Chrysanthemum season by the Red River

HANOI – More than 14,000 square meters of white daisies bloomed into a carpet of purple flowers by the Red River, attracting many people to take pictures at the weekend.

Every year, from the beginning of November to the end of December, the empty land on the Red River, crossing Thach Cau Street (Long Bien, Hanoi) blooms with purple cypress daisies.

Cypress flowers are also known by other names such as cypress daisies, crystal buttons, buttons… These are small round flowers, herbaceous plants, growing straight, many branches, young green stems, stems. purple turns old. Flowers are usually planted in thick beds.

The tree is planted and blooms all year round, but the beginning of winter is the best time to bloom because the rain is little and the sun is not too hot. If well cared for, and out at the right time, it can grow up to 90 cm tall.

“Flowers appeared on the edge of Hanoi about 10 years ago, but were planted sporadically to sell to people in vases. About 5 years ago, flowers were planted in a large area to serve the needs of photography. 14,000 m2, with about 150,000 trees in full bloom in the most beautiful season of the year,” said Mr. Hung, owner of the flower field. According to Mr. Hung, the name of this flower was unknown before, but people planted many crops and saw that the flower died after 100 days, so it was called a cypress day.

Cypress flowers are known to be native to India. Flowers have many colors: deep purple, white and purple are two characteristic colors. When blooming, the flowers are small, round like buttons.

Chrysanthemums are sown from June, after about 100 days starting to bloom, blooming time is nearly 3 months. The planting site must ensure that there is plenty of sunlight for the plant to grow well.

Every day, the caretaker must be fresh so that the plant is always kept moist and grows well. Spray fungicides every 10 days, fertilize once every 10 days, even when flowers are in full bloom.

The most beautiful time of the day to take photos with cypress daisies is in the afternoon when the sun goes down, the honey yellow sun shines through the petals creating a deep pink color. Each bed of cypress daisies blooms on the Red River, attracting many people to take souvenir photos.

In the morning, the color of fresh flowers is lighter.

This is currently the largest field of cypress daisies in the North. Flowers are also used with special uses such as as an asthma medicine for adults and children, full stomach, difficulty urinating, children with fever, delirium. In addition, this flower plant is also used to treat high blood pressure and whooping cough quite effectively.

The field of purple cypress flowers in Thach Cau (Long Bien) is attracting many people to take pictures. The entrance ticket is 70,000 VND(3$) per person, you can walk around and take pictures all day, no time limit.

Bach Nhat chrysanthemum field by the river.

 (According to vnexpress )