Colorful arrays of Vietnam

This August, visitors to Da Lat will be able to attend an outdoor photo exhibition Dalat Rendez-vous by 6 authors.

The love of photography connects 6 domestic and foreign authors (Huynh Thanh Huy, Dinh Cong Tam, Duc Vu, Voshida Truong, Trung Bao and Fred Abery) to meet in Da Lat, with the exhibition Dalat Rendez-vous, organized from August 15 to the end of November at Stop and Go Art Space Contemporary Art Center at 88, Ly Tu Trong, Ward 2. The works are selected and curated by photographer Ly Hoang Long, artist Visual artist Phan Quang.

Many works bring the colorful array of Vietnam shown through the lens, sending positive messages in daily life. Each author has his own style of photo composition, Huynh Thanh Huy (from Ben Tre, living in Ho Chi Minh City), brings two sets of photos, including “Colors on Saigon Street” , capturing the rhythm of life. the daily life of Saigon people. The photo shows the city people cheering hard in the rain while watching the football semi-final match between Vietnam and Korea on August 29 at the 2018 Asiad, live at Nguyen Hue pedestrian street, District 1.

The colors of the street rain, taken in front of a school gate on Hoang Sa Street, Ward 14, District 3.

“The bustling Saigon is always bustling, the streets here are crowded with people coming and going, but somewhere on the street corners regardless of whether it is a sunny or rainy day, everyday life on the street still exudes beauty. interesting, with many vibrant colors gives me more optimism, more love for this urban life after stressful working hours”, Mr. Huy shared.

The painting on the wall of a pastry shop attracts visitors’ attention, in the bustling Su Van Hanh street, ward 12, district 10, Ho Chi Minh City. Huy said his love for Ho Chi Minh City attracted him, always holding the camera in hand every time he stepped out, the urge to capture moments of life taking place on the street.

In this exhibition, author Nguyen Vu Ngoc Duc (often called Duc Vu, born in 1982 in Hue, living in Ho Chi Minh City) brings a series of photos “Lockdown – Sky above” taken in Ho Chi Minh City during a time under the influence of Vietnam. Covid-19, circa December 2019. At this time, Vietnam’s tourism industry was also affected, closing, stopping sightseeing activities and organizing events.

During the lockdown in Ho Chi Minh City, everyone was forced to stay at home, so Mr. Duc Vu observed a lot of people’s daily life from the balcony to every change in the alley and captured the moment.

“At those times, in the narrow and stuffy Saigon, the sky gives people a moment of relaxation, the last space still has clean air, fresh air. Who has experienced the feeling of suffocation and frustration? The secret, the inhibitions of the days when the city is closed can only understand the light clouds flying or the dark and bright colors above to save people from going through the spiritual extremes”, Mr. Duc Vu shared the shooting scene.

Meanwhile, young Tran Trung Bao (born in 2001, living in Ho Chi Minh City) brings a series of abstract photos “Peace in Entropy” (Peace in Entropy) taken at famous tourist spots and urban areas. The photo is a view of Ho Chi Minh City from above, with the highlight being Landmark 81, a skyscraper in the high-class urban complex Vinhomes Central Park.

Trung Bao says you think to yourself, wistfully about emotions that are so abstract and indescribable, that sometimes arise at very strange times. Like watching the clouds of a sunset dance in the sky and then quickly fade away into the silent night sky; Or like seeing someone you love getting ready to part.

The author is alone in the pine forest of Da Lat. The mountain town of Da Lat is a famous destination in Vietnam, the context of the author shooting is a bit sad, suitable for the mood of a lonely person in the pine forest or at sunset.

“Throughout my journey in art photography, I have always tried to create an inner space where I can observe, contemplate and express those feelings when words, at least To me, it’s indescribable,” Bao shared.

World natural heritage Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh with undulating limestone islands in deep colors through Trung Bao’s photo.

“The contrast of colors, the contrast of light and shadow, and the feeling of immensity and vastness, is how I visually convey from me to you, beauty so pure and present. this birth”, Bao added.

Author Dinh Cong Tam (born 1972, in Soc Trang) sent to the exhibition a set of photos “Tang tu” with works taken from 2015 to 2022, capturing the unique beliefs of the Khmer in the South, specifically Soc Trang province. This land has many spiritual tourist attractions, including famous Khmer pagodas.

Mr. Cong Tam shares the path associated with the kashāya robe, which in the past monks had to assemble by themselves from many pieces, the shirt that the Buddha carried with him only three sets, also known as the three robes, including a face in the body, a set as a pillow and a set as a blanket to cover when sleeping. The Buddha robe is also a noble item that Buddhists offer to the temple on the occasion of the robe offering ceremony. On the photo, Mr. Cong Tam took a picture of a monk in a robe at the area of ​​the Giant Reclining Buddha, the famous Som Rong Pagoda in Soc Trang City.

An ancient Ngo boat at Sang Ke Pagoda, Truong Khanh Commune, Long Phu District, Soc Trang. The Ngo boat was originally a canoe of a canoe made from a star tree, later it was joined with a curved head and tail. Each boat is about 22 – 27 m long, can accommodate about 50 people, the outside is painted with many colorful motifs and colors. Ngo boat racing is considered a tradition, an opportunity for ethnic communities in Soc Trang province and the Mekong Delta region to exchange and learn from each other and strengthen solidarity, attachment, and mutual development. develop.

Mr. Cong Tam is a doctor but loves photography and often uses his spare time to take pictures, considering this as a way to balance his life. The subject that the author often shoots is the heritage and culture of the ethnic groups. In the photo, he shows a monk lighting candles during the summer retreat at Bang Kro Chap Thmay pagoda, Long Phu district. Usually, from June 16 to September 15 of the lunar calendar is the three-month rainy season retreat period for Buddhist monks of the Theravada sect.