CLASSique Farm Tra Vinh – A brand new place to play, HOT

Located in the middle of a vast green meadow, CLASSique Farm Tra Vinh is a brand new outdoor camping site that is causing a fever among young people in the West. Although located quite close to the center, coming here you will be really surprised by the green, peaceful and extremely romantic space. 

Where is Classique Farm located?

Classique Farm is located in Nguyet Hoa commune, Chau Thanh district, Tra Vinh province. Classique Farm is about 3km from Tra Vinh city center and located near Tra Vinh province general hospital.

CLASSique Farm Tra Vinh is a brand new outdoor camping site that is causing a fever among young people in the West.CLASSique Farm Tra Vinh is a brand new outdoor camping site that is causing a fever among young people in the West.

To get to Classique Farm, from the city center, you go to Vo Van Kiet street. Then, running along Vo Van Kiet Street for about 3km, you will meet a big roundabout. Here, you have to go to Nguyen Dang street. Run along Nguyen Dang street for about 600m, go through Tra Vinh Provincial General Hospital, you will reach Classique Farm.

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What does Classique Farm Tra Vinh have that cause fever?

Classique Farm owns a lovely and lovely space and layout. Classique Farm has a large lawn, airy surrounding space, very suitable for camping and organizing outdoor fun activities.

Classique Farm Tra Vinh owns a large lawnClassique Farm owns a large lawn

In that green and “ideal” space, Classique Farm Tra Vinh has decorated and presented very pretty. The cream-colored tents catch the trend, modern shape, firmly erected on the green grass. Besides, the Farm also arranges more wooden tables and chairs, cute teddy bears, pine trees and sparkling electric lights, etc. All create a lovely space, very suitable for visiting. , rest and especially check-in. 

Live shimmering virtual life at CLAsique Farm Tra VinhLive shimmering virtual life at CLAsique Farm Tra Vinh

Sparkling check-in photos at CLAsique Farm Tra VinhSparkling check-in photos at CLAsique Farm

CLASSique Farm Tra Vinh has many beautiful check-in rootsCLAsique Farm owns many beautiful check-in roots

Classique Farm Tra Vinh offers a wide variety of services. You can come here, buy water to check-in. Or else, you can rent a tent to stay overnight. For overnight guests, Classique Farm offers a variety of buffet packages with wine and a variety of delicious dishes. In addition, Classique Farm also organizes bonfire activities and music exchanges in the evening.

Classique Farm Tra Vinh organizes a bonfire in the evening.Classique Farm organizes a bonfire in the evening.

With a peaceful, airy space, separate from the hustle and bustle of the city and full of trees, surely coming to Classique Farm camping you will have moments of extremely comfortable rest. Besides, you will also have a precious and intimate time with friends and family when eating together, gathering around the campfire, singing together happily at Classique Farm. 

Come to Classique Farm Tra Vinh to rest, you definitely do not miss the sunrise and sunset. In the morning, the air at the Farm is very fresh, the birds chirping around the surrounding trees will bring you an energetic day. In the afternoon, far away as dusk fell, the sky turned purple and pink. At this time, the Farm started to light up, creating an extremely poetic and majestic scene. 

The sparkling evening scene at Classique Farm Tra VinhThe sparkling evening scene at Classique Farm 

Prices and types of services at CLAsique Farm

Overnight tents 

Visitors to Classique Farm Tra Vinh can choose to stay in small or large tents to rest. Small tent suitable for 2 people, priced at 300,000 VND/night. The large tent is suitable for families, and groups of friends from 4-6 people with the rental price of 1,200,000 VND/night.

Both types of tents are fully prepared by CLAsique Farm: towels, water, cakes, toothpaste, wardrobe shelves, laundry. For large tents, there is also air conditioning.

Large tent at Classique Farm Tra VinhBig Tent at Classique Farm

Dining buffet

CLASSique Farm Tra Vinh  serves a variety of food packages with a variety of dishes such as grilled ribs, garlic fried rice, salt-brewed chicken with pilot salt, grilled abalone, smoked pork thighs, etc. Although it is a place specializing in providing provides camping services, but the dishes here are appreciated by many young people as delicious. 

Reference menu: 

Combo 199,000 VND/person, including: 

  • Farm Grilled Ribs
  • Garlic fried rice
  • Marinated chicken with pilot salt
  • Smoked pork thighs
  • Grilled corn with onion fat
  • Baked sweet potato with cheese
  • Fresh water/Spring water

Combo 299,000 VND/person, including: 

  • Large grilled crayfish
  • Marinated chicken with pilot salt
  • Farm grilled ribs
  • Smoked pork thighs
  • Grilled corn with onion fat
  • Garlic fried rice
  • Baked sweet potato with cheese
  • Free all drinks

Combo 500,000/person, including: 

  • Grilled Abalone
  • Thai sauce octopus
  • Farm grilled ribs
  • Smokey sausage
  • Corn and cheese baked potatoes
  • Garlic fried rice
  • Steamed/grilled type 1 crab or large crayfish 
  • Free wine, all kinds of drinks

Dining with friends at Classique Farm Tra VinhDining with friends at Classique Farm

CLASSique Farm Tra Vinh is a fun place that is causing fever for young people in Tra Vinh in particular and the western provinces in general. Although it has just been put into operation, CLASSique Farm is known and visited by many people.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Tra Vinh , in addition to visiting famous places such as Hang Pagoda, Ba Om Pond, Mangrove Forest Ecotourism Area, Tan Quy Isle, Huynh Kha Ecotourism Area, .. Don’t forget to visit CLAsique Farm to check-in, rest and eat. With a very “chill” space, delicious food and diverse drinks, it will definitely give you a comfortable and precious rest day! 

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