Coffee shop listening to live music in Da Lat

Sipping hot coffee, listening to live music in the mountains, and feeling the cold air in the highlands is an interesting experience when traveling to Dalat.

The music tourism model in Da Lat (Lam Dong) appeared about 2 years ago and is increasingly popular with tourists. Concerts are usually held at an open-air cafe, the stage is not too fancy, but attracts a large number of people who book tickets and are often full.

On this occasion of April 30, visitors to Da Lat can book concert tickets in advance and refer to the venues below.

Clouds Wandering

Address : Hoang Hoa Tham, Ward 10

Drink price : 50,000-100,000 VND

Quan Ca Phe listens to music in Da Lat Anh 2
Photo: Quangdj.

This place is known as the place where many famous artists’ concerts take place. Performances are often held in the afternoon for visitors to enjoy music and watch the sunset in Da Lat.

The music night stage is arranged on a high hill, surrounded by a cold pine forest scene. The concert space is simply decorated with a stage made of wooden crates and outdoor seating. May Lang Thang has 2 concert stages at 2 different locations, divided into afternoon and evening.

The inconvenience is that the outdoor seating area does not have a roof, but leaves the space open, visitors will have to use umbrellas or raincoats if they accidentally book tickets in bad weather.

Performances are usually held from Friday to Sunday with a constantly changing list of singers. Tickets to the concert here have different prices, depending on the show. Drink prices are charged separately.

Lululola Coffee+

Address : 3/4 street, ward 3

Drink price : 40,000-60,000 VND

Quan Ca Phe listens to music in Da Lat, Anh 3
Photo: tnt_tuan.

This place is located in a convenient location, 2 km from Xuan Huong Lake and right at Prenn Pass. The cafe is also a familiar destination for visitors who love acoustic music.

The shop is also the venue for many famous artists’ concerts. Most recently, the music night of singer My Tam was held here, attracting a large audience to attend.

The space of Lululola Coffee+ has a rustic character with a walkway, wooden tables and chairs, surrounded by trees, and a view of the valley. Sitting here, visitors can enjoy a full view of the city.

Performances are usually held in the 17-19h time frame. Concerts of famous artists usually sell out 1-2 weeks in advance.

Tourist My Tran (HCMC) said that he had booked tickets to see My Tam’s music night a month in advance with the price of 2 million VND, the seat was quite close to the stage.

“I predicted that the concert would be full, but I didn’t expect it to be more crowded than I imagined. Because of the large audience, I found the atmosphere quite stuffy even though I was sitting outside. The service staff was slow and confused due to the crowd. too,” said My.

Sense Coffee

Address : Hai Ba Trung, Ward 2

Drink price : 35,000-50,000 VND

Quan Ca Phe listens to music in Da Lat Anh 4
Photo: sensecafedalat .

This is also a place to enjoy acoustic music in Da Lat that is loved by many tourists. The difference is that Sense Coffee’s stage is arranged indoors, in a small, cozy space.

Music nights here usually do not have the presence of major artists, the ticket price includes drinks.

Although it doesn’t have an outdoor stage and famous singers, the weekend shows are always full. Guests need to book a day in advance to get a good location. Audiences who come to see the concert can request songs or sign up for performances.

“I came here during Tet, watching an acoustic performance that was quite gentle and simple. Good music, cheap price, but the indoor space is a bit mysterious,” commented visitor Anh Thao (Hanoi).