Checklist of tourist attractions in Vinh Thanh to explore the beauty of Binh Dinh Highland

The wild beauty of highland forests and mountains at tourist destinations in Vinh Thanh is increasingly captivating tourists and turning this place into one of the most attractive stops in the highlands of Binh Dinh province.

Located 80km northwest of the center of Quy Nhon city, Vinh Thanh district of Binh Dinh province is known as a mountainous region with many beautiful landscapes and cool, fresh air, so it is also referred to as is “Da Lat of Binh Dinh”. Stopping at tourist destinations in Vinh Thanh, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the pristine beauty of nature, lush green mountains and hills, an ideal “escape” place to leave behind the hustle and bustle. the bustle of the city.

Explore super HOT tourist attractions in Vinh Thanh Binh Dinh 

1. Ta Kon ancient stone citadel

Ta Kon ancient stone citadel is one of the tourist destinations in Vinh Thanh that attracts tourists because of the impressive beauty of an ancient citadel located in the wild forest. Ta Kon citadel is located in the middle of the Vinh Son mountains and forests, an uninhabited place, leading to the citadel is a small trail winding under the green canopy of the old forest.

Ta Kon ancient citadel tourist destination in Vinh Thanh

Ta Kon ancient stone citadel looks mysterious and desolate in the middle of the jungle. Photo:V.D.T

Ta Kon Citadel is a large cliff about 20 meters high and 100 meters long with hexagonal stone pillars located close together, reminiscent of the Ganh Da Dia scenic spot in Phu Yen. Hexagonal stone pillars covered in May colors combined with ancient trees covering the rock formations create a mysterious beauty.

Ta Kon ancient citadel tourist destination in Vinh Thanh

The cylindrical stone slabs placed on top of each other are very interesting. Photo: V.D.T

Ta Kon in the Ba Na language means overlapping, this rock formation is associated with many mysterious legends of the indigenous Ba Na people, making this place an attractive stop for tourists.

2. Ta Ma Stream

Surely this is the most famous tourist destination in Vinh Thanh because of its poetic and attractive beauty. Ta Ma Stream is located in Ha Ri village, Vinh Hiep commune, Vinh Thanh district, this place is famous for its wild scenery of mountains and forests combined with a clear stream creating a beautiful natural picture.

Ta Ma Stream tourist destination in Vinh Thanh

Ta Ma Stream is wild and beautiful like a dream. Photo: FB Suoi Ta Ma

In March every year, tourists flock to Ta Ma stream in large numbers to see the wild flowers blooming along both sides of the stream, creating a scene like a paradise with brilliant blooming flowers that are considered as beautiful as the scenery of the season. autumn of Korea. In addition to watching the clear stream flowing through the rocks, the ancient forest trees blooming with bright orange and red flowers, visitors here can take a cool bath or organize relaxing outdoor barbecues. very interesting.

Ta Ma Stream tourist destination in Vinh Thanh

At Ta Ma stream, there are many ancient wild flower trees. Photo: FB Suoi Ta Ma

Ta Ma Stream tourist destination in Vinh Thanh

The wild beauty captivates tourists. Photo: FB Suoi Ta Ma

3. Cherry blossom garden in K3 village

Talking about peach blossoms, many people only think of Da Lat, Sapa, Ha Giang, but in Vinh Thanh Binh Dinh there is also a beautiful peach blossom garden that fascinates tourists, which is the peach blossom garden in K3 village of Vinh Son commune. The weather in Vinh Son commune, Vinh Thanh district, Binh Dinh is similar to Da Lat so it is very suitable for peach blossom trees.

Cherry garden tourist destination in Vinh Thanh

The peach blossom garden in Vinh Son is a popular tourist destination in Vinh Thanh. Photo: Thichtour

Vinh Son peach garden was pilot planted on an area of ​​1 hectare with cherry varieties from Da Lat, cherry apricot. Thanks to the suitable weather, the soil of peach blossoms has developed and bloomed brilliantly, making this place a hot spot. Attractive check-in every blooming season. Tourists coming here can not only admire the peach blossoms but also see the brilliant blooming hydrangea gardens.

Cherry garden tourist destination in Vinh Thanh

Da Lat peach varieties bloom everywhere. Photo: Duc Ba Nguyen

4. Vinh Thanh Hot Springs tourist area 

Vinh Thanh Hot Spring is located 5km from the town center in Vinh Truong village of Vinh Thinh commune. Coming to this famous tourist destination in Vinh Thanh, visitors will enjoy the wild beauty of romantic mountains and hills, winding streams like paintings.

Cherry garden tourist destination in Vinh Thanh

Vinh Thanh Hot Springs is an attractive destination for tourists. dulichvinhthinh

In addition to sightseeing, visitors will experience mineral spring bathing to relax and restore energy. In particular, here are served attractive local specialties such as free-range chicken, green vegetables, yearling fish, banh gai, black pig, especially boiled eggs from hot springs… In addition, visitors You can also deeply explore the cultural beauty of the unique indigenous Ba Na people.

Hot spring tourist destination in Vinh Thanh

Visitors will enjoy many attractive indigenous specialties here. Photo: Hot Water Village

Exploring tourist attractions in Vinh Thanh , visitors will be immersed in pristine nature, admire the beauty of the high mountains, enjoy moments of relaxation and experience many exciting activities.

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