Chu Dang Ya volcano from above (Photo: Pham Hoang).

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