Collection of beautiful cafes in Hai Duong for virtual living

Beautiful, romantic cafes are always a topic of concern for young people? Especially couples, this is always the ideal date. So to help you have more choices, let us highlight the names of beautiful cafes in Hai Duong through the following article.

Nice cafes in Hai Duong

Sam Coffee House

One of the first beautiful cafes in Hai Duong that we want to introduce is Sam Coffee House – the favorite destination of young people. Because this place not only owns comfortable space, beautiful and unique decoration style, helps you to have many ‘virtual life’ angles, but here you also enjoy a lot of delicious snacks, multi-drink drinks. different types and attractions. If you do not like to sit in the restaurant, it is also very interesting to sit on the sidewalk table, when the street starts to light up, the lights are sparkling, colorful, creating a new, beautiful space. same impression. Sam Coffee House always conquers all customers, even the most difficult.
– Address: Sam Coffee House is located at Kiot 9, porcelain factory, Pham Ngu Lao, Hai Duong.Collection of beautiful cafes in Hai Duong for virtual livingSam Coffee House

Strange Cafe

True to its name, the shop is decorated, has a rather strange and unique style, mainly inclined to ancient trends. The decorative items here, from tables, chairs, walls, electric lights, … are patched by layers of phoenix flower fabrics like ancient, old blankets from time immemorial. All these images create an extraordinarily peaceful and cozy space. And perhaps because this has aroused the curiosity of customers, coming to the increasingly crowded Strange Cafe and becoming one of the unique cafes in Hai Duong . Food and drinks here are also quite cheap, an average of only 15k – 40k / dish.
– Address: Strange Cafe is located at 117 Bach Dang, Hai Duong.Collection of beautiful cafes in Hai Duong for virtual livingStrange Cafe

Ring Coffee

Located only about 200m from Strange Cafe is Ring Coffee – This is also a beautiful cafe in Hai Duong with a beautiful view you should not miss. With a modern and youthful design, this place is very suitable for young people. Besides, the shop also has an outdoor balcony, you can sip coffee and watch the flow of people walking down the street is also very interesting. In addition, the restaurant also has a variety of menus, with affordable prices, suitable for all subjects. In particular, the restaurant’s service style is quite agile and professional, creating satisfaction with customers when coming here.
– Address: Ring Coffee shop is located at 95 Bach Dang, Hai Duong.Collection of beautiful cafes in Hai Duong for virtual livingRing Coffee

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The Basic Coffee

What beautiful coffee shop is there in Hai Duong? If you like the tranquility and privacy so you can study or focus on doing something, The Basic Coffee is the ideal suggestion. The restaurant has a simple design, not too fussy, but the quietness is the highlight in the restaurant, along with delicious, attractive food and drinks, with different and distinctive flavors, creating an attraction for the restaurant. customer. Coming to The Basic Coffee, you will always have a comfortable feeling, great moments.
– Address: The Basic Coffee shop is located at 86 Pham Ngu Lao, Hai Duong.Collection of beautiful cafes in Hai Duong for virtual livingThe Basic Coffee

Napoli Coffee Shop

In contrast to The Basic Coffee, which is always quiet, Napoli is with a convenient location, located in the heart of the city, so it is always noisy and noisy. You can choose a spot at the restaurant and enjoy the food and drinks and watch the flow of people. In addition, the restaurant style is designed in French style, with main color tone of white and red, creating ancient and luxurious beauty. The menu here is similar to the other bars, but the coffee is the special drink here, has a delicious, different taste, unlike anywhere else. That is why Napoli conquers all diners, even the most difficult. So, if you have the opportunity to come here, do not miss Napoli – an  impressive and interesting cafe in Hai Duong. Hey!
– Address: Napoli is located at 1 Ho Chi Minh Avenue, Hai Duong.Collection of beautiful cafes in Hai Duong for virtual livingNapoli Coffee Shop

MOB Cafe

When it comes to  the beautiful cafes in Hai Duong  , no one is ignorant of MOB cafe. The restaurant consists of 2 floors with 2 different styles, the first floor is modernly designed and the second floor is designed in a Vintage style, so you can choose a place to sit and enjoy coffee that suits your preferences. In particular, guests with regular cafes, in MOB cafe also serve lunch, dinner, fast food, … with a variety of menus. Make sure that when you come here you will always feel satisfied and want to come back and see.
– Address: MOB cafe is located at Kiot No. 2 porcelain factory, Pham Ngu Lao, Hai Duong.The beautiful cafes in Hai Duong are the most popularMOB Cafe

Salt Cafe

Finally, a beautiful, impressive and unique cafe address in Hai Duong Another thing we want to share is Salt Cafe. This is a favorite destination of many young people, especially on weekends, the restaurant is always crowded, if you do not come early, there may be no seats. Because every Saturday evening, the restaurant organizes Acoustic exchange music performances, creating a vibrant, joyful and exciting atmosphere. Luxury is so, but the food and drinks here are quite affordable, only from 20k – 100k / dish. Is there a better place than Salt Cafe when you have just enjoyed delicious food in the sparkling light space, and enjoy exciting music?
– Address: Cafe Muoi Quan is located at 68 Do Ngoc Du, Hai Duong.The beautiful cafes in Hai Duong are the most popularSalt Cafe

So we have just suggested to you the most popular beautiful cafes in Hai Duong . Through the above information, we hope that you will have more reasonable and suitable choices for you. And stop forgetting to visit the Hai Duong tourism category more often, so that you can update more useful and interesting information.

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