Come to Bac Kan, check immediately the hot food tour of Ba Be Lake with full specialties

Traveling to Ba Be Lake, you will not only be immersed in the beautiful natural scenery but also have the opportunity to enjoy countless delicious dishes, the culinary exploration journey here will definitely be a worthwhile experience. Remember for your travels. 

Learning about the unique culinary culture of the Tay Nung people along the Ba Be lake is one of the great experiences for visitors to stop at this place. The typical dishes that are the products of this lake area are famous for being delicious and nutritious amidst the peaceful and pristine space of Ba Be, enjoying attractive specialties will be a pleasure for many people. be seduced.

If you are a true culinary fan, when traveling to Bac Kan, do not miss the opportunity to do a spectacular Ba Be Lake food tour . 

Doing a food tour in Ba Be Lake is a wonderful experience. Photo: Tran Tieu Vy

Food tour Ba Be Lake captivating experience for diners. 

Doing a food tour of Ba Be Lake is an experience that you should immediately note in your Bac Kan travel notebook before starting your trip. Ba Be is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, so this lake area provides the locals with amazing produce.

From these “heavenly” products, the Tay Nung people in the northeastern highlands have created delicious dishes that are appealing to diners near and far. Here are the most attractive dishes in Ba Be Lake , do not miss the chance to enjoy. 

Ba Be has many attractive specialties waiting for visitors to explore. Photo: @ lost91rl1nmel

Barbecue at the Ba Be Lake 

When you arrive at Ba Be Lake, you will easily see the local barbecue stalls. Sitting by the fire and enjoying these grilled dishes is an extremely enjoyable experience when you go on a food tour of Ba Be Lake . Popular grilled dishes available around the lake include grilled prawns, grilled fish, grilled banana and even baked eggs. 

There are many dishes around Ba Be Lake

Sour shrimp paste 

Referring to sour shrimp paste, you must only think of Hue because this is a very famous specialty of the ancient capital. However, the sour shrimp paste is also a famous Ba Be specialty. To make this sour shrimp paste, one has to choose the round shrimp, evenly fat and have to be alive and jumping, then come clean and put in the salt shock.

People will mix rice fermented rice with fermented leaves, chili, garlic, galangal with shrimp, then put in a jar covered for 10 days to be able to use. Ba Be sour shrimp fish sauce has a very attractive taste, eating together with forest leaves rolled with boiled meat is the right tune. 

Ba Be sour fish sauce is red and fragrant. baobackan

Roasted suckling pig 

People in the highlands around Ba Be Lake often raise pigs freely to eat wild leaf trees, so the large meat here is very delicious. One of the delicacies you should not miss when experiencing the Ba Be Lake food tour is roasted suckling pig.

After being cleaned, the suckling pig will be stuffed into the stomach with bile, anise, cardamom, cinnamon and other spices then roasted on embers. 

Ba Be roasted suckling pig is very attractive. Photo: foody

During the rotation, people will use a tattoo stick on the pig’s body to melt the fat, when it is ripe, they will chop a hot piece of food. The sweet and fragrant flavor of the meat and the faint flavor of honey and the richness of natural spices will make you crave forever. 

Chicken jogging 

Ba Be jogging chicken is a familiar dish in the food tour around Ba Be Lake of tourists. The chickens in Ba Be are mountain chickens, free-range so they are very firm, sweet and fragrant. Crispy chicken skin is very attractive to eat, not fat like conventional chicken.

The most popular dish from Ba Be jogging chicken is boiled chicken with lemon leaves or grilled chicken, the chicken flavor is very delicious so people do not need to add much seasoning, the dish is extremely attractive. 

Ba Be jogging chicken is strong and delicious. Photo: @toanla_alex

Sticky rice sticky rice 

Sticky rice is almost everywhere, but the special sticky rice of Ba Be Lake will make you surprised from the first time you enjoy it. The upland sticky rice grains in Ba Be are larger than normal sticky rice. When cooked, it smells and is sticky. Ba Be people often eat sticky sticky rice with pork or grilled chicken, this is the ultimate combo in Ho Ba Be food tour that you should not miss. 

Sticky rice sticky sticky rice hard to resist. Photo: foody

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Referring to Ba Be bamboo shoots, visitors will not be able to hide it, they will crave it because this seemingly rustic dish has an irresistible taste. Coming to Ba Be, you can enjoy boiled bamboo shoots with fish sauce or steamed bamboo shoots. 

Bamboo shoots bring fish sauce or steamed meat to be delicious. Photo:

 Bamboo shoots after being picked up will be cleaned, then the inside then boiled. If you want to make steamed bamboo shoots, mix eggs, meat, onions and other ingredients that have been chopped and then put in a piece of bamboo shoot and bring to a boil over low heat, when the bamboo shoots are close to the point, add a little fat to increase it and the fragrance. 

Banana cake 

Not only the baked banana seed, but also the banana root cake is one of the attractive specialties in Ba Be Lake. This dish is shaped like a thorn cake made from banana cake then cleaned, sliced, soaked in ash and washed.

Ba Be banana root cake is delicious and cool. Arnh: @hidukyvietnam

Bring bananas to a pot, boil it, then take out and grind to make a cake. The flour after being ground will bring sweetness, stir thoroughly until it has the color of cockroach wings, mix with glutinous rice flour and then mold it into a cake with green bean filling. The cool pastry taste is a very attractive fun dish that has been loved by many tourists. 

Mangrove forest 

Nature endowed Ba Be Lake with green forests and forests are also the place to bring people attractive dishes. Mangrove is one of the outstanding dishes in Ba Be food tour of many tourists. Not only a common forest vegetable, but also a medicinal herb with many good uses. 

Giant spinach is a specialty with good medicinal properties. Photo: baobackan

The appearance of giant vegetables is quite similar to that of ferns, but the size of large vegetables is smaller, with alternate leaves, and often lives on the banks of streams and rocks in forests. The dishes from giant vegetables in Ba Be that you can enjoy such as boiled giant vegetables, stir-fried giant vegetables with beef, giant vegetables mixed with shrimp and meat … 

Food addresses you need to know when you want to experience food tour in Ba Be Lake 

To have a spectacular food tour of Ba Be Lake , you need to know the places to enjoy delicious and famous specialties here. Around Ba Be Lake, there are many places to enjoy the cuisine, below are the most prominent places to visit when traveling in Ba Be .

Pac Ngoi village: This village is one of the famous destinations of Ba Be located in Nam Mau commune. Here, there are all kinds of delicious and attractive specialties for you to enjoy. 

– Small food stalls around Ba Be Lake: This is a place to sell grilled dishes of local people located right by the lake, outstanding dishes here you can enjoy are grilled bananas, grilled shrimp, both grilled and whole eggs, baked potatoes. 

– Anh Khoa Restaurant: This restaurant is located in Nam Mau commune, near Dau Dang Waterfall, specializes in providing delicious specialties in Ba Be. 

– Restaurants at Cho Ra: This is also quite an attractive destination for those who want to enjoy Ba Be’s specialties, there are full of the most attractive specialties for you to enjoy. 

You can visit many culinary addresses around Ba Be to enjoy specialties. Photo: @stefanykarghoti

Traveling to Bac Kan and doing a food tour of Ba Be Lake with the most famous and typical dishes will be a great experience for the culinary enthusiast. If you have the opportunity to come to Ba Be, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the delicious dishes here. 

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